– An HYIP Which is Still Paying?

Another suspicious HYIP setup, which has all the makings of a Ponzi scheme, is currently in “waiting” mode with most reviewers, which essentially means that most people do not yet know whether this “program” pays or not. One has to bear in mind that most of these schemes do indeed pay in the beginning, as long as the new money flows in at least, after which they slowly fade away. To call something like this a “legitimate way to online profits” is quite the stretch though.

What is is the exponent of an industry which has been grasping at straws lately to draw in new investors, and thus to keep its scamming going. The verticals in which these HYIP sites allegedly make their money, keep getting wilder and wilder. In the beginning, we had plain-old, square forex trading. Nowadays though, they have branched into nuclear energy and apparently: lasers. High-speed fiber-optic networks are probably lined up somewhere too, inspired by the binary option auto-trading industry, which has slowly wound down. sell laser diodes and they generate their fabulous and too-good-to-be-true profits there. If you believe that, they probably also have a bridge to sell you somewhere.

Can I Trust

No. That’s the gist of it. This site may be paying out, or not, but – as said above – it has all the makings of a Ponzi scheme, including a bonus for those who refer new investors.

Promises and Features keeps its promises simple and straightforward: those who invest with the site are allegedly given a 12% daily return, which amounts to quite an unrealistic number on a monthly basis. Deposits can be made directly from the homepage, where a handy calculator instantly tells investors how much they stand to profit from the move.

In addition to the above detailed shady laser-based product angle, are apparently involved in the trading of cryptocurrencies too, after all, that is all the rage these days. Obviously, they are highly profitable on this end as well, we would not have it any other way…

Investment amounts range from $5 to $10,000 and every investment window runs for 12 days. This way, the monthly return can total as much as 144%. Obviously, the site hopes that everyone will re-invest every last cent, so the scheme can be kept running for longer.

To draw new money into the scheme, participants are offered a 5% reward on their referrals.

It needs to be pointed out that as true-blue modern-day scammers, accept a variety of crypto currencies, such as BTC, LTC and ETH.

Question Marks and Red Flags

The whole “business model” and “investment plan” is a major question mark in this case, but let us not stop there.

The About Us section tells us nothing about the corporate background of the operation, or about the people involved, though on the Support page we learn that Laser Online LLC is the company behind it all, registered under company #6192199, and based at 801 N King St, Wilmington, Delaware 19801. The head of finance is a certain Agnes Lo, and the phone number is +13606634325.

The company was incorporated in 2016 and the website has been registered in 2016 too. The identity of the registrant is obviously secret. Complaints

While some people suspect that is a scam, there are few complaints out there for the time being.

On April 25, 2023 we received the following complaint by a person who claims to have been scammed for $5,000:

Got scammed by laser. Online.


Quite surprisingly, is a highly popular website. When this review was posted (September 25, 2017), its Alexa global rank was 26,366. According to SimilarWeb, the top targeted countries here are Vietnam and Russia (which together send more than a fifth of the site’s traffic.) also seems to be popular in India, Ukraine, Guyana, USA, Japan and Germany.

More than a third of the people who reach the site do so through a referral via shady sites such as, and

Organic traffic reaches the site through search queries such as “minecloud login.”

They also seem to be advertised on social media, especially Facebook and YouTube, but also VKontakte, Reddit and

Laser Online Review Conclusion looks like the definition of a Ponzi scheme, with every one of its features fitting the mold perfectly.

Review Verdict: Laser Online is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site:, &

For legitimate alternatives, feel free to visit our Cryptocurrencies Day Trading Center.


  1. Peter Joas

    Is the same SCAM as
    and now



  2. Laser Investor


    For your reference is GONE with all the money!

    Truston Online is a spin off from an earlier scam which ran away with a few million in investors monies.

    Be warned – they made the site defunk and started this NEW scam which look exactly alike except for the domain name!


    This is their last Telegram message
    Hello. For many people, the “Laser Online” made it possible to make good money! Some managed to multiply their money tens of times! Who believed in it, and made an investment at the beginning.

    It’s time to say “goodbye” the project to the “Laser Online”. Unfortunately, all your investments in the previous project were lost by the old team.

    Yesterday, another project has come to replace it – even better! Instant payment, referral program 10%, accrual 7 days a week. A new, professional team!

    SIGN UP:

    You need to repeat the registration procedure and create a new deposit. And remember that those who initially believe in the project will earn big money. Do not lose the opportunity to become successful. Only instant payment!

