Miner Server (Miner-Server.com) Review

Miner-server.com - Scam Review
Miner Server is a cloud mining solution geared towards procuring Bitcoins only. Their website has a dull, dated design and exhibits many characteristics of a typical scam. They state that they do not charge any maintenance fees and all the returns offered by them are guaranteed but the facts we found during our investigation strongly disagree with them.

Unfortunately in recent times thousands of investors failed to avoid this pitfall and have paid the price for their mistake. Before taking any decision go through our impartial review which will unravel all their personal agendas.

Company and Support

Scams and fake platforms have been operating around financial markets and till date continues to pollute them. The inception of internet made it even more difficult to stop these types of frauds as it is very hard to trick them down which is the main reason why generally everyone prefer to mingle with regulated corporations.

Miner Server represents an ICO, their operational model is designed in a way wherein the funds are raised from a private pool of investors which will be used to carry on mining operations on a big scale and pay for the maintenance of the infrastructure. According to the type of contract investors are entitled to get fixed amount of profits.

Since this company is operating in the UK it should be on the watch list of FCA but they aren’t and that makes them an illegal company or simply put fraud.

On their platform also you will not find any information concerning the legality of their operation because they too know that they do not possess anything. The contact information provided by this firm are an address and telephone number.

Address – 14 – 18 Heddon Street, Mayfair, London, United Kingdom

Phone – +44 20 8999690001

How does Miner Server work ?

Miner Server is basically a cloud mining service. They have supposedly built the infrastructure in an efficient way and have the update equipment to extract revenue from mining on a large scale.

Our concerns are that they haven’t provided enough information on the topic or showcase verifiable information supporting their claims. All the key statistics like the mining power in terms of hash rate, location of their data centers and the cost of wear and tear is not mentioned.

Without all these points how can they expect someone familiar with the mining process to buy contracts from them ? From the way they have presented themselves we can clearly see the way they are using false narratives to suck in innocent people who does not know how blockchain works.

Mining Contracts and Returns

All the contracts sold by this service are supposedly valid for one year. Any person who has been involved in cryptos for a while and understand their fundamentals know that the things have changed massively. Most of the legitimate mining solutions takes months together just to break even on the cost and the pure profit might not be worth it if you don’t start with a big bankroll.

Have a look at this contracts along with guaranteed returns, do you think it is achievable ? We don’t

Plan 1

Hashing Power – 250 GH/S

Price – 0.0005 BTC

Daily Earning – 0.0000144 BTC

Contract Duration – 1 year

Plan 2

Hashing Power – 31,000 GH/S

Price – 0.05 BTC

Daily Earning – 0.00168 BTC

Contract Duration – 1 year

Plan 3

Hashing Power – 240,000 GH/S

Price – 0.2 BTC

Daily Earning – 0.007407 BTC

Contract Duration – 1 year

Plan 4

Hashing Power – 600,000 GH/S

Price – 0.5 BTC

Daily Earning – 0.0204 BTC

Contract Duration – 1 year

Domain Insight

Below we have listed some information regarding the owners of this domain and other key facts according to whois.com

Domain – Miner – Server.com

Registration Date – 08/04/2018

Expiration Date – 08/04/2019

Registrant Details

Name – James Johnson

Address – 1199 White River Way, Ogden, US

Phone – +1 8014796284

Email – jamesjohnson2085@gmail.com

Miner-server.com - Website Information

This service claims to have more than 1 million users which we believe might be a little exaggerated. Thanks to Alexa.com we know that this website ranks 287,953 globally and 37,716 in Iran. They seem to be targeting people from Iran, Nigeria, Ghana and Russia.

Is Miner Server Scam or Legit ?

A Horrific Scam,

Every business leaves a trail of comments and testimonials from users on the internet as they give popularity. This deceptive scheme is no exception and due to the fact that they have swindled a lot of investors money, they are hated all over the internet. Check out the comments from Trustpilot where the victims have shared their experience.

warning! initially I bought a 250 GH / s (hashing power) and made a first withdrawal of 0.001 bitcoin and everything ok. But then I bought a 31000 GH / s (hashing power) and tried to make a withdrawal of 0.02 bitcoins. Nobody returned me money! the request is pending from 2018-07-05! I wrote several requests to return the money, but no one answers !!! it could be a scam!

update 03 August 2018: my wallet on miner-server is about 0.17 bitcoins. The previous withdrawal request is still pending! I tried to make a new request for a smaller amount but the site replies that the account is deactivated because I would have to pay management fees of 0.07 bitcoins! Instead on the homepage they say there are no management fees! It’s crazy! I have written numerous emails through the site but nobody answers. I did some research and the company does not exist. ATTENTION also to those who say that he has always received payments. The company only pays for 0.001 bitcoin payments as it happened to me the first time, but it’s just a system to cheat people. It’s a total scam!

Miner Server Review Conclusion

Miner Server is a basic example of how a fake investment platform looks like and operates. All the scam tactics are employed and just like we anticipated the creators real identity cannot be traced. Another thing you should know about them is the referral bonus trap. They promise you that if you refer people to them in return you will get more hash rate which will help you earn more but do not believe them. To spread lies they are leveraging your contracts because if you do refer people to this platform you will get nothing for your efforts.

Do you have any experience with Miner-Server.com? Share your feedback with us by commenting below.



    Miner server can’t be found on the server.


      I invested 0.05btc on this site.
      I lost everything I earned

  2. Ci

    Is there anyone who is able to use the miner server website it has been 14 days since it disappeared

  3. Ci

    It is a scam and has been not working for a couple of days

  4. Leeroy

    This is a scam
    It does not pay.sometimes the website disappear
    So whatout

  5. Tets

    I invest to btcminer this is in “fork” right now. I’m shock this mining is SCAM??

  6. eriberto tidor

    My account has been temporarily disabled.
    they want me to buy another server to unlock your account!
    this happen to my account in MINER-SERVER.COM….

  7. Dewan

    Your account has been temporarily disabled for not paying the server maintenance fee.
    To fix the temporary account obstruction
    You must pay 0.025 btc for 1 servers and notify support.

  8. Ren

    I made an investment 2 times in Plan 1. At first, I can withdraw, actually I got back my investment of 0.001. Then unfortunately, after a month of using it, whenever I try to withdraw, there is always a message that I have too much withdrawal for the month even though it is not true. I try contacting them but no answers until now, it’s been a month already. However, I’m still hoping that I can make a withdrawal again even though they said it’s a scam. I’ll try withdrawing again next month. It’s really sad though…

  9. orizwedanta

    i need to know about miningserver.uk,can you reviewing it?

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