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CloudToken is a pyramid-type investment opportunity. Allegedly, they are a big and serious company (based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) offering a crypto wallet based on 4th generation blockchain technology.

Unlike pyramid scams, CloudToken claims to offer a real product/service. They have their own token, and they operate an investment plan which is also some kind of a hedge fund.

The project began in December 2018 in Singapore. The alpha version was made available in February the following year, while the beta version was released in April.


How CloudToken works?

CloudToken operates trading bots which already manage over 600 million USD and are active in Binance and 31 other exchanges. Since their bots are very powerful, they have enough capital to actually influence and move the market and they make around 10% of the entire capital daily.

As an investor, you may open a wallet account with CloudToken and fund it with a minimum of $500. You should get a minimum return of 6% monthly, paid on a daily basis. For each client you bring, you get an additional 6% of that clients’ deposit, and 3% for each client your clients bring.

Of course, you get the money in CTO (Cloud Token). What can you do with this money? Apparently, they are working on opening an online Cloud Token Mall, with which users can make online purchases of everyday items such as books, clothing, shoes, hats, toys, software, and home appliances.

How to contact CloudToken?


While the Facebook page of the operation claims they are based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, I found references that they are located in Singapore. At any rate, no specific address is revealed.

There is also no apparent way to receive phone support, although the site seems to offer a live chat system.

Is CloudToken a scam?

When one remembers how the top hedge funds over the last 50 years average around 20% yearly, a ROI of 6% monthly seems too good to be true.

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  1. Michael Grey

    They are all scammers, don’t trust any companies from Malaysia or Hungary or Bulgaria.

  2. Mandisa

    Stay away from Timothy Leary. He uses 360 cryptoptions. Approaches people on instagram. When you want your Money he blocks you on instagram and whatsapp, big scammer!!

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