    * all deposits will not be returned
    * «LASER ONLINE» & «TRUSTON ONLINE» – other team and owner
    * status of the project’s paying is set on the main page
    * more cases with loss of money do not happen again. You are guaranteed to earn a lot of money in «TRUSTON ONLINE»

  3. tertia

    I put in R10 000.00on the 27 Nove2017 and now that i want to draw my money side is close looked it was n scam

  4. Rochie Palicte

    laser online was not keeping their promises. they were trying to trick us through their program which they obviously cheated especially those who invested their program like me.

    • Heinrich Holuba

      Antonio Garley is Bodi Klamph. This is an actor!

  5. sasi

    laser online is i request two payment status is “checking” , now log in and site loading is very dead slow, i think is scam…………..still waiting one week , profit not update ,still dead.

  6. DividedShark

    More like laser.OFFLINE LMAO

  7. Tony Smith

    Laser was paying obviously to gain trust in people and to get great reviews to drum up more investments. I got burned heavy by them and can’t wait until authorities cease them. Hopefully our investments aren’t spent and we can get them back. They recruited certain people to become admin or reps who probably meant well by now involved by spreading false messages on the telegram about the company to help their position then disappearing themselves adding absolutley no suuport. What a shame we have companies and people like this in the world. There’s nothing wrong with trusting so for everyone who got burned those guys are the fools not us, because God see it and it won’t be allowed to happen for long. You haven’t heard the last of this investigation as I see more than authorities will catch each and every one of them.

    • Jim Johnson

      Seems as if they are gone today. Error 502 by trying to reach the website.

  8. Kyle

    It’s technically not a “high yield” payout site. 12% a day for 12 days + 4 days of weekend = 16 days. 144% – 100% to ROI and 44% of interest / 16 days = 2.75% a day return which is not unheard of and many platforms offer that. If you trade in a trading platform, you can make 10’s to 100’s of % a day. This does pay out as well. Use your own due diligence but it’s paid me out so far. Willing to see what else happens.



  9. No Cans

    Maybe some of you have been paid but they have stopped paying completely with no accountability. They have sent out this very poorly grammatically incorrect message about telling everybody their payouts will be in their own ICO coin and if you don’t want that, you’ll have to wait an undetermined amount of time. See for yourself…
    Laser Support 2017-11-18 01:55

    ?AB will be converted VIA the Converter feature
    ?Anybody who wants to make it will be able to (without us pushing)
    ?A proximate sum for conversion will be 1 token = 5$ from AB

    What those tokens for? ?
    – There will be a limited amount of them pre-sale at the ICO start
    – Those tokens people exchanged from their LO AB will be able to bring them profits (details will follow)
    – You will be able to buy new tokens as well (in order to increase LO. Account Balance (AB) tokens growth so it will be as a “bonus” for those who passionately waited for it)

    Anybody who will decide not to convert their Account Balance (AB) will have to wait for LOP platform to be restored and back to normal (uncertain).

    ? IMPORTANT NOTE: Any user at L.O.P with an active available balance at his/her account should be fully responsible for their actions as a community member. Due to our “Risk Disclosure” (located at the homepage footer down below the website) & Terms & Conditions agreement, we warn you that anybody involved at the harmful activity (spreading FUD (fear uncertainty and doubt), spamming, flooding or else) against Laser Online will lose any recovery tool and will not be able to convert his/her available balance into new tokens. Those users who will decide to force their way out, should think twice before you publish any negative comment at the social media as we always were clear with our policy and never provided any guarantees to our clients at any shape of form.

    You are the decision maker, you’ve the choice now to either waste here your valuable opportunity or, choose to remain supportive & patient along with the whole LOP community. Something new soon we are going to offer and is already under the hood “being lubricated” as we speak.

    ? So be ready, hold tight & watch the progress happening in the next couple of weeks

    • Raysun

      Can we sue them if all evidences are placed? Do we have chances that our investments in will be back to our pockets? Can we chase them with legal actions on this matter if they have found guilty??

  10. Frank Kehl

    Habe ebenfalls keine Zahlung erhalten mit der Begründung, das die Blockchain Probleme hat.
    Bei einem anderen Anbieter habe ich innerhalb von 12 Stunden mein Profit erhalten, trotz Probleme in der Blockchain.
    Mein Fazit… Laser ist Scam, wie viele andere Seiten leider auch.

