Review – Funny Scam is an online service which claims to make you thousands of dollars per day without requiring anything from your part. As most of you can already tell, their entire narrative reeks of false narratives, but still due to their marketing abilities, it has caused loss to many innocent investors.

People running this scam appears to be professional frauds and as a result, they have really done very well in hiding their real identity. Moreover, they are working with shady affiliate marketers to gain more reach and of course more revenue as well.

We all know that easy money is something which excites everyone, but before you proceed with them, go through our review once to understand the way this scam operates. Review

Legal Information, Owners and Support

Any kind of business regardless of whether it is online or not is required to have proper licenses, if they take money from the public in the name of investments. At first glance, this platform appears quite harmless and they don’t mention about any kind of fees. However, once you enable their service it will ask for a fee to complete your transaction.

If you make the mistake of transferring your funds, then you will never see your money ever again. In short, they will make you believe that you will make huge returns by using their software, but in reality the sole loser at the end of the day will be you. The business model these crooks are following is absolutely illegal and that is why any information about the actual creators are kept hidden.

If you need any help or support from this firm, then guess what? The only way to reach them is via email. So, think for a minute, if this platform really generated thousands of dollars per day, couldn’t they afford to offer basic telephone assistance?

How does Work? is said to be a cloud mining solution. Technically speaking, this firm is supposed to have physical mining farms, but just like we anticipated there is no information about it. On the other hand, we do not have a clue about their mining equipment or about their employees.

They say that, they have found some vulnerability in the blockchain technology which enables them to make profit. However, no such thing exists, they are just creating false stories and are trying to make money from the gullibility of the masses. Plenty of opportunity exists around the world of cryptocurrency to make money, but if something sounds too easy, then use common sense and stay away from it for your own good.

Profits Advertised

There are 3 ways of profiting from BTC and they include mining, investing or trading. This platform promises users upto 1 BTC every 30 minutes once. At this rate, anyone can make a 6 figure income each and every day without any sort of effort.

As rational adults, we all can agree that, this kind of opportunity exists only in fantasy, but not in reality, right? Since the cryptocurrency is still very new and people are generally misinformed about the way the sector works. These crooks are exploiting the lack of knowledge of those people and are making a fortune for themselves.

Domain Information

Below are the information regarding this domain. Note that, we weren’t able to identify the owners of this service as they have used some kind of privacy protection service. However, based upon the number of red flags found on their platform, it seems like these people really know what they are doing.

Domain –

Registered On – 17/03/2019

Expiry – 17/03/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 4,347,271 Review Conclusion is 100% confirmed con designed to take money from people who do not have much knowledge related to financial market as a whole. They have nothing to offer to the clients apart from fake narratives. If you ever make the mistake of sending them your funds, you will never ever get it back.

So, make sure that you stay away from them at any cost. There are a few positive comments on their website, but know that they are all from bogus profiles and are put up only to seem legit. In short, their entire scheme is extremely dangerous and regardless of what they promise you, do not buy into their premise.

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