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Whether or not Cryptopay is a legitimate operation is not really the question here. Despite a few complaints here and there, the user feedback on bitcointalk and on various other forums is overwhelmingly positive. The operation does indeed do what it promises to and although its services are not found to be 100% useful and problem-free by the community, no one is actually accusing it of being a hands-down scam.

Launched in March 2016, is a new operation. On account of its age, additional caution is warranted when dealing with it, but everything factored in, the operation is indeed legitimate. - Crypto Pay

What is

Though easy to answer, this question carries quite a few nuances for this operator. First and utmost, Cryptopay is a virtual currency (Bitcoin) wallet, which offers a number of highly interesting advanced features. Among these features, the contactless debit card stands out, which allows users to spend bitcoins anywhere, directly from their mobile phones.

The operation claims to be the link between the crypto-sphere and traditional finances, and what it promises to achieve is indeed very attractive for many. Among facilitating crypto currency payments and seamless conversions between Bitcoin and various fiat currencies, also makes the purchasing of Bitcoin possible, on the go. Transferring bitcoins to friends or other third parties is also possible with the setup.

Can I trust

Yes. By the looks of things, is indeed a serious Bitcoin wallet/debit card provider. There are a few complaints about it, which we shall dissect below.

Who is Behind CryptoPay?

Cryptopay Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales (registration number 08730592.) According to a query, the domain was registered on May 28, 2013 by Dmitry Gunyashov of Cryptopay Ltd, Flat 3, 92 Wilton Road, London, GB, SW1V 1DW. Phone number is +44.7450012028 and email is The same information is provided for the registrant, administrative and technical contacts. WHOIS’s About Us page mentions another owner – George Basiladze. Their official contact information is: 145/147 Hatfield Road, St. Albans, England, AL1 4JY.

Promises and Features

The features that offers are indeed plentiful and some of them do seem to be almost too-good-to-be-true, at least until the fees associated with the various services are revealed. Let us take this one step at a time though and take a close look at every one of the features.

As said above, is a bitcoin wallet first and utmost, which means that it allows users to safely store their bitcoins in their FLEX accounts.

The wallet allows users to seamlessly convert their bitcoins to the supported fiat currency, in order to hedge against wild price-fluctuations. Deposits and withdrawals, to- and from the wallet are free and fast. Funding the account is possible from the 26 SEPA countries, and transfers usually settle within one business day.

The pricing model on conversions is simple and straightforward: there’s a 1% commission on every conversion and that’s it. There are no other fees whatsoever. Furthermore, the conversions are instantaneous.

Users can order a debit card linked to their wallet, which allows them to withdraw funds at their local ATMs, in their local currency. The funds are withdrawn directly from the wallet and thus there’s no need to wait for them to arrive to a bank account.

Setting up a wallet is as easy as 1-2-3. All one needs to do is to create the account, to get it verified (by uploading the required documents) and to add funds through the available deposit method. Getting bitcoins is the last step.

The wallet is secured with BitGo’s MultiSig technology. Two-factor authentication is available as well.

Cryptopay’s true power and draw resides in its Bitcoin debit card though, which features low commissions, wide acceptance (it is accepted wherever major credit cards like VISA are accepted) and it is delivered worldwide for free.

Why would you want one of these debit cards though? For starters, they allow users to spend fiat or crypto currencies anywhere where major cards are accepted. The card works as a sort of universal payment method, online, offline and it – like Bitcoin itself – is truly international.

To secure access to the basic features of the debit card (while staying within its lower limits) users do not need to provide ID. They can up the said limits by completing various verification steps. The cards cost EUR/USD/GBP 15, and they can be delivered normally for free. Express delivery costs USD 75, EUR 70 or GBP 50, so it’s rather pricey.

The website features an intricate table, detailing all the fees and commissions associated with the services delivered through the debit card. According to this table, domestic ATM transactions cost some USD 2.50, so they aren’t particularly cheap either. The foreign version of same costs $3.50. The foreign transaction fee is 3%. There’s a monthly service fee of USD/EUR/GBP 1 too, as well as 1% loading fee and a ~2% third-party loading fee.

The unverified version of the card comes with certain limits (as stated above). The online transaction limit is USD/EUR 1,000, third-party loading is not permitted and single ATM transactions are limited to USD/EUR 200. Only two daily ATM transactions are included in the unverified version. All-in-all, these limits do indeed severely impact the utility of the debit card. Fortunately, they can be removed quite easily.

Upon receipt, debit cards have to be activated, before they can be put to use. Detailed instructions in this regard will be delivered with the card itself. support can be called upon at any time for card activation. To pay for the debit card, one will simply have to have enough funds in his/her wallet (USD/EUR/GBP 15).

The wallet itself will act as a credit card statement, allowing users to track their transactions around the clock. The client feedback regarding the debit card is quite stellar thus far.

