CryptoAllDay Review – Reliable Crypto Platform or Scam?

The immense boom of the Bitcoin industry over the past several months has inevitably sparked the endless creation of cryptocurrency related scams. It feels like for every one legitimate opportunity we come across there are 3 or 4 other deceptive operations that we had to debunk prior to reaching it. In the case of Crypto All Day, we encounter not a cloud mining or pyramid scheme business model but instead an online investment platform that, at first sight, successfully pulls off the appearance of a legitimate brokerage. Upon further analysis though, slowly and exhaustively we were able to peel away the deceptive layers of the platform. Throughout this detailed review, you will discover our findings regarding this phony investment brokerage and why this platform is not one that should be trifled with. - Crypto All Day

What is Crypto All Day?

The About Us section found at does a relatively poor job of providing insightful information regarding their platform. Claiming to operate as a 100% safe personal Internet wallet, crypto investors are encouraged to part with their bitcoins by depositing through their site. How many bitcoins an investors deposits through Crypto All Day will dictate which investment plan they become enrolled through and which trading features become available to them.

What does Crypto All Day Offer?

Crypto All Day portrays their operation as an online platform that will safely guard your deposited bitcoins. Pooling together your deposited funds with other investors funds, the team of financial experts employed through this brokerage will then intelligently invest your deposit through a variety of high yielding investment channels. No specification as to which assets are traded are specified but allegedly their team will apply hedging trading approaches along with provide hedging insurance to ensure the well-being of your deposited funds.

What we found misleading about claiming to provide hedging insurance would be how deeper research revealed that this platform is not regulated or insured by any regulatory entity. This indicates to us that this brokerage is not safe to invest with while also discrediting their claim of  “safeguarding” your deposit since they are not an insured platform. Investors who still wish to ignore these red flags and enroll through this platform are able to get started with 1 of 4 account types.

Light Trading Account

Deposit Bonus: 20% initial, 10% for reoccurring deposits

Deposit Required: $250 USD or 0.04 BTC

Account Features: Daily and weekly market reviews

Standard Trading Account

Deposit Bonus: 30% initial, 20% for reoccurring deposits

Deposit Required: $500 or 0.07 BTC

Account Features: Professional Market Analysis, 3 Daily Trading Tips, Daily/Weekly Market Reviews

Premium Trading Account

Deposit Bonus: 50% initial, 30% reoccurring deposit

Deposit Required: $2500 or 0.36 BTC

Account Features: Standard account perks, 1 risk refund trade, 1 monthly risk free trade, bi-weekly mentoring sessions

VIP Trading Account

Deposit Bonus: 100% initial, 50% reoccurring

Deposit Required: $5000 or 0.73 BTC

Account Features: Premium account perks, 2 risk free trades per month, weekly mentoring sessions

It should be made clear that the acceptance of any of these deposits bonus will “lock in” your funds with the brokerage. It isn’t until you generate a volume of trades between 15x to 40x the accepted bonus deposit that you will be eligible to file for withdrawal.

Crypto All Day Misconceptions

According to, their operation is owned and operated by a private limited corporation known as Petrasol Ltd. Negating this claim would be how search queries conducted through Republic of Seychelles business registers fail to churn up any credible search results of Petrasol Ltd being a verified business. As previously mentioned, their site claims to offer hedging insurance yet they are not overseen by any regulatory body which means that they are not insured.

Other misconceptions found on their site would be how they essentially operate anonymously. The only real identifying information disclosed to us on the site would be there telephone number +44 203 808 3763 along with their email address No information regarding their creators or operators can be found mentioned anywhere on the site. Furthermore, the site claims to have been in operation since 2015 yet a WHOIS report will reveal that this domain was created only on August 14th, 2017.

CryptoAllDay - Date of Origin

Can be Trusted?

After considering the information laid out to you above, it becomes quite clear that this operation is not trustworthy. No information regarding their technology platform is disclosed, they are operating completely anonymously, they fail to verify that their team of financial experts are licensed and foolishly lie about their operational procedures and date of origin.


