Review – Fraud Exposed! portrays itself as an automated trading platform which earns it’s clients money all day long. They supposedly are regulated and they even have the audacity to provide a physical address and phone numbers. For newbies, this platform might seem very legit and can be easily mistaken for a holy grail equivalent in the sector.

However, the actual reality is nothing short of absolute horror. Just like a typical investment scam, this platform also has covered up their tracks pretty neatly. In short, it is hard to track the actual owners of this platform. So, before you hand them your funds read our detailed review to know the way they operate. Review

Licenses, Creators and Support Details

The regulation around the world of finance is a lot more strict than it used to be. Unfortunately, since crypto is relatively still new, the scammers have exploited this niche to rip people off. This firm offers investment services to retail clients, but they are not listed under any regulatory authority.

Moreover, they accept people from regions like the US and the UK wherein the binary options are banned. So, it is crystal clear that the people running this platform is bound to face criminal prosecution. Just to protect themselves from the hands of law, the creators are purposefully operating from the shadows.

As clients, if you require any assistance on their platform, then you supposedly can reach the support via email and telephone. Do note that we do not know the quality of the service. Below are the contact details.

Address – Bld Mihail Kogălniceanu, nr. 8, 7652 Bucharest, Romania.

Phone – +1 (225) 283-5200

Email –

How does Work? claims to make their money through trading the cryptocurrency markets. There is no information about the kind of strategy this firm uses to trade the said markets and there is no verifiable history to support any and all of their claims. Moreover, the details of the fund managers are also not revealed.

So, it is clear that they are expecting the clients to believe them blindly and as rational beings that is something you should never do. The crypto market is unlike any other asset class out there, it has a lot of volatility which can make or break your account.

Since high margins are provided for these trading instruments, always make sure to use the leverage aspect wisely. More importantly, never proceed with live funds before testing it in demo or virtual currency account. 

Investment Plans and Profits

There are not one or two, but six different investment plans on this platform. For more returns, the clients need to deposit higher upfront capital. Looking at their schemes, they are just exploiting the greed of the people and are blatantly promoting false narratives to get quick cash. Plans

This firm features returns ranging from 10% weekly to 35% monthly. These numbers might sound exciting, but it is never sustainable in reality. Just have a look at their brochure, isn’t it ridiculous?

Affiliate Program

To grow their customer base and increase revenue quickly, this firm has used affiliate program. In simple words, they are offering marketers an opportunity to make money by diverting traffic to their website. On top of the commissions, the creators also offer custom marketing tools to gain the maximum amount of attention.

After all, their only goal is to make money quickly before the victim realises the actual scenario. On the other hand, to get enormous cash incentives the affiliates are coming up with fake reviews and are thereby bluffing to the public. So, do not believe any content online blindly and always try your best to validate the data before committing your money.

Domain Details

This platform is very similar to each and every HYIPs out there. They are relatively new which means there isn’t enough data to figure out the demographics of their business. Moreover, their real identity is also hidden as they have used whoisGuard services. Below are the details we were able to scrape using and

Domain –

Registered On – 17/06/2019

Expiry – 17/06/2020

Alexa Global Rank – Not Listed

Target Audience – Currently Unknown. Review Conclusion appears to be employing the ponzi operational model. Their only source of income is the cash brought in by the new victims of the scheme. One or the other day, their cash cow will die and inevitably their scheme will crumble to pieces. However, before that happens, they will try their best to keep themselves alive and to do that, they will bluff.

For example, if you look at their recent deposit and withdrawal transaction, at first it might seem legit, but we can assure you that is not the case. It is just a desperate attempt done by them to seem legit and earn the trust of the public. At the end of the day, it’s your money and you should never let anyone take it in an unlawful manner.

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