Review is the site of an investment company claiming that if you sign up with them, you can earn “from 10% to 15% every day.” The money is allegedly acquired though mining and trading Bitcoin on exchanges. (CryptoFXTrade)

They offer 3 programs:

  1. Start: Deposit $300-$999 for 10% profit
  2. Advanced: Deposit $1,000-$4,999 for 12% profit
  3. Maximum: Deposit $5,000 or more for 15% profit

Minimum withdrawal amount: 0.0005 BTC.

A partners program is also available. As a partner you can earn 15% of the deposit amount of your referrals. One is advised to “Tell about your achievements in this project and give your individual link for registration.” For each sub-referral, you get 1-3% of the deposit amount.

Contact Information


Phone: +19852975241. An American phone (area code is of southeastern Louisiana).

But the provided address is: 11 Church Road, Great Bookham, Surrey, England, KT23 3PB

Is CryptoFXTrade a Scam?

It certainly sounds that it is to us, but let us know what you think by commenting below!

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  1. Mercy

    Her IG name is anna_g_katerina  

    Their bitcoin address to pay 30% API is: 18AhPDbJTKzgdhuynym7WGbEXthjfCCUgf

    and for 20% commission is 1DJj3juh2DflGfPeK5FTDLMNtt3kZVbFbE

    Can these be traced?

    Crypto Forex Trades is a SCAM. They ask you to invest with minimum $100 first then wait for 3-5 working days and you’re ready to withdraw your profit. But they will ask you for 20% commission and will transfer your money to your bank at 92% until you paid another 20% as API which is really scam!!! BE CAREFUL BE CAREFUL Below is the complete conversation we had:

    Hello Sir/Madam,Kindly be aware that your new transfer initiated has been processed and currently 92% done!!Due to the swerved transactions you’re hereby required to make payment for the API (APPLICATION PROGRAMMING INTERFACE) before the transaction can go through!!On the completion of this payment you will get your withdrawals of $3000 into your bank account without further delays!!!API FEE:700.00 (USD)Find in attachment the proof of pending transfer to your wallet..Thanks 

    where’s the attachment?

    It is the status of your withdrawal

    can you deduct that instead from the $3k?

    No, To be deposited to them directly

    who is them?

    why these are not said by account managers first?

    Where can I find these list of fees at your website?

    That is what the Government place on any transaction

    But what will happen if I can not pay that this early? I still have to find $600 and borrow from family and friends and I’m not sure when can I pay that

    Your account might be blocked by the Government if not paid on time

    Government of Philippines?or ?

    United Nation

    is that amount fixed? $600 ?

    Yes it is fixed

    can i see the link where it says I need to pay API before I withdraw my money?

    That is the messaged I sent you. Notify your account manager when you are ready to make the deposit.

    I did and she’s telling the same

    Hope you now trust the policy?

    No, i NEED to read now all the policy and fees i am not aware of this API.

    And then no reply, no hi, no hello, nothing! THIS MUST BE INVESTIGATED ASAP.

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