Okinstant.com Review – Viral Crypto Ponzi Scheme

Okinstant.com is an investment platform which is allegedly involved in trading and mining popular cryptocurrencies. Their website is very primitive in design and the information they provide is not at all convincing. Unfortunately, since a lot of people do believe the false narratives around crypto, they are the ideal audience this firm is targeting.

The list of flaws on this platform is quite long. While every participant in the markets would like to make considerable profits, it does not come without skillset. So, before you feel impulsive about joining them or get blinded by greed, join us in this review wherein we will expose their true agendas.

Okinstant.com Review

License and Customer Support

This platform boasts themselves as regulated and has published their incorporation certificate on their website. If you are a newbie, then you might be inclined towards trusting them. However, know that being incorporated doesn’t necessarily mean that they are legit or regulated.

So, do not fall for their fancy claims trap and understand that they are trying their best to convince you to deposit with them. As far as contact details are considered, the clients can get in touch with this firm only via email. Now, stop and think for a minute, why would a firm which supposedly doubles your capital every 5 hours once operating in this manner?

Couldn’t they afford the basic customer support team? The main reason why fraud companies like this one prefer email communication is because it is hard to trace them out. Anyways, if you want to report them to the authorities, below are the contact details.

Address – 169 Piccadilly, London, England, W1J 9EH

Email – admin@okinstant.com

How does Okinstant.com Function?

This firm hasn’t talked about the practical approach of trading. For starters, they haven’t mentioned the names or performance reports of their fund managers. There is no document which showcase their equity growth over the years and their risk management steps are also not revealed. Moving on to the mining part, the data provided is just unacceptable and does not instill confidence among the public.

Ever since the early 2017 many people are amazed by the breakout of the crypto sector and have been trying to get a piece of the action. However, you need to understand that nothing worthwhile will come your way in the markets unless you are educated about it. So, try to stop looking for shortcuts because frankly speaking, there isn’t one.

Investment Plan and Profits

There are 3 types of investment plans offered by this platform. On the higher end of the spectrum, they promise returns of 27% per hour. If open any calculator and calculate the compound interest, then you will surely be happy with the kind of numbers you will see.

Okinstant.com Investment Plans

Before we dip into that fantasy, ask yourself, do you really believe anyone can become a millionaire and a billionaire within a couple of weeks without putting in any work? It is very obvious that this firm is just after the newbie investors and are playing psychological mind games with them to take their money.

Affiliate Program

To push their platform and gain traction in the least amount of time, this firm is using the affiliate model. Anyone who owns a website or a social media channel with high amount of traffic can use this program to make money. All the payments are based upon the cumulative deposit brought in by the affiliate and to make their work easier, they even provide free promotional tools.

Due to the mutual benefits, promoters and creator will end up making a lot of money, but it will be at the expense of the clients. So, don’t let a fake review or comment fool you and never buy into their schemes at any cost.


There are a couple of testimonials pasted on the sidebar of their website. In case you are wondering, all of them are way too cherry picked and are obvious from bogus profiles. The images used by them are stock photos which means there is nothing on their platform which you can blindly trust.

Customer feedback plays a crucial role in every business, but these crooks are clearly manipulating these aspects to their advantage. Learn to question everything you see on the internet and especially if it involves money, be extra cautious.

Domain Insight

Check out the general statistics and information about this website. Source – Alexa.com and Whois.com.

Domain – Okinstant.com

Registered On – 18/09/2019

Expiry – 17/09/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 93,862

Rank in United States – 61,768

Okinstant.com Review Conclusion

Okinstant.com at the core is a ponzi program. The only way they can afford to keep their firm running is by using the money of the new participants to pay out the old ones. As time goes on, their marketing efforts will become obsolete and the scheme will collapse. So, stay safe and never entertain these kind of offers regardless of how tempting it might be.

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