Cryptofundpro Review – Trustworthy Exchange or not?

Cryptofundpro dot com is a strange website that claims to do a lot of things. On their homepage, they have listed out all of their activities and legal details.

However, if you click on anything, the available information is not enough to draw a conclusion. The lack of details are astonishing and that type of approach towards the public affects their reputation badly.

Moving on, owners of this platform are unknown and social proof is not available as well. Policies followed by them are not revealed beforehand. Payment methods supported are also unknown.

Moreover, a few people have complained to us that they are involved with borderline criminal activities. Even if we dismiss the allegations, the facts prove that this exchange is indeed sketchy.

We spent a lot of time on their interface to figure out the way they work.

Read the following content and it will answer all of the concerns and frequently asked questions about them.

Preliminary Checks

A simple search on the domain reveals that it has been active for less than 6 months which means they are not authoritative in the crypto space. Information about the founders is all hidden.

Clearly, people in the management side of this firm wanted to maintain a low profile. As soon as you visit their platform, the padlock symbol will be visible on the browser.

Thanks to the SSL layer, user’s data will be comparatively secure. Plus, they are not blacklisted by any browser or search engine. This website has no domain authority and strangely enough, no website links out to them.

As this platform has no backlink profile, something seems to be very fishy about them.

In terms of traffic, they do not seem to be getting any kind of traction.

Due to the lack of data, we cannot comment anything about their marketing efforts. Website at first will look like a crypto exchange. However, once you start exploring the site, various things will capture your attention.

For starters, they talk about providing cryptocurrency investment packages. Profit potential is not mentioned by them, starting capital is not disclosed and there isn’t any policies to govern these kinds of activities.

Fund manager’s performance ratios are unknown and they are not featuring any evidence to prove that they are involved with the financial sector. Their explanation does cover certain aspects of trading, but the information is not adequate to earn anyone’s trust.

Cryptocurrencies are too volatile and anyone that plans to get into the sector should have clear rules. Blindly trusting third party staff will not do you any good and chances are you might end up losing a lot of funds.

In case, if you are wondering, know that they are unregulated as well. There are contact details present on their platform, but the story does not add up. For example, they claim to be registered in the UK. However, they provide a US address and phone number.

Address – 540 MADISON AVE 9TH FLOOR NEW YORK, NY 10022

Email –

Phone – +1 (704) 810-4473

This firm does not have social media presence and even on third party forums, they have not got much attention.

Moving on to the exchange side of the tale, the fees involved and the funding and payment methods are not mentioned clearly.

Without clear guidelines, people running this firm can change any parameter and it will affect the clients significantly. Given the number of regulated exchanges, it does not make any sense to stick with new offshore ones.

Community and User Feedback proudly shares details about their team and fund managers in the About Us section. Photos and names are present.

The main problem is that they have not linked to any social media profiles or other data that can help us verify their accomplishments.

To put things into perspective, we don’t have a clue about the people on the management side and that is always the kind of trait everyone should be concerned about. User feedback is not available and they haven’t got any recognition from the crypto related forums.

With no data to gauge their service from the customer’s perspective, it is a no-brainer that you should not only be cautious while dealing with them, but should avoid them at least for the time being.

Deposit and Withdrawals

Even after spending a lot of time on their platform, we couldn’t find any detailed FAQ section. The minimum amount required to place an order is not specified.

Also, the minimum cash out threshold is also unknown. Note that it is not clear whether they charge any kind of fees on transactions.

This exchange supports Bitcoin, Payeer, Mobile Money, Stripe, PayPal, and Paystack.

Time required for them to process both deposits and withdrawals is still a mystery. Generally speaking, it should not take more than one hour, but with this entity, we do not know what to expect.

If you are brave enough to try them out, then do not deposit significant capital, stick with the bare minimum and try them out first. Also, use e-wallets like PayPal as it offers better consumer protection.


This platform displays a lot of flaws and regardless of which angle you look at them, the concerns outweigh the rewards every single time. Fund managers are not recognized by FINRA, legal documents are not displayed.

Whereabouts cannot be verified. Plus, information and policies about funding and payments are also a big question mark. The management side has a huge advantage over the clients.

Moreover, the conflict of interest is very evident and only shady platforms operate using this kind of operational model. On top of all the things covered above, there are serious allegations against them.

Given every bit of information, we suggest all of our readers to stay away from them and any other exchange that is unregulated. You might find cheaper prices with unlicensed exchanges, but at the end the amount of risk present will always be unparalleled.
Avoid unregulated exchanges such as In case, if you need help with getting your money back from them, then feel free to leave a comment below.


  1. Anonymous

    I started trading with them a week ago, and also now I received an email from them to pay for the insurance in 48 hrs. so, is there any chance to getting my money back from them?

    • Mark

      Sorry, but you have almost no chance of getting any of your money back. Please don’t send them any more money, as whatever you send, they’ll ask for more.

  2. Johnny bass

    yeah I learnt my lesson the hard way!!! Just trying to warn everyone before they make the same mistake I did

  3. Johnny bass

    I want my money back if I don’t get it I will post comments and photos of my conversations on here and on the internet

    • ml66uk

      Sorry, but you have almost no chance of getting any of your money back. Please don’t send them any more money, as whatever you send, they’ll ask for more.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks I wished I would have known sooner

  4. Johnny bass

    Got scammed outta 12,000 US dollars!! First it started with 10 percent commission fees then when it was time to cash out I had to come up
    With over 5500 US dollars for taxes!! I feel
    Like I’ve been financially RAPED!!!

    Advisor was Jessica Leigh Caden

    • Anonymous

      Should you have to pay again to take withdrawal? Or, did they deduct from your balance?
      How many days did it take to receive your Withdrawal?

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