Review – Simple but Clever Scam is supposedly a miraculous crypto mining solution which will earn it’s users upwards of a thousand dollars per day depending upon the plan you select. If you are an active crypto trader or investor, then you already know that, their claims are absolutely false.

Unfortunately, ever since the cryptos made the headlines, most people still seem to think it as an easy way to riches. Just like all the scams out there, this platform also does not share any information about their whereabouts.

Moreover, even the employee information is kept out of sight of the public. It is natural instinct to get excited by seeing easy money making ways, but keep on reading our review till the end to know the harsh truth. Review

Company, License and support

The regulation around the crypto is getting stronger each and every day. Already, most of the leading exchanges and brokers have got all the necessary licenses. From the client’s perspective, it is always better to ensure the security of your funds and the easiest way to do that is by indulging only with entities which are under the radar of the regulatory authorities.

Since this firm is raising money from the public and is based in the UK, they should be regulated by the FCA. however, when we went through the database there was no information about this platform. So, the fact that this firm is operating illegally is crystal clear. Talking about the customer care aspect of this business.

The clients can reach the support team only through email and the average response time is not stated on their website. These kind of questionable practises combined with other red flags should tell you a lot about them. Here are the contact details of this firm just in case you need to report them.

Email –

How does Work? is a cloud based mining solution. Basically, they state that they own multiple mining farms in the UK and use some standard mining equipment. We searched their entire website to see whether they have mentioned the details about their mining farms.

However, just like we anticipated there was no information regarding it. Without knowing any of the key information about their business, how can they expect the clients to believe them?

Crypto mining used to be an easy way of making income few years ago, but that time is long gone. Nowadays, the competition is fierce and unless you have enough capital, it is hard to even reach breakeven point.

Investment Plans and Returns

There are 4 investment plans offered by this platform wherein the returns are mainly depended upon the plan you select. Note that, on the higher end of the spectrum, this firm promises users 36% returns on a daily basis. If their claims were indeed true, then everyone would have been rich and there would be an end to poverty in this world. Plans

Unfortunately, that is not the way the world works and everything they are portraying is nothing but 100% pure fraud. So, do not believe in anything they say and avoid indulging with them regardless of what miracle they promise you.

Affiliate Program

From the last decade, one of the easiest ways of gaining traction to new business is to use affiliate programs. Partner programs always brings down the average cost per acquisition and helps both the marketers and creators to create cash flow.

This firm is collaborated with all the shady affiliate groups out there and both of them are in simple words manipulating the public to make fast cash. So, if you come across positive review about this platform, then do not be confused and never entertain anyone who is pushing you towards depositing with them.

Domain Details

Their domain is active from roughly around 2 years. Any details about the owners couldn’t be found as they have used the whois Guard services. However, we do have a clear picture about the kind of audience they are targeting.

Domain –

Registered on – 08/02/2018

Expiry 0 08/02/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 41,550

Rank in Bangladesh – 8,649

Target Audience – Bangladesh and Indonesia. Review Conclusion is a classic example of how a fraud enterprise work. This scam is just taking advantage of the hottest trends in the markets are are literally making a fortune just by exploiting the greed of the newbie investors.

Since they are already illegal, the chances of you getting back the money if you ever send it to them is close to zero. So, turn down all their offers and walk away from these kind of platforms for all the right reasons.

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