Review - Scam Review claims to have a brand new approach to booking and make luxury travel affordable to some extent thereby catering the needs of entire different emerging class of people.

The idea behind their model is interesting and challenging. Since this ICO is relatively new, we decided to do a complete investigation on them and the result is this review which will enlighten you about the potential profit opportunities and the risks inherited in this project.

Also remember that the number of ICO’s turning out to be scams are on an all time high, so you should be extremely cautious about where you are investing.

License, Registration and Contact Details is a registered company in Singapore and is said to be have a license to deal with real estate but unfortunately we could not confirm that as the link embedded on their platform is not working. Remember registration document does not necessarily mean that they are completely legitimate but it rather proves they are serious about their business.

Since this company has huge social media presence anyone can contact them through those platforms or reach them via telephone if you need any assistance with their platform.

Phone – +65 3159 3277

What is and How does it work ? is a new solution for the current problems faced by tourism industry. They are aiming to provide the best experience for the users while being pocket friendly. In certain way they are close to what Air BNB does but the focus is on the real estate and payment side. Shortly put they are trying to make it easy both for the tourists and the hosts.

Below are some of the main problems faced by the hotel and allied industry followed by the remedial measures this ICO provides.

High Commissions

Every business in general spends a major share of the revenue on marketing and advertising, the extra cost incurred by them will be levied on the customers in the name of extra fees. This type of pressure is very common in recent days which ultimately has resulted in high prices which were uncalled for.

Competitor Problem

The goal of every business is to make a nice amount of profit. Unfortunately in the current cut throat competition often times other competitors and small business gets affected by the changes incorporated by their counterparts.

Though it might hold potential opportunity which might turn out to be profitable there is no denying the fact that they might particularly get devastating.

Unreliable Booking

In the modern world due to technological advancement these kind of things have been minimized but not eradicated completely. We all have heard one of our colleagues or someone in our social group complaining that their registration was initially confirmed but later turned out to be a system error.

If you think from a business point of view also it is very hurtful to lose a customer just because of current system limitations. is said to be designed to solve problems like these so that ultimately all travelers can get what they deserve which is a great time.

When all the above problems are solved it will promote tourism, cater to new kind of markets and will generate significant revenue to the hosts.

CVL Distribution Structure

Total Tokens – 100,000,000

Welcome Bonus Fund – 3%

CryptoVilla’s Team – 4%

CryptoVilla’s Booster Fund – 3%

CryptoVilla’s Development Fund – 10%

ICO – 80%

Accomplishments and Road Map

03 February – Project was formed, discussed and planned Tokenomics calculated and economic model formed.

30 June – Alpha version of a platform was provided for test purposes and close alpha-testers.

06 August – CryptoVilla PTE LTD registered

15 September – start of the ICO campaign, pre-sale stage 2019

18 January – ICO finish data – All remaining CVL Token will be burned out

15 April – 600 properties listed in Catalog, both hosts and CryptoVilla’s new lodging

25 July – Launch of the Cryptovilla’s mobile app for guests and hosts

31 December – CryptoVilla’s lodgings acquired

Referral Program

This ICO features multi level referral program. Marketing is the key to the success of any ICO and without it doesn’t matter the value it brings because people will not know that. To attract marketers and affiliates this service has come up with an attractive payment plans wherein promoters get 9% the cumulative purchase made by every investors they redirected to this platform. - Referral Program

There are tier 2 and tier 3 levels available. If any individual outperform’s certain milestones set by the company they will be given extra rewards like Iphone, MacBook, Cars, etc.

Is a scam ?

We don’t know for sure.

This question arises because of the kind of unbelievable profits they are aiming for and the doubt is perfectly understandable. They have just revealed their target but they are not guaranteeing it. Moreover we did not find any testimonials or comments about them on the internet except on Here are what the investors of this project are saying.

the price per token is quite expensive. but, since you have working platform, you may still get buyers of your tokens. i’ll just wait how much this would be once it hit the exchanges. usually the price drops so bad once it is in trading. Review Conclusion is an interesting project but our main concern is the implementation and execution of their plans. In theory things always appear easy but the value it brings depends upon the actual work.

While it is too early for us to comment on anything, we would like to tell all our traders to get involved with this ICO only if you know what you are getting yourself into otherwise it might burn a hole in your pocket.

What do you think about Let us know your opinion by commenting below.


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