Review – Unethical Fraud is a crypto based themed platform which supposedly helps people make hundreds of dollars per day without any effort. Their website contains bits and pieces of famous people expressing their view on crypto. However, note that none of the people shown are linked to this service in any way.

When we went digging deep about this firm, the things we found were nothing but nasty. As anticipated, the details of the owners are not mentioned and if you take a look at their disclaimer, it is clear that they don’t guarantee any kind of returns. Since there is a lot of confusion surrounding them, do not approach them impulsively. Stick with us till the end of the review to understand the way this scam works and why you should avoid it. Review

Software, Legality and Customer Support

Any organisation or business entity which provides people with investment advice have to be regulated. Sadly, there are a lot of loopholes around this sector and it allows people to get away by making indirect promises. Moreover, cryptocurrencies in general have been a problem for the government as there are a lot of platform emerging everyday like the new ICO and projects, but majority of them are nothing more than a fraud.

So, whenever you are presented with any investment opportunity check their regulatory status and if they do not have one, then it’s better to stay away from them. We tried to find any contact details on their website. If you are a customer of this platform, then guess what?

You have to deal with all your problems alone and if you find any problems, there isn’t anything you can do about it. Customer satisfaction is an important part of the business, but since this firm is operating without it, that kind of behaviour definitely shows their real sinister side.

How does Work? is a trading software which automatically syncs with the brokerage platform. The alleged proprietary algorithms detects the opportunities and as users you can decide whether to take them or not. In theory, their narrative sounds perfect and appears like a holy grail specially in newbies perspective.

However, let us take a step back and analyse. There is no verifiable trading history provided on their platform. In short, that means we don’t have a clue about their average win rate and drawdowns. Moreover, they do not even provide free trial or demo accounts. So, you can’t test them out without putting your money in danger.

If they were indeed legit, at least they could have revealed the information about the owners or employees. Given these many red flags, ask yourself is it even worth it to proceed with them?

False Claims

This platform has made a lot of fake claims all across their platform. On their homepage, they boast about their capabilities, but yet again they have no evidence to back up their claim. For starters, they say that their signals have 90% winning rate which is statistically almost impossible to sustain. The best hedge funds or investment banks haven’t been able to achieve the kind of consistency portrayed by this firm. False Claims

So, think for a minute, do you really believe these crooks have done that? Even assuming they did, why would they give it to the public for free? They also state that they can get the data 0.01 seconds before the rest of the markets. Timeframes less than a second might play a role in high frequency trading, but for retail investors they do not provide much opportunity to profit from. Just because they use fancy words and terminologies, do not be convinced because at the end of the day, they still do not make any sense whatsoever.

Fake Testimonials

Every few seconds on their website, the pop up of the recent stats of the users appear. The funny thing about it is, it only shows the profit and never brings up any of the losses. Exaggerating profits and avoiding the talk about loss is the ever present trait of every scam. If you look at the comments featured, they are all very persuasive and encourage the viewers to deposit with them. Testimonials

We tried to find the identity of the alleged clients and as it turns out the profiles used by this platform are non-existent. They have just used stock images with a bunch of positive comments. So, the fact that comments are being used as a manipulative tool is evident and it is also illegal.

Domain Information

Since this service is new, we weren’t able to paint the perfect picture about the demographics of this firm. Nonetheless, here are the general details of this website.

Domain –

Registered On – 25/08/2019

Expiry – 25/08/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 5,228,361

Target Audience – Currently Unknown Review Conclusion is affiliated with offshore brokers who pay a high commission rate per client introduced to them. They clearly have a conflict of interest and are working in a manner which clear benefits them at the expense of their clients. The characteristics exhibited by them contains all the tell tale signs of a fraud and as such is certainly not something you want to get indulged in. Do yourself a favour and avoid any kind of interaction with them or else it might burn a hole in your pocket sooner or later.

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