Review – Mining Fraud! is a new mining platform which promises unreasonable amount of returns to the investors. The firm is created and run by a bunch of anonymous people. As expected, most of the things they do is illegal and outright criminal. Crypto markets are getting more attention than ever before and that has paved a way for scammers to exploit the newbies in the sector.

There is a lot of confusion around the mining segment and one mistake might end up making a dent in your pocket. So, before you jump into any decision or act out of impulsiveness, do your homework and proceed with it only if it makes logical sense. As far as this platform is considered, read our full review to find out how this scam operates. ReviewCompany and Customer Support

Every firm which accepts money from the people in the name of investments should be properly licensed and regulated. Over the last decade, the retail sector was always the target for many scammers and thieves as the people do not have a clear idea about the mechanism of the market. This platform hasn’t provided any contact details on their website which means you won’t be able to reach them out if you need any help or assistance.

Think for a moment, do you really believe any firm would operate in this manner and hurt their PR relation? The actual reason behind their anonymity is simply to save themselves from criminal prosecution. In short, they are operating outside the boundaries of law and if any person indulges with them, they will have to handle the damages sooner or later. Business Model portrays themselves as a cloud mining solution. The main aim of legit mining solution is to provide a way for people to get involved with the process without having to deal with all the hassles. Platforms like the one we are discussing has utilized this narrative to their advantage and are cheating people by luring them in with ridiculous profits.

We searched their website to find any details about their location, but there weren’t any relevant information available. So, just to put things into perspective, they haven’t disclosed the location of their mining farms or the equipment.

Given these conditions, how can we calculate the returns precisely? Are we supposed to believe them blindly? After all, mining is not a magical way to wealth and procuring cryptos won’t guarantee that you will become rich. 

Mining Plans and Returns

The landscape of the markets are ever changing and something which works now most probably won’t work in the near future. Of course, there are few exceptions, but for the most part that is the way the world works. This platform promises returns of upto 5% per day. While in theory it sounds amazing, it is impossible to achieve it consistently. Mining Plans

The crooks running this firm are just tapping into the greed of the investors to make a fortune. So, do not fall for the obvious trap of instant and guaranteed profits, because there is no such thing.

Affiliate Program

More than half of the internet service uses affiliate programs to gain new users to the platform. This platform is collaborated with most of the unethical internet marketers and are working with each other for mutual benefits.

The promoters are the ones who are creating false reviews about this service and are redirecting a lot of web traffic for huge cash incentives. As the conflict of interest between the creators and clients is obvious, do not trust anyone who associate themselves with this firm. 

Domain Insights

We ran a background search on their domain and other aspects of their website to know more details about their operation. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find the creator of this fraud program. However, using and we do have a clear idea about the type of audience they are after.

Domain –

Registered On – 16/07/2019

Expiry – 16/07/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 248,636

Rank in Iran – 70,092

Target Audience – Iran Review Conclusion does not have any true way of generating money. By looking at their model, it is clear that they are just a ponzi scheme which uses cash from the new victim to pay out the old one. At first, they might pay few clients once in a while, but eventually they will be caught by law or they might simply crumble to pieces.

So, do not try to take the shortcut to wealth because if you do, then the chances of you getting back your money would be practically zero. Not to mention, ponzi schemes are already considered illegal in most countries.

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