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Coinszua ( is apparently a got to solution for all type of investors as they supposedly offer their services for anyone with as little as $10 thereby making it the most affordable solution ever.  All the impression we got from their presentation quickly vanishes once you see the type of profits they claim to generate which is all the way up to 4000% in just 15 days.

If they had really achieved anything like that they would have been interviewed on the finance related media channels but since they are all fake they are trying to take as much funds as they can from people like us.  

To know the real nature of this filthy scam, continue reading our complete review which will walk you through every factor we found during our investigation.

Company and Support

Fake schemes have been a major headache in the financial sector and has cost millions of dollars to the government as they try to prevent it and has done serious damage to the investors who failed to recognise the kind of firm they were dealing with.  Coinszua represents an ICO which accumulates funds from investors who act like a sleeping partner and uses the money to trade the markets.

After certain time period the investors should get returns appropriate to their initial stakes.  We did a little screening of their firm and just like we guessed they are not regulated or recognized by any authority, even the FCA do not have any idea about them which clears the air and proves that they are operating not only unethically but illegally.

This platform claims to be a regulated one but does not provide any information regarding the details of the legal matters. It is a common thing for scams to hide their wrongdoings by outright lying about the facts and that is what has happened in their case.  

For some reason if you signed up with them already then the only way to reach them is by their contact form, technically speaking there was two ways but the phone number they provided is not operational anymore so it won’t count.

Phone – +449303662294

How does Coinszua Work?

There is not even a grain of information on this matter.  Market statistics shows that at any period of time at least 90% of the retail traders will be losing their funds, with this in mind how can be blindly trust them?  

They do not even mention what market they are trading and which asset class they are mainly focusing on.  Every financial instrument exhibits different characteristics and behaviour to the market structure, same strategy cannot be applied them to all of them.  

In short we do not know what factors make up their analysis and what quantitative measures they employ.  Important intangible aspects of trading like the placement of stops and take profit levels along with diversification of the account are never discussed.  Unless you are a complete noob in this sector the chances are you will never want to mess around with them.

Plans and Returns

These are the investment plans these crooks has to offer.  If there is one thing we know for sure about them is that whatever they promise is not going to happen.

Plan 1

Returns – 130%

Duration – 1 Day

Min. Deposit – $10

Plan 2

Returns – 170%

Duration – 2 Days

Min. Deposit – $10

Plan 3

Returns – 220%

Duration – 3 Days

Min. Deposit – $10

Plan 4

Returns – 1000%

Duration – 6 Days

Min. Deposit – $10

Plan 5

Returns – 2000%

Duration – 10 Days

Min. Deposit – $10

Plan 6

Returns – 4000%

Duration – 15 Days

Min. Deposit – $10

Referral Program

Fake schemes need marketer’s support to keep themselves alive and last as long as they like.  The only way for them to reach the masses is through offering a referral program wherein the advantages are slightly skewed in their favour.  Any person who is willing to promote them can do so by signing up with them. - Referral Program

The incentives are capped at 10% of the total deposit amount gained by this firm.  There are 3 levels i.e up to tier 3 level which is a standard layout of a pyramid scheme.  Affiliates will get paid regardless of whether they are actively involved with the scheme or not.


When we did a little research on this website we found the following relevant aspects listed below by using and

Domain –

Registered on – 14/09/2018

Expires on – 14/09/2019

Alexa Global Rank – 7,144,987

The registrant details are not traceable as they are masked.  Majority of the users landing on to this platform are from Bangladesh.

Is Coinszua a Scam?

A stupid one,

From the layout of their scheme to the way they deliver their narration says that they are not to be trusted.  Forget about any previous experience they do not even have the courtesy to explain what they will be doing with the funds raised.  

Have you noticed that no names have been revealed by them?  They are maintaining a low profile because they know that the chances of getting caught are high.  The only question you have to as yourself is that will you trust a firm with no record to handle your money?  

Here are the comments from victims of the scam we found on Beermoneyforum:

This platform does not pay i try few times with no success. Also support doesn’t respond.

Coinszua Review Conclusion

Coinszua is a ponzi scheme which skyrocketed at one time but as of writing this review it looks like they have lost the momentum and are not able to find new people for their scheme, in other words they are meeting their end.  There is a thin line between knowledge and skill, until and unless you know how to master both of them concerning the markets you are most likely to fall prey for scams like these.

Do you have any experience with  Feel free to share your opinion by commenting below.


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