Review – Weird Platform calls itself as the best Bitcoin mining pool which also happens to offer services around the forex and CFDs sector. The presentation on their website is confusing to say the least and the more digging we did about them, the nastier it got.

This firm appears to be following the ponzi model, but due to the lack of hard data, we cannot comment anything on them just yet. Another disturbing trait of this platform is that, they are not at all transparent about their operational model. Assured returns is something which every investor dreams of. However, do remember to use logical reasoning in every decision you take. Review

Company, Owners and Contact Details

The retail investors are most of the time, the worst hit when it comes to most forms of scams. So far, the regulatory authorities have always acted after the incident which is why as clients you should always be proactive. This platform in the core format offers investment services and as such they should be regulated by proper authorities.

However, when we searched the database of the authorities and government bodies, there wasn’t any information about them. So, most probably this firm is in violation of the law. Moreover, since the details of the owners are not easily traceable, it might take some time for the law to catch up to them.

If any clients require any help or assistance on their platform, then the support team can be reached through email and telephone. Here are their contact details.

Address – 1010 Avenue of the Moon New York, NY 10018 US.

Email – 

Phone – +1 (509) 596-0164 Business Model by definition is a Bitcoin mining pool. The clients are given the chances to get involved with mining without having to deal with the hassles or technicalities present. There are different mining plans with different costs and returns. However, the terms are not clear and the details provided are too scarce to instill confidence among the investors.

As far as trading is considered, there is nothing pleasant about it either. There are no past trading history on their website. The investors are not informed about the average win rate and draw down of their trading system. Moreover, the qualifications and regulatory status of their alleged fund managers are also not revealed.

Given the amount of red flags, do you really want to trust them with your money? The fact that something is too shady with them is just undeniable.

Mining and Trading Plans

There are 4 mining and trading plans on their platform. The general rule is, the more capital you invest, the higher returns you are going to make. While in theory everything they say sounds amazing, but the numbers doesn’t make sense statistically. Plans

For starters, mining in the retail sector is almost impossible to make any kind of considerable returns and unless you are strategically positioned, it might even be difficult to break even. Check out their plan and ask yourself: is it really possible to sustain the returns?


Positive or negative customer feedback are some of the aspects which help firms earn reputation in the online world. After all, the entire PR relation depends upon it. Unfortunately, many firms are manipulating this aspect and are creating fake buzz around their service to appear genuine.

There are a few comments shown on this platform from the alleged clients. However, since none of the comments are linked to the profiles of the users, do not believe them entirely. If you notice the comments closely, there are all too favorable and cherry picked. So, it is most probably from bogus accounts.

Domain Details

We tried to find the whereabouts about the people responsible for this platform. To find more information about them, we used service and below are the things we know about them.

Domain –

Registered On – 10/10/2019

Expiry – 10/10/2020

Alexa Global Rank – Currently Not Listed

Target Audience – Unknown Review Conclusion resembles an illegal ponzi scheme in literally every way. The firm is run by a bunch of unknown people who is asking the public for way too many. Their slogan invokes greed and the only way their scheme ends will be horrible.

On top of all these things, they aren’t even properly regulated by any authority which means security of the funds is non-existent. So, the only way to be safe is to turn down their offer and not encourage their plans in any way.

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