CryptoMining.Farm Review – Viral Pyramid Scheme!

As you can infer from our title, CryptoMining.Farm is the latest pyramid scheme to populate the cryptocurrency world. Revolving their operational model upon virtual Bitcoin mining, Crypto Mining Farm employs perhaps the largest pyramid tier structure that we have confronted, which is composed of 20 subsequent levels of commissions. To add more confusion into the mix, a number of controversial reviews have surfaced regarding the so-called legitimacy of this operation.

As you will learn, the sole purpose of this review is to discover the truth behind Crypto Mining Farm while differentiating the authentic reports from the falsified reviews. Amass and consider the facts that we will disclose to you in this impartial review and decide for yourself whether or not you believe this operation to be one that is trustworthy or not. - Crypto Mining Farm

What is Crypto Mining Farm?

CryptoMining.Farm, according to their About Us section, is a new cloud mining company and investment opportunity that wants to give people a way to utilize high quality cryptocurrency mining with guaranteed profits. Asserting affiliation with a private limited company headquartered out of Thailand known as Lifetime Technology Co., LTD, Crypto Mining Farm has made it known that their site is overseen by this corporate entity.

What we found interesting though would be how no mention of “cryptocurrency” or “Bitcoin mining” can be found referenced anywhere at the Lifetime Technology corporate page. Digging further into the mysteries disclosed at Crypto Mining Farm, we discovered that no mention of Lifetime Technology Co. LTD can be found anywhere in their terms and conditions which makes us question whether or not this site is truly operated by their alleged corporate entity since they seem not to be responsible for any of the sites practices.

What does CryptoMining.Farm Offer?

As you can see in the image above, Crypto Mining Farm states “Virtual Bitcoin Mining” underneath their site banner. However, no assertions towards actual Bitcoin mining are ever made – in fact, the site admits to not owning any real Bitcoin hardware on their FAQ page. So what exactly is CryptoMining.Farm offering to the general public then?

Crypto Mining Farm FAQ

Well, from what we can gather, it appears that CryptoMining.Farm is conducting mining through their own private blockchain. This indicates to us that this site has no affiliation to Bitcoin and that the tokens they reward possess no real value outside their own platform. To further discredit their ambiguous operation, it appears that this site is not employing real blockchain either since they clearly state it is “virtual mining,” which likely means that they are not employing real cryptographically-secured ledgers or blockchain technology.

How much you initially deposit will dictate which 6 of the mining packages you will be enrolled with through Crypto Mining Farm. The more you deposit, the longer your mining package will be offered. Mining packages vary between 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 3 years, 15 years and lifetime. Which package you are enrolled with will determine your fixed ROI, all of which appear far-fetched and unrealistic.

Red Flags and Complaints

During our investigative exhibitions, we discovered an ample quantity of complaints and red flags regarding this operation. While most of the complaints are controversial at best, some questionable investor feedback can be found at or by simply searching “Crypto Mining Farm scam” into any search engine.

“no crypto mining is not good it is totally scam.”

“It is a scam not only because what they offer is outrageous and not in any way related to Bitcoin mining, but also all the information they have on the website such as the comodo certificate on the bottom right is a plain png image. The company they are claiming to be (Lifetime Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd) exists, but is not related to Bitcoin or cryptocurrency in any shape or form.”

Can Crypto Mining Farm be Trusted?

There are far too many inconsistencies exhibited by Crypto Mining Farm for us to classify this operation as one that is trustworthy. The lack of affiliation between their alleged corporate entity, not being backed by cryptographically-secured ledgers and how you are investing into an operation that will yield no intrinsic earnings outside their platform puts you completely at the mercy of the operators behind the site.

CryptoMining Farm Affiliate Tier


When conducting a market intelligence report against CryptoMining.Farm it appeared, at first glance, that this operation was one that is relatively popular. Possessing a SimiliarWeb global rank of 26,856 with a Russia rank of 14,949 as of December 2017 who could argue with that respectable ranking?

However, further analysis of the report will reveal that over 25% of the sites traffic is derived from referral based sources. Contributing to over 35% of CryptoMining.Farm’s referral traffic would be visitors directed from traffic exchange websites like, and Where web surfers get paid indirectly from CryptoMining.Farm to visit and browse their site in order to portray their operation as being more popular than it truly is.

CryptoMining.Farm Review Conclusion

A common denominator we have grown to realize amongst pyramid schemes like Crypto Mining Farm would be how more emphasis is placed upon acquiring new victims than retaining their original investors. As with nearly every pyramid based operation, eventually their business model will become unsustainable and crumble. Our recommendation would be to avoid Crypto Mining Farm and any other cryptocurrency related venture that exhibits pyramid or ponzi scheme symptoms.

Review Verdict: Crypto Mining Farm is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site: CryptoMining.Farm

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  1. Batuhan

    cryptomining farm is a scam, not paying anything

  2. abdalah ahmad asiri

    now they stop paying for one mounth
    no one replay you at the support page
    they almost escaped

    • abdalah ahmad asiri

      I have proof that cryptominingfarm stole from me more than 66000 USD

      I have proof of cryptominingfarm stop on payment

      I have proof that cryptominingfarm were paying half the currency exchange rate

      • ismail

        I lost money more than 1000Usd

  3. Ashish

    This is the only site since my 2 years in Bitcoin that is paying regularly and prompt.

    I have lost BTC in other sites but this one is paying one and day by day trust is increasing.

    You can go ahead and invest as it is paying since 2014 and have cloud mining contracts.

    They earn through trading, forex, mining, ICO , Group companies in future technologies (Yodnam Computers and Life Time Technologies).

    If you want to know more about them, Search Lifetime Technologies on Youtube.

    You can also email me at and ask for all proofs and questions.

    Email is ashishjuneja.juneja at gmail dot com

  4. Raul

    A change in CMF withdraw requests kind of smells like a creative bailout, currently waiting for two payments in processing with the new option to reinvest at a discount rate, or patiently wait. Ahhh I think i’ll wait.

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