While claims to have over 95,000 active trading accounts on their platform, a SimilarWeb search will reveal these claims to be bona fide fabrications of the truth. Reflecting a poor SimiliarWeb global rank of 7,047,018 it is clear to us that this operation is not popular and receives minimum amounts of traffic, if any at all.


I saw you wrote an article on Cryptoallday and that they are scammers. I want to confirm that. They scammed me out of $25 000 on Friday. They blame the drop of a the bitcoin, but Timothy O’Connor told me my money is liquid. They sold my bitcoin before the price started dropping. Unfortunately I was doing business with them from 20/11/2017 … that was before you wrote the article on them.

Crypto All Day Review Conclusion

Crypto All Day is a poorly developed online platform that will do nothing more than steal your Bitcoin deposits. Providing no insight into their platform features while leaving much of their operation unknown is a considerable red flag that we cannot ignore. If you are searching for investment brokerages or Bitcoin exchanges to invest through, make sure the operation you are looking into is more than open about their identity and provides transparent information regarding their operational model.

Review Verdict: Crypto All Day is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site:

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  1. Drien

    My account was closed by them. When I wanted to log in I was told they had a big loss and all my funds were lost, 74,299 euros. I sent an email to Cryptoallday support and was called back in response to tell me that my account was closed because there was no funds showing in the account. On a previous occasion when I wanted to make a withdrawal, it was refused because ,according to them I was put on a longterm plan and could only make a withdrawal after a year..I have lost all my money.

    • alain

      hy ,i am from belguim ,it happens same with my ,by cryptoallday,i nvest 42600 euro ,on last stay 74000 euro on my account ,and say make bad trading and everithyng was away ,zero,also can not go more on my account.

      they do this with many people ,they must go in gail,they are criminal.

      you can take contact with me on

    • Marelize

      exactly what happened to us. They are masters scammers people. they always think of excuses as professionals not to pay you anything back although right in the beginning they told you that you can withdraw any time which is not true. Believe me. Or they will “fake” you to withdraw small amounts for one or two times just to let you think you can withdrew and thereafter nothing. Also the names they using is fake. None of their names can anywhere be found so they using false identities.

  2. Jane

    There a scam scam scam and there all going to prison bahaha cant wait 👍👍👍

  3. Peter Cable

    I invested £250 but after going through the hassle of trying to get my money back no one will call me for 2months all I have is a name Chris on watts app does anyone have a phone number

  4. alain



    Also my i lost 42500 euro.

    if somebody can help me for recover ower money?

    My mail ,

    • colin

      how do you close your cryptoallday acc

    • Jon Burke

      Hi Alain,
      I lost a substantial amount of money due to Cryptoallday. They ARE a scam sight.They are unregistered and therefore unregulated. However, as they are now on a BLACKLIST.
      If the accounts where you sent your funds to have not been closed. Then you may be able to recuperate your money.
      First you must report the fraud to your local police authority. With the copy of the report and copies of any dialogue between you and cryptoallday.emails messages you must go to your bank and report the fraud.
      They will get in contact with the other bank and demand a return of funds.
      Hopefully this will help you. It worked for me on part of my money but some accounts had been closed and I was told that the funds were not held by the bank anymore.I am still down some €25k plus.

      • alain MERTENS

        Hi ,they close my account directly ,after they take all my money.

  5. Mark Davis

    Dear Mr. Dr. Jon Levy,

    after a deep check about you i must say, if someone here will ever believe that you are a real person he must be dumber then yourself.

    Guys, “Dr.” Jon Levy is another guy who’s taking advantage on people like us, the old generation who is not the best in all regard the IT&Internet world.

    Jon, we have suffered enough, please find yourself different victims

    • Dr Jon levy

      OK “Mark”

  6. alain MERTENS

    Hy ,have somewhone already work with firm payback ltd .com for refund money?

    Of this gangsters company’s?

    You can Always reply my on email :

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