Desk-Software Review – Fraudulent Software

Desk-Software ( is an age-old type of hustle that employs new narratives to take money from the public. This website is owned by anonymous entities and they have taken every step in order to remain hidden.

If you notice the kind of claims they make, it becomes obvious that they do not have a clue about what they are talking about. Unfortunately, newbies might not be familiar with this type of scam and they are the ones that are likely to fall into the pitfalls setup by the crooks.

This platform is very similar to the doubler scam. The only difference is that this one uses slightly mature vocabulary and is confusing. To get a precise idea about the ways used by the scammers to entice the public, continue reading.

In case you have suffered financial damage because of them, then leave a comment below, we might be able to help you.

Preliminary Check

We did a thorough investigation on this platform. Surprisingly, they have been active for a long period of time. According to the data from whois, they are active since 2018 and unless they renew the domain, it will expire on 01/09/2022.

Looking at the way they have maintained a low profile, clearly someone professional is behind this platform. Note that the YouTube channels of a few users that used to promote them are terminated currently because of the malpractices detected.

The website ranking is not something commendable, but they do have a strong backlink profile. Over 1,500 websites link out to them and their domain ranking is 19 which is pretty strong.

Sadly, due to the lack of data, we are not able to understand the ways used by them to generate web traffic. Nonetheless, know that they are professional crooks who know their way around everything online.

What is Desk-Software?

This is a funny question to answer. Desk-Software is nothing more than a doubler software. Basically, people should select the amount they want, pay fees to get it credited to their account and that’s it, the work is done.

The narrative mentioned above is the one the scammers would like you to believe, but needless to say, it is fake. If making money was that easy, don’t you think everyone would be doing it right now?

Strangely enough, along with Bitcoin money adder, they have a section dedicated to PayPal as well. According to them, their software is smart enough to manipulate payment processors allowing people to withdraw as much as they want.

The exact way their so-called algorithm works is not revealed because it is an imaginary one. On their homepage they say that all of their services are free.

Nonetheless, if you download their software, it will ask for a payment depending upon the amount you enter and obviously you will never ever get your money back from them. So, for your own good avoid indulging with them or else you will be exposed to a lot of harm.

PayPal and Bitcoin Money Adder

PayPal is one of the safest ways of transferring funds in existence. The whole interface is simple and clean, it is highly efficient too. While few people have managed to trick PayPal in the past, the loopholes were detected and concealed quickly.

Desk-Software won’t be able to manipulate PayPal in any way. They might claim otherwise, but the chances of them looting this giant is non-existent to say the least.

Moving on to Bitcoin, this form of blockchain technology has revolutionised the financial sector. Bitcoin is flawless to attacks and there is no way anyone or any software can break the barrier and manipulate the supply.

In other words, this platform cannot possibly do anything to this mechanism as well. They have used the names of these two payment modes(PayPal and BTC) only to attract the public.

Desk-Software Contact Information

Desk-Software just like all the other bogus systems in the financial sector does not like to be open and transparent about anything. Anyone can reach them via contact form and telephone.

Address is present, but it is not verifiable which means most likely it is a virtual one. Think about it, why would people that are supposedly trying to help everyone share their address and phone number that are of no use?

Aren’t the pieces in their imaginary story falling apart quickly once we see the small stuff?

  • Address – 123 6th St. Melbourne, FL 32904, United States.
  • Phone – +44 569851 989

Hidden Catch Explained

One of the biggest hidden plot twists about Desk-Software is the fees involved to just use their software. The price is not mentioned anywhere on their platform and we do not know whether users have to pay every time while employing this service.

Either way, anyone that will send them money will lose it for sure. Vague price structure, allowing crypto wallets and payment options only and being discreet about the operational model are the kind of things shady firms do.

Their entire agenda is to extract money and personal data from you. Once they have got what they want, you won’t hear back from them and the damage is going to be severe to say the least.

Is Desk-Software a Big Old Scam?

Yes, there are no second thoughts about it. Desk-Software is a scam and it targets people that are not familiar with the way e-wallets and cryptocurrencies work.

They act like genuine parties who are interested in helping you make money, but in reality, they are the ones that will amass a fortune. From the way they are incorporated to the kind of narratives they use, everything about them reeks of manipulation and desperation.

Moreover, they have no social proof too. If this software really worked, don’t you think people would have talked about it on the web? The data is clear and concise, this platform is indeed a hustle which will go down soon.


Desk-Software is a fraudulent service that cheats people using fake narratives. The owners appear to be really good at conning people and they have managed to stay below the radar for a long time.

Clearly, they are not the ones you need to trust and we strongly advise not to download anything from their platform as it might contain malware. Lastly, remember to say no to every offer that is simply too good to be true.

Have anything to add to our Desk-Software Scam Review? Feel free to share your input in the comment’s thread.


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