– An HYIP Which is Still Paying?

Another suspicious HYIP setup, which has all the makings of a Ponzi scheme, is currently in “waiting” mode with most reviewers, which essentially means that most people do not yet know whether this “program” pays or not. One has to bear in mind that most of these schemes do indeed pay in the beginning, as long as the new money flows in at least, after which they slowly fade away. To call something like this a “legitimate way to online profits” is quite the stretch though.

What is is the exponent of an industry which has been grasping at straws lately to draw in new investors, and thus to keep its scamming going. The verticals in which these HYIP sites allegedly make their money, keep getting wilder and wilder. In the beginning, we had plain-old, square forex trading. Nowadays though, they have branched into nuclear energy and apparently: lasers. High-speed fiber-optic networks are probably lined up somewhere too, inspired by the binary option auto-trading industry, which has slowly wound down. sell laser diodes and they generate their fabulous and too-good-to-be-true profits there. If you believe that, they probably also have a bridge to sell you somewhere.

Can I Trust

No. That’s the gist of it. This site may be paying out, or not, but – as said above – it has all the makings of a Ponzi scheme, including a bonus for those who refer new investors.

Promises and Features keeps its promises simple and straightforward: those who invest with the site are allegedly given a 12% daily return, which amounts to quite an unrealistic number on a monthly basis. Deposits can be made directly from the homepage, where a handy calculator instantly tells investors how much they stand to profit from the move.

In addition to the above detailed shady laser-based product angle, are apparently involved in the trading of cryptocurrencies too, after all, that is all the rage these days. Obviously, they are highly profitable on this end as well, we would not have it any other way…

Investment amounts range from $5 to $10,000 and every investment window runs for 12 days. This way, the monthly return can total as much as 144%. Obviously, the site hopes that everyone will re-invest every last cent, so the scheme can be kept running for longer.

To draw new money into the scheme, participants are offered a 5% reward on their referrals.

It needs to be pointed out that as true-blue modern-day scammers, accept a variety of crypto currencies, such as BTC, LTC and ETH.

Question Marks and Red Flags

The whole “business model” and “investment plan” is a major question mark in this case, but let us not stop there.

The About Us section tells us nothing about the corporate background of the operation, or about the people involved, though on the Support page we learn that Laser Online LLC is the company behind it all, registered under company #6192199, and based at 801 N King St, Wilmington, Delaware 19801. The head of finance is a certain Agnes Lo, and the phone number is +13606634325.

The company was incorporated in 2016 and the website has been registered in 2016 too. The identity of the registrant is obviously secret. Complaints

While some people suspect that is a scam, there are few complaints out there for the time being.

On April 25, 2023 we received the following complaint by a person who claims to have been scammed for $5,000:

Got scammed by laser. Online.


Quite surprisingly, is a highly popular website. When this review was posted (September 25, 2017), its Alexa global rank was 26,366. According to SimilarWeb, the top targeted countries here are Vietnam and Russia (which together send more than a fifth of the site’s traffic.) also seems to be popular in India, Ukraine, Guyana, USA, Japan and Germany.

More than a third of the people who reach the site do so through a referral via shady sites such as, and

Organic traffic reaches the site through search queries such as “minecloud login.”

They also seem to be advertised on social media, especially Facebook and YouTube, but also VKontakte, Reddit and

Laser Online Review Conclusion looks like the definition of a Ponzi scheme, with every one of its features fitting the mold perfectly.

Review Verdict: Laser Online is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site:, &

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  1. Peter Joas

    Is the same SCAM as
    and now



  2. Laser Investor


    For your reference is GONE with all the money!

    Truston Online is a spin off from an earlier scam which ran away with a few million in investors monies.

    Be warned – they made the site defunk and started this NEW scam which look exactly alike except for the domain name!


    This is their last Telegram message
    Hello. For many people, the “Laser Online” made it possible to make good money! Some managed to multiply their money tens of times! Who believed in it, and made an investment at the beginning.

    It’s time to say “goodbye” the project to the “Laser Online”. Unfortunately, all your investments in the previous project were lost by the old team.

    Yesterday, another project has come to replace it – even better! Instant payment, referral program 10%, accrual 7 days a week. A new, professional team!

    SIGN UP:

    You need to repeat the registration procedure and create a new deposit. And remember that those who initially believe in the project will earn big money. Do not lose the opportunity to become successful. Only instant payment!

    * all deposits will not be returned
    * «LASER ONLINE» & «TRUSTON ONLINE» – other team and owner
    * status of the project’s paying is set on the main page
    * more cases with loss of money do not happen again. You are guaranteed to earn a lot of money in «TRUSTON ONLINE»

  3. tertia

    I put in R10 000.00on the 27 Nove2017 and now that i want to draw my money side is close looked it was n scam

  4. Rochie Palicte

    laser online was not keeping their promises. they were trying to trick us through their program which they obviously cheated especially those who invested their program like me.

    • Heinrich Holuba

      Antonio Garley is Bodi Klamph. This is an actor!

  5. sasi

    laser online is i request two payment status is “checking” , now log in and site loading is very dead slow, i think is scam…………..still waiting one week , profit not update ,still dead.

  6. DividedShark

    More like laser.OFFLINE LMAO

  7. Tony Smith

    Laser was paying obviously to gain trust in people and to get great reviews to drum up more investments. I got burned heavy by them and can’t wait until authorities cease them. Hopefully our investments aren’t spent and we can get them back. They recruited certain people to become admin or reps who probably meant well by now involved by spreading false messages on the telegram about the company to help their position then disappearing themselves adding absolutley no suuport. What a shame we have companies and people like this in the world. There’s nothing wrong with trusting so for everyone who got burned those guys are the fools not us, because God see it and it won’t be allowed to happen for long. You haven’t heard the last of this investigation as I see more than authorities will catch each and every one of them.

    • Jim Johnson

      Seems as if they are gone today. Error 502 by trying to reach the website.

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