CryptooExpert 24 Review – Blockchain Crooks

CryptooExpert 24 ( is a platform that claims to help people earn over 900% returns in a very short period of time. They claim to be an exchange, but if you visit their platform, they do not show anything that categorizes them as a service provider.

The creators are unknown and perhaps the worst part is that they have not showcased any legal documents whatsoever. According to the information on their website, they are said to be operating from the United States.

However, clearly they are unregulated and chances of them looting the public and fleeing from the crime scene is sky high. The narratives put up by them also contain a lot of flaws and any experienced trader can easily see through the fake claims presented by them.

Block chain world indeed presents the retail side with a lot of opportunities. Unfortunately, scams like this one gives the whole industry a bad reputation. To learn about the ways the people behind this firm use to manipulate the public, continue reading.

What is CryptooExpert 24 all about?

CryptooExpert 24 claims to be a crypto exchange and an investment service provider. During our testing, we did not encounter any section on their interface that had exchange functionalities available.

Clearly, they are just bluffing about this aspect and are trying to pose like a legitimate firm. License information is not present and the most troublesome part of their website is the investment plans.

First and foremost, they have no right to take money from the people for any purpose. This firm is not under the radar of the FTC. Secondly, the kind of return they promise is huge and the terms are vaguely structured.

For example, they promise returns of over 900%, but they never mention the maturity period. Plus, the associated things are also subject to change and at any given point of time, they have the upper hand.

Given how loosely everything is structured, we can pretty much guarantee you that gambling will give you better odds of making money compared to this platform.

How does it Work?

When it comes to investment plans and related products, top firms always give clear outlined documents that highlight both the reward and the risk. CryptooExpert 24 makes promises of over 900% returns, but the catch is that it never talks about the way they create cash flow.

For starters, we do not know how they allocate the funds and the kind of assets they are buying. Their reports are not audited by third parties and they do not even offer trading history to the clients.

In other words, these scammers want us to trust them blindly with our money. Cryptocurrencies right now are just like the wild west, double digit volatility is becoming common.

However, that does not mean that everyone that gets involved will make money. As the flaw in their story and the lack of data explains everything we need to know about them, never indulge with this firm.

CryptooExpert 24 Advertised Returns

Cryptocurrencies have created a new wave of millionaires. People that were smart and lucky enough to recognise the potential of the blockchain technology made millions of dollars.

As this new form of payment gained momentum, the retail side also started chasing the same dream and that is when the cyber criminals stepped in. The crooks knew that it is easy to manipulate the newbies as they did not have any idea about the way the blockchain really works.

CryptooExpert 24 promises to generate returns ranging from 750% to over 900%. Just like we mentioned before, the time period is not mentioned. After looking at the kind of things they peddle and the way they operate, do you really trust them?

Isn’t it obvious that they are bluffing?

Contact Details

Investment firms do anything and everything they can to increase customer retention. As a result, offering a quality support team is a must have for them.

After all, if you are trusting a firm with your money, then don’t we deserve to be treated professionally? CryptooExpert 24 does not offer a quality support team. The ways of reaching them include email and contact form.

They have not published their phone numbers and needless to say, they are most likely to be using a virtual address. In short, every aspect you focus on their platform is riddled with red flags and that is a dangerous thing.

  • Address – 10004, Battery Park, New York, USA
  • Email –

Fake Testimonials

CryptooExpert 24 shows few testimonials on their platform. Just like every other scam out there, they feature only the positive comments that are posted via dummy accounts.

There is no way to verify or cross check anything they say and as always, everything they show is way too good to be true. On third party forums and related websites, there is no information about them.

Given all the factors about this business, we do not think anyone would fall for their desperate attempts.

CryptooExpert 24 Scam or Not?

This platform is obviously a form of twisted scam. They lack in literally every aspect. There is no transparency, the business model is not clear. Social proof is not present.

Moreover, their bluffs are easy to catch because of how flawed their narratives are. Anyone that sends money to them is most likely to suffer more than just a financial loss.

So, make wise, data driven choices and never risk your information and capital on anonymous platforms.


At the end of the day, the fact that CryptooExpert 24 is just another low budget scam. The explanation provided is poor and the execution is one of the worse we have seen in a while. Looks like the scammers are getting lazy.

Nonetheless, do not take chances with them and always do thorough research before getting started in this realm.

Stay away from for your own good! Share your opinion below. 


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