  11. Laser Online Investor

    I got paid one time from L.O. After requesting additional payments, I was given the following response. And based on the following you will see this HYIP is a scam:
    ======== Reply From Question of Non-Payment =========
    Yes, we can do that, and we make those transactions daily at the rate we can afford without braking the system itself.
    Please note that our business model itself is almost half based on Cryptocurrency and it is logical that a lion shares
    of all the available funds including any non-related to the blockchain payment processor’s ones being converted and exchanged to Bitcoin
    (and Alt-coins) in a daily basis by our financial managers.
    Make sure to fully read our Investment Offer page down below where you can explore how exactly do we work with your funds and it will be much more easy to understand the root of the problem.
    At the moment we simply do not have enough available funds at those payment processors in order to fulfill all the requests and if we want them to be filled up again –
    we have to take those funds from our Crypto-Core and Bitcoin Secure Fund (which as we all can see stays untouched)

    First of all, it is very hard to compare Laser Online with its audience and other websites. You simply cannot bring any analogs at the market with at least a quarter of an audience we have.
    It is like comparing an ocean with a forest lake. It is what it is. Laser Online Community is much bigger than all those “offers” combined together. Those amounts we are talking about can be measured in millions
    of dollars daily and up to 95% blockchain based.

    Another factor is our rate and total overload of the merchant itself which simply cannot keep up with 5-10 transactions every SECOND (which was a normal, technically possible schedule for us before the blockchain issue)
    and until this gets much better – we will not be able to make those. Any financial organization needs constant flow of funds, and if we put everything at the table – who’s going to win? It will be all done with half of
    the people empty handed. Business does not work that way, it can go broke and it might if not enough clients are purchasing its services or products. In our case we do offer a service of a high risk wealth trust management
    and if we cannot “sell” enough – our platform will be bankrupt. We are working at the solution which will bring and stabilize everything and you simply have to trust us, at the very end we provided zero assurance or guarantees
    to anybody but we will never play that card with our community.

    What we can say is that at least 2% of them might be related to the Laser Online platform itself. We don’t claim that all of those stuck ones have been made by our users, but you cannot deny a simple fact that such an audience
    can and will produce at least some portion of those 170K unconfirmed blockchain transactions. In addition, we want to pay an attention that unconfirmed ones we had only during Friday and mostly Monday, right before we stuck with
    payouts completely. We hope that we established enough trust in each other so you can rely on us and let our team do anything we can in order to bring our platform BACK on track with even better service & offer!

    As you can see…..
    Apparently, they do not have enough funds to pay everyone. Go figure!!
    Make you own mind up.

    • Heinrich Holuba and you can check the status of and other Hyips! has been listed as non-paying on Hyip monitors since the beginning of last week!

  12. luzinahg

    Laser Online is amazing. I could earn more. However for new Investors at beginning I would like to giving back 5% referral bonus to whoever signs up under me.

    moreinfo: [email removed]

  13. Wils Hunte

    I don’t see how the author can come to the conclusion that is a scam. When you take into account that you receive your principal back as a part of the 12% per day for 12 days. I can handle people making reviews but only if they have themselves used the platform. This sort of misinformation is borderline scare tactics and then the author then provides a ‘better alternative’ at the end of his review.

    However, I have been and am currently still an active user of the Laser Online Platform. I have received my initial investment back on top of weekly profits varying between $1200-$1800 (varies depending on what percentage I reinvest day to day.)

    I would like to finish by providing a review on James’s review of L.O.P

    No stars here. If you are going to review anything at least have a go, before blatantly throwing any platform or system under the bus.

    Unfortunately opinions or in this case ‘review'(if you even want to call it that) are like assholes, everyone has one but they generally smell like shit.

    Stay Laser Focused & Happy Hunting

    • David R

      Regardless of the return of capital, he got it right with the 144% per month number that they promise. Their calculator says $5000 will turn into $22-32 million in a year… How can you not see that that is ridiculously unsustainable, no matter what kind of trading bot they have going? And his alternative he provides isn’t just another Ponzi scheme, it’s an actual broker where you buy and sell Bitcoin.

      All these HYIPs that promise daily returns have two things in common: you don’t actually buy Bitcoin yourself (Bitcoin “packages” aren’t the same thing), and they don’t show proof of their purported trading that they do behind the scenes. They’re all unsustainable in the long run, and they’ll eventually cut and run with your money, no matter how reliable they are at paying out until then.

      • luzinahg

        If you’d start with $1000 deposit, you will be able earn a total of 144% i.e. ~ $1440 in total, in other terms NET profit of $440 ~ 44% per term (within 12 days).

