Review - Scam Review is an online investment opportunity which supposedly generates returns of up to 200% every 10 days.  This firm has no auditory records and the returns claims are all fabricated lies used by this firm to give a false impression of being profitable to the potential investors.  

The details of the actual creators is not revealed and we do not know any of the so called expert trading professionals who is going to be handling the funds.  This service has been operational for less than 2 months as of August 2018 and already has swindled a lot of investors money.

If you were considering to send your money to this firm or simply looking for more information about them, continue reading our complete review to find out all the why you  should never believe anything they say.

License and Contact Details

Any firms which indulges with providing investment advice or financial services in the United Kingdom has to be registered and their operations should be overseen by FCA. is an ICO which creates investment pool by raising money from general public and use them for trading cryptocurrency.

Depending upon the terms of the contract accepted by both the parties, the investors are promised certain amount of money in the near future.  While we were trying to validate their services, we were not able to find any licenses they must legally possess.

We have confirmed through FCA this firm has never been licensed thereby operating illegally and in certain sense just filling their pockets with clients money.

As expected just like many scams this firm also has put up some sort of registration document but that does not make them legitimate.

The support team of this firm can be reached through telephone and email.

Here are the contact details of this firm:

Address – 92 Monier Road, E3 2PA, London, United Kingdom.

Phone- +442081586208

Email –

How does Work?

The financial markets have many variables which might potentially affect the price of any assets.  In order to generate consistent amount of profits one should have a clear understanding about both the fundamental and technical analysis.  

This firm is said to be run by a bunch of self proclaimed financial experts who ensure effective and quick analysis of the current financial situation to gain maximum profit from investing at minimal risk.  

This narration is very vague and does not provide any of the actual factors or fundamental events this firm considers before entering a position.  We are not aware about how the funds are utilized from money management point of view.

Looking at the lack of transparency any experienced investor will never trust this firm to handle their money.

Returns offered by

Anything involving cryptocurrency always has been very hard to predict.  The wild price swings, the pump and dump scenarios in addition to the type of volatility seen in them are all unlike any other.  

While many have made a fortune with bitcoin and other altcoins that does not mean anyone can become rich by trading them.  These crooks advertise returns of up to 1,500% after just 10 days which as you know is highly unlikely.

Here are the complete details of the investment packages offered by this firm:

Plan 1

Returns – 150%

Duration – 1 Day

Deposit – $20 – $100,000

Plan 2

Returns – 450%

Duration – 5 Days

Deposit – $20 – $100,000

Plan 3

Returns – 1500%

Duration – 10 Days

Deposit – $20 – $100,000

Plan 4

Returns – 120%

Duration – 6 Hours

Deposit – $5,000 – $50,000

Domain Insight

According to the data provided by this domain was registered on 13/06/2018 and it expires on 13/06/2019.

This website has a global rank of 211,224 and it ranks 22,263 in Russia according to

The majority of the users coming to this website are from Russia, Iran, Venezuela, India and Thailand.  This service uses ad networking sites such as for promoting their platform.

Referral Program

The amount of money made by ponzi schemes depend on the number of investors who have fallen prey to their model.  To lure in maximum amount of people this firm encourages individuals to refer more people on to their service and provides them high incentives for doing so. - Affiliate Program

The affiliates are paid 5% of the cumulative deposits made by their referrals.  It is not mandatory for the affiliates to have an active deposit in order to collect their payments.

Deposit and Withdrawal

The minimum spend is $20 and the minimum withdrawal amount is $2.  We do not know if there are any transaction fees applicable on deposits or withdrawals.  

The e-currencies accepted by this platform are Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Dogecoin, PerfectMoney, Payeer and advcash.  The withdrawals are said to be processed instantly and automatically.

Is a Scam?

A big Yes,

Seriously take a thorough look at their platform which is nothing more than a sleazy sales page.  They are not real who they say they are and have nothing to do with trading.

If they were genuinely a bunch of professional traders why are they shying away from providing a verifiable trading history? Review Conclusion is an obvious ponzi scam which will wind up very quickly once these scam artist have made enough money.  Cryptocurrencies are the hottest trend right now and there is no doubts about that but don’t think that it is an easy gateway to the riches.

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  1. Philip

    What I don’t get is, how do you determine what countries are going to what websites?

    I’d love to hear on that one point please. Great insight here as well and yes there are many that are as vague as the one you just described – just another Ponzi Scheme dressed up!

    • Admin

      We use website analysis sites such as and

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