Review – Scam Alert! is supposedly an investment firm operating from California, US. They claim to be trading pretty much every instrument in the financial market and they allegedly have a high win rate. There is no hard core evidence to support any of their claims, but we did find a ton of information which is more than sufficient to expose these crooks.

Sadly, a lot of investors at first glance might not be able to find these flaws and they certainly will lose a lot of money, if they choose to indulge with them. We all know that making money online with just a few mouse clicks sounds amazing, but think for a moment, is it really that easy?

Statistically speaking, more than 90% of the traders lose money in the markets which means unless you know exactly what you are doing, odds will be against you. To know everything about this platform, their flaws and false narratives, continue reading our complete review. Review

Company, Founders and Customer Support

To qualify as an investment firm, the entity should hold proper legal certificates and have to undergo thorough background checks. More importantly, they should be under the radar of the FTC which will make sure that their policies are aligned with their client’s best interest. This platform has the audacity to call themselves legit, but know that during our investigation, we didn’t find any information about them on the database of FTC.

So, we can assure you that they are crooks who have only one goal and that is to get their hands on your money. In their About us section, they feature a few details about their employees along with pictures. To any newbie that might seem like a gesture of the firm done to maintain transparency. However, know that all the photos used by them are stock images and the profiles are fake. Fake User Profiles

If they were truly operating legally, then why would they lie about their own employees and founders? The only method of communication between the clients and this firm will be through email. Though they provide a telephone number, it is not operational currently and given their nature, we strongly believe that they have done it on purpose to maintain their anonymity. We have gathered all of their contact information down below.

Phone – +1(213)421-3848

Email –

How does Work?

There is no simple answer to this question, because their entire narrative is vague and there is no proof to any of their previous accomplishments. For starters, all of the regulatory status and performance reports of their fund managers are hidden from the public. There is no verifiable trading history on their platform and their approach is not mentioned clearly in their explanation. Each and every strategy will have their own unique win rate and drawdowns.

If you choose to proceed with them without knowing the key parameters, then in the long run it is likely that you will never make any money and that’s not something which matches with our intentions, right? Moving on to bitcoin mining, the information about this aspect is also scarce and it just doesn’t provide enough reasons to believe them.

For example, we don’t know where their mining farms are located or the costs involved. Any data about the way they hedge themselves against adverse volatility in cryptos is unknown. In short, the red flags present on their platform are huge and you shouldn’t proceed with them for any reason.

Investment Plans and Returns

This platform promises upto 15% ROI per day. According to them, their quick profits are due to their diverse portfolio which includes stuff like binary options, cryptocurrencies, etc. However, know that there is no such thing as quick money and even if you find a way to get to it, it probably won’t last for long. Plans

Moreover, binary options is considered illegal in most countries and it carries significantly higher risk than most derivatives. So, don’t buy into the false ideas peddled by this firm and always do your research before putting up your money. After all, there is no such thing as free lunch in today’s world.

Affiliate Program offers an affiliate program which enables all the marketers to make money by promoting this platform. Basically, the promoters get a percentage of the revenue from this firm and all they have to do in order to get those incentives and commissions is just drive traffic. Since this firm is illegal in nature, they obviously encourage the marketers to choose any means of traffic, because they only care about the revenue.

The shady marketers create false content and repackage it in the form of videos, blogs and testimonials to mislead the public and get paid for it. As you can clearly see how these two parties work for mutual benefit, if you see someone associated with them, then for your own good avoid interacting with them or else they will put a dent in your bank account.


There are a number of testimonials on their homepage wherein the customers talk about their insane returns and the kind of money they made with them. However, as there is no social media account attached to them, there is no way to verify the statement they make.

Looking at the comments which appears to be cherry picked, we strongly believe that they are all from bogus user profiles with stock images attached to them. Bluffing about their performance and results are a common trait of a scam which should tell you a lot about them.

Domain Insights

We managed to gather the following details about this domain and website with the help of and Though, the identity of the owners are still a mystery, the demographic details will give a rough picture about their goals.

Domain –

Registered On – 10/11/2019

Expiry – 10/11/2020

Alexa Global Rank – Not Listed

Audience – Currently Unknown Review Conclusion is undoubtedly a scam designed to take money from naive investors. They lie and cheat about everything and are even ready to go to extreme lengths to convince you to proceed with them. Considering all the facts we have discussed so far, it is a no brainer that you shouldn’t associate yourself in any way with this firm or else the problems will pop up sooner or later.

Do you have anything to say about If you think we missed something in our review, then feel free to share it with our community by leaving a comment below.


  1. Jay

    I was scammed as well but it was from a man on Instagram with the name invest_with_trela. I sent him close to $800.

    • Bridget

      Oh dear, it is now apparent there’s a ring of them, it’s a shame, this was the reason I came online to share my experience so when people look them up, they would find out before falling victim to them. There must be a way to stop this people. Might not even be a man, could be one person with different profiles on Instagram, and it’s sad Instagram is not reacting quick enough to block these bogus accounts.

  2. Bridget

    I forgot to add that I came in contact with them through a Karen_Willams fx trader on Instagram, she is posing with someone else’s pictures, I did get to speak to her after much pressure from me and to my suprise, she sounded African, could not even speak proper English, I have reported her account on Instagram but they have not taken any action as she is still on there trying to get more victims.

    • Jen

      I was reeled in with Karen too smh I will report her as well

  3. Bridget

    Thanks for taking time to check Out this site, they scammed me out of 300$, when they asked me to invest more money to get a huge profit in return, I knew straightaway it was a scam and refused to fall a second time. Would be great to see some moves to stop these thieves.

      • Bridget

        What 3500$? I didn’t even get my $300 capital back, they blocked my account because I refuse to give them more money to take part in their bogus bonus scheme.

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