        Further whoever signs up under my Referral [affiliate link removed] would like to give back 5% referral bonus.

        Contact me : [email address removed]

        • David R

          He said 144% a month, not 12 days, but it doesn’t matter, that’s the least important part of what I said.

          Doesn’t $5000 turning into at least $22 million in a year set off some red flags to you? You guys must be so much smarter than big investors like Warren Buffet and Carl Icahn to have found these great investment opportunities! There’s a reason these scams are always focused on inexperienced investors who don’t have that much money: they know the people who actually have serious capital know better than to put it in a HYIP.

          But thank you for stopping by to try to pick up referrals (which incidentally is another red flag, since HYIPs need an aggressive referral scheme in order to keep going, since it collapses once people stop signing up and adding money to it).

      • xennical

        AOT BEEN PAID IN OVER 4 WEEKS!………………..SCAM!!!

  14. Investmen

    [affiliate link removed]

    Laser online is legit this site Payed out .
    Not scam !!!

    • Scamtracker

      If were legit can you tell me what the real business they done?

  15. John

    I have my experience with they been paying for week or so and then stopped… there is lots of victims of that king of programs

    • Abay

      Laser as been paying for months so don’t compare them together

      • Heinrich Holuba

        Take a look at this website: and looking for!
        Amazing findings!

  16. Brett Ricketts

    Laser definitely pays. Everything is transparent about their earnings and investments etc.
    You can compound your investments very fast. If you reinvest $200 your ROI every term,
    you will have about $70,000 in 20 weeks and get paid over $500 per day when you get there.
    All of this is based on taking 33% of your initial investment over the first 5 weeks.
    So if you can risk $200 for 2 weeks, then $133 for the next 2 weeks then $67 for the next week.
    You will have all of your initial investment back.
    If you get to week 20, you will be glad you did. If you get to week 40 you will have $50,000 in payments in your wallet and a massive portfolio in Laser.
    I’m giving it a shot!
    ( worked it out on my spreadsheet)

    [affiliate link removed]

    • Larry

      How do you make $70,000 in 20 weeks with only $200? 20 weeks is 5 months.

    • Eggroll

      Laser stopped paying last week. I know personally. They blamed blockchain. But that didn’t seem to stop deposits? Money in, no problem. Money out, problem. I’ve been waiting a week. Also, they’re trying to have an ico. If anyone leaves negative info, they threaten to forfeit your account.

      • Firehawkslady

        Yep that’s true. I have three withdrawals waiting and ithey threatened me in open chat to stop asking questions in open and go to support because I was causing problems. I just wanted to know where my withdrawal was. I had already been to support with no answer. I wasn’t rude or hateful. Why they threaten to keep your funds if they have nothing to hide. They trying to shut the truth up. Why? Because they want to scam as many as possible.

  17. Luc Jr Perreault

    I think they turned into SCAM today! 🙁

    • xennical

      IT’S NOW BEEN 4 WEEKS, no payment!!!!

    • Luc Jr Perreault

      Sorry, i have been paid. 🙂

    • John

      Payment are up and down, they seems to pay to someone to another they don’t

      • Firehawkslady

        That’s sure sign of a scam when they pay some and not others

        • Heinrich Holuba

          Well Trader
          I was paid 3 times. That was the end of September. Now in the last week I applied again 3 withdrawals. These were not paid! Support answer always the same (see above on this site).

  18. Josip Buljevic

    when you are commenting, please write your full name and last name

  19. xennical

    i have not been paid in over 3 weeks, just tried logging in and the site is frozen?

    • Luc Jr Perreault

      Try clearing browser cache.

  20. Louis

    Ive been on here for 2 weeks and have received 2 payments, one each week with no problems.

  21. fgsgs

    No payment for me since october 26

    • Josip Buljevic

      since october 26 and you posted October 29, and progran is 12 working days which means your payout is 12 November so please do not worry

  22. Markus

    Not a scam. See it for yourself and read everything on the site. If you don’t understand something, then stay away.

    • BitcoinGuy

      thats the thing about ponzi sites, They will Pay until they dont.

  23. Luc Jr Perreault

    Oopss,, site didnt pay me tonight…!!! Maybe it turned into scam?

  24. Jimmy

    I have actually been paid and the site has been up for 113 days + maybe you should look this over again

    • Leleloooool

      Lmfao oh jimmy oh u fooolish foolish jimmy

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