To complement the above described physical (plastic) debit card, offer a virtual debit card as well, which is great for account-verification and online shopping purposes. Like the actual debit card, this virtual card is linked to one’s Bitcoin wallet, too. The price of such a virtual card is only USD/EUR/GBP 2.50, though all other fees involved are the same as detailed above.

Verification of the virtual card works in similar fashion to the verification process associated with the plastic cards. Limits on unverified virtual cards are the same too.

In addition to all the above, offers international money transfer through Bitcoin protocol. The advantages associated with this setup are obvious. Payments are free, secure and instant, on a global scale. Money can be sent this way to everyone with an internet access and the recipient does not need to have access to a bank account. A debit card will work just fine. Signing up to the service is quick and straightforward.

The cherry on top of the feature selection is the B2B Cryptopay solution, which can indeed be custom-tailored, covering white label crypto (Bitcoin) credit cards, Bitcoin payments, or other blockchain-based solutions.

CryptoPay Support

Support is available via email ( They also provide an help center with support articles and a live chat/conversation feature.

Question Marks and Red Flags

Question marks do indeed abound with, but they’re not about legitimacy. The services offered are so diverse and in some cases: powerful, that it will take quite a bit of reading up to get up to speed on all the details involved. Fortunately, the support staff is ready to provide information and assistance at all times. The only possible red flags are the handful of complaints we are about to dissect below. Complaints

Complaints regarding any of’s services are few and far between. This is even more impressive in light of the fact that the bitcointalk thread dedicated to the service is over 55 pages long.

One of the bitcointalk complaints (posted in a separate thread) is from a client who wanted to order a debit card, and whose application got turned down. His account was suspended as well. The client says that while he provided all the required documents for verification, the customer service department simply ignored them, and proceeded to suspend his account. The person alleges that he lost some $15 (the cost of the debit card) as a result of the fiasco.

Another complaint has been posted by a person who gambled in an online casino and made use of’s services to withdraw his winnings. Some GBP 450 got stuck in limbo at the site, which refused to release the said funds. According to the client, refused to send the money back to the online casino too. As things are, have apparently pocketed the GBP 450 from this particular customer, although additional proof would not hurt in this case from the user.

According to bitcointalk chatter, do not routinely block withdrawals from online casinos.

Popularity is a highly popular website. At the time of posting this review (September 26, 2017), their Alexa global rank was a very impressive 21,747. Russia, Brazil, the United States and the United Kingdom are responsible together for almost 40% of the site’s traffic, according to SimilarWeb. Other countries in which the service is popular include Germany and France.

Almost 40% of the people who land on arrive there via referrals done mostly by, a service we recently exposed as a scam.

Other visitors get to the site when they type “Bitcoin debit card” and other related keywords in the search engine as well as through a social advertising campaign (mostly on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and VKontakte).

Cryptopay Review Conclusion

The bottom line with is that outside of a few freak incidents, the service seems to function as advertised. The sheer number of features offered is very impressive, as is their utility. While the service is not unique by any stretch of the imagination, it does indeed have a place in the crypto industry landscape. Based on user feedback, the legitimacy of cannot be questioned at this point in time.

If you believe that Cryptopay is a scam or if you have any feedback to provide about this service, please let us know by commenting below this review. If you didn’t find information you were looking for, please let us know.

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  1. Ocpa

    Alexa global rank in no more 21,747 but half of this and tendency is to go down. The site is stealing money from the users by using of various tricks as blocking of accounts, endless verification, reducing of user balances etc. This site is strongly NOT RECOMMENDED.

  2. Faris Sheridan

    They dont tell you at the start that any sites that dont use the 3D system cannot accept their cards..
    You’re supposed to be able to use online cards anywhere that epayments are made. its a total joke.
    I tried to pay for my sons playstation online.. surprise surprise, they didnt accept the card.
    And getting verified is another joke.. theyre laughing all the way to the bank

    Its all a big scam

  3. josphe mintz

    Transaction details
    Date: 19.12.2017 14:45
    Type: Deposit
    Reference: DP541219191217
    Txid: 0f5de73b885b3431d84f87e330cb3c8bac37997ab0004a08a8a8ee49ac35ce79
    Amount received: 0.0051 BTC
    Amount credited: $89.52
    Exchange rate: 1 BTC = 17729.1884 USD
    Exchange fee: $0.90
    Status: Processing

  4. josphe mintz is a scam, they have scammed me 89$. Below is the confirmation. is a complete and well organized scam.
    ransaction details
    Date: 19.12.2017 14:45
    Type: Deposit
    Reference: DP541219191217
    Txid: 0f5de73b885b3431d84f87e330cb3c8bac37997ab0004a08a8a8ee49ac35ce79
    Amount received: 0.0051 BTC
    Amount credited: $89.52
    Exchange rate: 1 BTC = 17729.1884 USD
    Exchange fee: $0.90

  5. ogqryptos

    these people scammed me out of my xrp , i have not gotten my refund

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