Coin2x dot org Review – Classic Doubler Hustle

Coin2x dot org claims to be a miraculous platform that supposedly doubles Bitcoins deposited by the users. They are said to make use of custom automated trading strategies that enables them to safely double the capital amount every 24 hours once.

To an outsider, the kind of theories used by them along with transaction logs showcased might be overwhelming. However, anyone that has enough experience in the financial sector knows what this hustle is all about?

Doubling funds and compounding returns in the markets are possible. Nonetheless, it cannot be done on a daily basis. Moreover, the people that have the ability to generate consistent returns would never give away their services or secrets for free, right?

This platform is full of flaws and the funny thing is that their real nature is too obvious. If you are someone that got enticed by this kind of opportunity, then keep reading this post to find answers to any question you might have on your mind.

Our main intention is to help you see the real agendas of fraudulent entities so that you can make better decisions every single time.

Preliminary Checks

This platform has a proper site lock i.e,. The SSL layer. Sadly, the presence of an SSL layer does not mean they are legit in any way. Details of the creators are hidden and no contact information is put up by them.

According to Ahrefs, has a domain rating of 11 and over 30,000 websites link out to them. Note that they are not blacklisted by any search engine or browsers.

Founders of this scheme are experts in the field of online marketing and the data depicts everything we need to know. Unfortunately, their traffic sources are concealed and we cannot pinpoint their marketing approach precisely.

The Alexa rank of this website is not that great and there is something about them that just does not add up. Either way, be very careful with them and do not trust them with any of your data.

What is is a Bitcoin doubler platform. It claims to be using some kind of automated system to double the capital amount on a daily basis. Just like all the other crypto scams, this one too does not have a convincing narrative.

The specific details about the way the funds are handled is not mentioned. Moreover, the details of employees along with other people involved are kept hidden.

In other words, the fact that they are bluffing is evident and these crooks are running out of excuses. Bitcoin for the most part is widely misunderstood. Many people are still under the false impression that it is easy to make money in this sector.

While few people have earned a fortune, they did have the appropriate skillset which is something the majority of traders lack. As far as proof goes, there is nothing to show for it.

We did not find any supporting data and that kind of blunt nature speaks a lot about them. Due to the drop dead signs they show, it is best not to indulge with them in any way, form or manner.

Transactions Showcased

Gimmicks and manipulative practices are used by cyber criminals. This website showcases a lot of transactions on their homepage. If you verify them, then of course few of them will match.

However, that does not mean they helped people double their bitcoins. Most likely, they have just copy and pasted a few transactions from the blockchain and are trying to enhance their authority. It is only a matter of time before the law enforcement agencies shut them down.

As they understand that longevity is limited, they are trying their best to make as much as they can while their website is still running. To be on the safer side, do not trust any information published by them.

In this online era, it is easy to fake almost anything.

Will you make money with

No, there is no cat in hell’s chance of anyone making money with them. is set up only to make the cyber scammers rich. They work all day long and drive traffic.

Their end goal is to safely take bitcoin from innocent investors and flee just before things get nasty. Most likely, the scammers will make use of tumblers and cash out their bounty.

As the information about their real nature is clear, never take chances with them. Plus, we suggest you to never invest with any unregulated firms regardless of how well things might look. Bear in mind that, at the end of the day security of funds is something you should ensure.

Fake Narratives

Few testimonials here and there about this firm were found on social media platforms. We personally could not verify identities of the alleged users.

Given everything we know about the scam, we are not inclined towards trusting anything about them on the internet without doing proper research. Lack of testimonies is scary on it’s own.

In the footer section of their platform, they claim to be professionally connected with the big names in the sector such as CoinDesk and Forbes. As we expected, the entire showcased section is just a gimmick and there is no shred of truth behind their claims.

Scammers will go to any extent to maintain their image. So, always check the details firsthand and if you spot obvious red flags, it is time to move on. Scam Review Verdict is a scam and there is nothing about them that will help you. Their narratives are manufactured and manipulative. There is no real cash flow generated. Founders are unknown and they are blatantly burning holes in the pocket of their users.

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