Review – Scam or Legit? appears to be a cloud mining solution which claims to make crypto mining easily accessible and profitable for the retail crypto investors. Their business model is very similar to which is a very large and reputable mining firm that has a long history. At first glance, this platform might seem transparent, but the reality is more daunting than it seems.

The mining plans featured by them are all very steep in price and their management is not the brightest when it comes to public relations. In short, nothing about them instills confidence among the investors and that is not a good sign in any way.

Rise of many cryptocurrencies has made the public curious about them, but as most people still do not understand the mechanism perfectly, quite often it leads them to be the victims of online frauds. So, before you take any action regarding this company, go through our review to understand the way they work and then make an informed decision. Review

Company, Management and Contact Details

The regulation and the law still hasn’t caught up to the cryptocurrency markets and that gap is the reason behind the crooks making huge amounts of money by misleading the gullible investors. This platform in particular does not feature any registration or incorporation certificate on their website. Moreover, any information regarding the management side of the firm is also unknown.

Given their anonymous nature combined with the fact that they are new means you should be very cautious while indulging with them. Many legit firms always strive to provide their clients with top notch customer support. After all, without customers no business can sustain for long, right? This platform interacts with the public through email for the most part.

Though they have put up a telephone number, it appears to be not operational right now. Due to the lack of information about the working hours, we don’t know the time taken by them to process queries. Anyways, below are the contact details of this company in case you need them.

Phone – +44 2033898187

Email –

How does Work?

The concept behind is simple and straightforward. Investors have to choose any plan they want, deposit the appropriate amount and collect the funds after the maturity period. Though, the entire process seems dead easy, the reality is far from that. For starters, apart from the hashrate and charges, they don’t provide any other information.

The location of their mining farms are not disclosed to the public and the clear narrative about the costs involved is not put up by them. For all we know, this might just be a bogus program which could run away with all the money overnight. Most of the firms operating in the mining niche are some type of a scam and that’s the main reason as to why you shouldn’t trust any platform blindly. 

Mining Plans and Profits

There are 4 types of mining contracts offered on this website. Obviously, for quicker and higher returns you need to deposit more. However, know that all of their packages are quite steep and it starts from $1000. Mining was an easy way to earn considerable passive income a few years back.

Unfortunately, now the entire landscape has changed and it is very difficult to make decent returns. So, don’t think about making thousands of dollars per day through mining and if you find someone who pushes that kind of narrative, then do yourself a favor and avoid them. For more information on the exact mining plans, check out the following table.

Silver plan

400 Th/s

Contract Period – 2 Weeks

Cost – $1,000

Gold plan

900 Th/s

Contract period – 2 Weeks

Cost – $2,000

Diamond plan

1300 Th/s

Contract Period – 3 Weeks

Cost – $5,000

Platinum plan

2700 Th/s

Contract Period – 4 Weeks

Cost – $12,000

Domain Insights

We managed to gather a few details about the domain and their website using and Unfortunately, the data wasn’t conclusive enough to track the actual owners.

Domain –

Registered On – 13/12/2019

Expiry – 13/12/2020

Alexa Global Rank – Not Listed

Audience – Unknown Review conclusion is not one of the best mining solutions out there. It has no feedback and zero client testimonials. Moreover, everything about them is extremely mysterious. They don’t reveal their actual location and these kinds of traits are commonly present in a scam. We are not saying this platform is a fraud, but given the facts, it most probably might be. So, as of now avoid investing with them or else your funds might get tangled with them for a long time.

Are you an active investor on Would you recommend them to your friends and family? Let us know your opinion by commenting below.


  1. Omar

    the site pays. i have been benefiting from it since the beginning of the year

  2. steve de lange

    we must look at you tube and google my be they help the scammers to do there work. what I want to say is poor people check you tube and see all the videos and they believe them and so maybe you tube don’t care its money in there pockets. they say they are a trusted site well so say all of them but I think the government must first look at them.

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