Vpno.net Review

Vpno.net - Scam Review

Vpno.net calls itself a prominent representative of the international computer technologies market, Bitcoin encryption algorithms and mining.  Simply put they are just another cloud mining service which is going through the rough patch.

They claim to generate returns of upto 15% daily for as long as the company is operational.  In reality if you have any practical experience with mining then you can already see the obvious fake profit impression they are feeding to the clients.  

The lies and deceptive tricks does not stop there, continue reading our unbiased review to know how these crooks are making money from scamming people over the internet.

Company and Support

Firms or any type of business which revolves around handling the investor’s money in any form has to be regulated, without getting proper licenses if they are operational then they will be put to prison as it falls within the category of criminal offence.  

Vpno.net is an ICO which takes money from investors to effectively optimize their mining operations and farms to that extent that it yield phenomenal profits.  Investors are paid daily returns for providing this firm the capital.

To see if they were actually authorised to do such things we went to FCA website but could not find any documents we were looking for which means the fact that they are a bunch of frauds is undeniable.

Moreover they claim to be a regulated firm and feature some type of registration information.  We have clarified this matter literally hundreds of time, there is a lot of difference between being registered and regulated.  This firm does not have any authorization whatsoever. They have provided the following contact details.

Address – 92 Euston Street, London NW1 2HA, United Kingdom

Email – support@vpno.net

How does Vpno.net Work?

Vpno.net is said to be a symbiosis of bulk technical knowledge and rich practical experience.  They claim to have 3 data centers in the UK but for some reason they have failed to put up the exact location details which apparently is because they do not own one and are using made up stories to attract people.  

The tools they employ involves ASIC miners, Rock Miner, Bitmain, Avalon and BitCrane.  Their mining capabilities are not accounted and the exact run down of their expenses along with revenue generated in certain time period is not revealed.  

Furthermore we do not know how long it takes for them to reach the break even point because in mining nowadays it is very hard to make any decent amount of money but looking at their returns we feel that they are outright lying about everything.

Contracts and Returns

If you decide to buy their plans then there is a catch, the initial deposits will never be returned to you unless they get shut down but seeing the returns they offer it does not matter but sadly we know that it is all fake.  See the contract details, from any angle does that seems legitimate to you?

Plan 1

Returns – 10% Daily

Period – Forever

Min. Deposit – 0.001 BTC

Max. Deposit – 300 BTC

Plan 2

Returns – 12% Daily

Period – Forever

Min. Deposit – 10 BTC

Max. Deposit – 300 BTC

Plan 3

Returns – 15% Daily

Period – Forever

Min. Deposit – 50 BTC

Max. Deposit – 300 BTC

Affiliate Program

Ponzi schemes can’t be triumphant without marketing efforts as that is what enables them to get access to more funds.  These fraudsters offer an affiliate program wherein the contract is favorable to both the management team and the promoters.  

Vpno.net - Affiliate Program

Affiliates are entitled to 7% of the revenue they bring on to the platform and if they are interested in growing that they can do so by recruiting more marketers under their name, by doing that they will get tier 2 and 3 level commissions.  

Basically affiliates are not exposed to risk as the only cost they will be bearing is the ad campaign cost and note that they are in no way a part of the investment scheme, so all of them are getting paid at the expense of innocent investors such as yourself.

Domain Whereabouts

Though this website has been around for a long time from 2015 to be exact they have not gained enough popularity which is a good thing.  Here are the quick stats of their business we grabbed from whois.com and alexa.com.

Domain – Vpno.net

Registered on – 10/02/2015

Expires on – 10/02/2019

Alexa Global Rank – 5,630,892

Contact information of the registrars are unavailable because they have signed up for privacy protection services.

Is Vpno.net Scam or Legit?

This one is a ripoff,

Since there is no way to track the owners of this firm and sue them if something unethical or unjustifiable happens the investors face a high degree of risk.  If you take a look at their business model which is all show and no go, you will quickly realise that it is a ponzi scheme which has managed to reach a position where the deposit value is far more than the withdrawals but things won’t stay like this forever and they will go down the hard way.  

Always avoid interacting with the firms which loves to operate anonymously because in majority of the cases you will get looted in one way or the other.

Vpno.net Review Conclusion

Mining is a serious business which has its own set of rules and laws.  Considering the actual hassles involved in operating the rigs and the ever growing competition in the sector there isn’t cat in a hell’s chance of making this kind of profits.  

Enticing offers always has a dark side to them especially if it is presented by a stranger over the world wide web, understand that without efforts and skills nothing will play out in the long run, quit trying to chase quick money.

Have you been scammed by Vpno.net?  Feel free to share your experience by leaving us a comment.


  1. bronwin

    ive been scamed by them i went to do my first withdrawal and up until this hour it havent been deposited to my account and ive invested 39.50$

    • Lester

      Did you get your money by now??

  2. mourad

    se site m’a arnaqué de 0.001 btc

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