Zeonmine.com Review – Nasty Crypto Fraud!

Zeonmine.com is a new cloud mining solution which promises to make it’s users upto 20% daily. Any rational investor already knows that, the kind of returns advertised by this firm is just an outrageous lie. Sadly, many people who are new to the crypto sector are always on the lookout for shortcuts and their lack of knowledge is the aspect which attracts the scammers.

This platform hasn’t left any clue about their whereabouts. So, it is obvious that they are professional crooks and the likelihood of them getting caught is extremely low. Mining is a competitive industry and things are not always easy. To know all about the dirty tricks this platform is using to lure in the public, keep reading our review till the end.

Zeonmine.com Review

Legal Structure and Customer Support

Regardless of the nature of the firm, once they start taking money from the public, they have to be regulated. Moreover, not at all the firms can accept people from other countries. This platform violates all the boundaries of law and is also not under the radar of any government authority.

If you send them your hard earned money, then know that you won’t be getting anything back and there is no legal way to retrieve it too. Moving on to the customer support part, this firm interact with the clients only through email.

Now, ask yourself why this firm is trying so hard to stay anonymous unless they have something to hide? Below is their email ID, we featured it just in case if you need it to report them to the authorities.

Email – support@zeonmine.com

How does Zeonmine.com Work?

Zeonmine.com at the core is nothing more than a cloud mining service. Since many users cannot own and maintain the mining rigs themselves, they opt for services like this one to do it on behalf of them. However, the firm does need specific equipment and location in order to be profitable in the venture.

This platform hasn’t mentioned anything about the parameters of their operation and there is no predefined information about the possible drawdowns. Given these many question marks, any experienced investor would never indulge with them. On top of all these mysteries, check out the testimonials from the earlier clients of this firm which were posted on Trustpilot.


Sign in: 500 H/s free (I use + Starter deposit 0.001 BTC = 1269 GH/s total)

They pay first time 4.75 USD after my deposit 0.001 BTC, but for second payout need deposit 0.002 BTC. After pay deposit again no payout – SCAM !!!!

A Scam website don’t trust it

Do you still think it is a good idea to trust them?

Mining Contracts and Returns

There are 3 types of mining plans offered by them wherein the returns range them from 12% to 19% per day. We all can agree that the numbers sound amazing. However, it is not at all even remotely possible to sustain them.

Zeonmine.com Mining Plans

Crypto mining is a fierce sector wherein you need to be aware of all the costs involved and have to be positioned in specific regions where the electricity costs are relatively cheap. If you are not doing this business in a massive scale, given the volatility of cryptos, then do not even expect to reach the breakeven point.

Affiliate Program

This firm is collaborated with all the type of unethical and shady group of online marketers. Since traffic is the lifeline of every business, the creators of this scheme provide big fat commissions to anyone who can supply them web traffic. Just to make quick and easy money, phoney affiliates create fake reviews or manipulate the data.

So, to protect yourself from these sort of things walk away from any service or else you might end up being the next victim. After all, it is your money and you should be cautious while dealing with people who have a conflict of interest.

Domain Details

Below we have gathered the details of the demographics of this website using whois.com and alexa.com.

Domain – Zeonmine.com

Registered On – 23/01/2019

Expiry – 23/01/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 141,894

Rank in India – 44,512

Target Audience – India, Bangladesh and Pakistan

Zeonmine.com Review Conclusions

Zeonmine.com is a platform which appears to employ ponzi operational model. To gain traction and earn the trust of the public they might pay few clients in the beginning. However, once they cannot find new victims to replace the dying accounts, they will flee away with all the cash holdings. In short, you need to avoid them for your own good or be the sole loser at the end of the day.

Have you bought any plans from Zeonmine.com? Share your experience with us by leaving a comment below.


  1. shakeel ahmed

    yes that say same 2 btc withdraw deposit 0.004 btc
    scam site

  2. Muhammad Nadeem

    same above hapen to me i have to BTC2 When try to WIYHDRAW it says first deposit amount 0.0002 btc . and now they stop mining till today?????

  3. babalon

    i start mining in this site before a weak …….still i think i am wasting my time…..and i tryed to withdrawal it says…..
    Happy 2 BTC Create Deposit Minimum amount 0.0035 btc and You will be able to withdraw 2 BTC.

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