Doubly Review – is a Fancy Fraud!

Doubly is an investment program which is said to use artificial intelligence in their trading process. Their platform has been around for a while. However, that is not a good thing. At first glance, their way of presentation might seem legit, but it is a deceptive trap.

This dangerous scam has successfully managed to loot thousands of innocent investors and day traders. Join us in this detailed article which will depict all of their real agendas which will knock off your senses.

Doubly Review

Company Certificates and Support

There is a big image of their incorporation certificate on their website. It has been intentionally placed there to earn the trust of the potential investors. However, it is not to be treated  as seal of security.

Nowadays, many platforms feature this kind of document. To be on the safer side, we did a background search on FCA to see if they were truly legit. Sadly, the result was disappointing.

Moreover, as they have attempted to mis present themselves, it surely tells us that something is fishy. There are a few contact details put up by them, but most of the time they will reply very late or sometimes they even block the clients.

Below is the rundown of the ways you can interact with this firm.

Address – Not Mentioned

Email –

Doubly Operational Model

This company gives way too less details about this core business model. They claim to use sophisticated Artificial Intelligence but to handle the funds. On the other hand, they have not featured any of the trading history of the bot.

We do not know the average win rate, maximum drawdown or leverage of this software. Although, past results are not a guarantee of the future actions, it would instill confidence if we could see the results.

Moreover, the parameters of their software is also kept confidential. So, we are not aware of any of the technical indicator values it considers. Given these conditions, how can they expect the public to trust them with our money ?

Unrealistic Profits

Trading is an activity which has the potential of high rewards, but it comes at a cost. Doubly advertises returns ranging from 3% to 6% per day. To any rookie trader, it might seem like a reasonable number.

However, reality is far from it 6% on a daily basis means 180% monthly and at this rate you will become a millionaire within a couple of years through compounding. Now, stop and think for a minute, is it statistically possible ? No way, right ?

Here are the in-depth details of their investment plans.


Minimum Investment – 0.007 BTC

Returns – 200%

Duration – 36 working days


Minimum Investment – 0.25 BTC

Returns – 200%

Duration – 27 working days


Minimum Investment – 1.75 BTC

Returns – 4.5% Daily

Duration – 44 working days

VIP Plus

Minimum Investment – 2 BTC

Returns – 300%

Duration – 54 working days

Domain Details

According to, this domain was registered on 24/03/2018 and it expires on 24/03/2021. Unfortunately, the owner’s details are unknown as they have used whois guard service. This website ranks 41,885 globally and has secured 5,630 spot in Iran.

Their main traffic sources are Iran, United States, Russia, Brazil and Italy. They have used digital marketing to boost up their traffic and have extensively run ads through

Main Issues with Doubly

Imaginary Personalities

In the about us section of their website, there are a number of details of their employees. However, that just seems to be a deceptive trick. We surfed the entire web to find any details of these personalities, but couldn’t find any.

Doubly Alleged CEO

In short, it clearly proves that all of their profiles are fake and they have used stock photos to mask their real identity. Think for a second, why should they lie about their founders if they were truly legit ?

Referral Program

Referral program itself is not an issue but these crooks have messed it up to their favour. The owners of this company seem to be expert scammers who very well know that, they need traffic to survive. To grow their client base, they are paying huge bonus to all the promoters.

This is the main reason which explains all the hype surrounding this firm. Basically, if anyone is pushing you towards this scheme, then he/she is making money from it. Always be careful when it comes to online income opportunities because the pitfalls are even-present.

Fake Narratives

This platform showcases numerous withdrawal screenshots on their websites in order to gain the trust of the investors. Unfortunately, they all are a work of fiction. Many scams like this one uses fake social proof to instill confidence, but do not get fooled by that.

Doubly Fake Withdrawal Proof

Moreover, there is no way to verify those transactions too. So, on what basis can anyone justify working with them ? We all know that easy money is hard to resist, but be very logical when it comes to money. After all, you can’t be too safe.

Ponzi Model

This is the deadliest weapon of every scam platform. Ponzi model in simple terms means that they are using the money got from the new clients to payout the old one’s. So, statistically speaking they are actually going to crumble to the ground.

Do not get excited if you ever receive a payment from this firm instead stay away from them. There have been many attempts made by governments to stop this madness. However, since they use online mediums it is hard to stop all of them.

Doubly Review Conclusion

Doubly does not have any special AI bot to offer to their clients. They are just manipulating the public and are making money for themselves. They are operational for a while now and looks like they will get shut down pretty soon.

Never forget, in today’s world it is best for you only if you deal with regulated investment options. So that worse case scenario, the law will come to your rescue.

If you have any feedback regarding this firm, then please comment below.


  1. Johan Lombard

    Also fell for these C#nts, do not deposit any money to them, just deposited 0.005 btc, asked them how long it will take to reflect, told me there is a system glitch, i need to deposit the same amount again to push both through to reflect in my account, then i google their review and found this site.

  2. Fábio Machado

    Scammers I made my first investment I was getting paid fine then they said they were changing the server so we wouldn’t be able to see old investment until it was all done. It’s been over a month I email them and nothing. Just new investments are getting paid. I spoke with a few others investors and they are haven’t the same issue. I went on telegram group to say that and got blocked. I create another telegram and got blocked again when I brought it up. Do not invest they are scammers

    • alex

      same happened to me, both with deposits and getting blocked from chat, emails never answered, to anyone who is reading this, please do anything else with your money, DO NOT DEPOSIT WITH DOUBLY , my advice, do not invest with anyone i repeat, ANYONE online, they are all scammers, better learn how to trade yourself, or just buy bitcoin and wait till it rises and then sell, you will have your money safe that way. they are all scammers, they will all steal your money, thats what happened to me, and friends of mines.

  3. Kim

    Everyone that has been ripped off by needs to go onto facebook and search for The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and send them a message with your story!
    If we all complain we might be able to get them to investigate. They investigate worldwide!

  4. Michael

    Hi, I am trading with an AI program, it makes 5% per month this is a good rate and real…..not 200% after 2 months!

    • Shawn


      What program are you using, if you don’t mind sharing?

      Thank you.

  5. Kaung

    I have lost 0.3 BTC with’s SCAM since April 20, 2019. My previous balance has been disappeared from my personal balance link. They give a reason that they move to Hong Kong and previous balance has to move a new server with 2 week times. Two day ago, I tried to contact with (2 persons) both of them ask my money to re-activate my account if I want to get my previous balance back. One ask 0.01 BTC and another one ask 200 USD (seem different). I argued with them they are scam. Because I already lost my money about over 500 USD with 3 scam sites such as,, . ( and asked my money to reactivate my account to withdraw my withdrawal money. I believed and I re-deposited the money they asked. Finally, I lost all my money. If you can take any action to them, please take it.) Now, use technique like the scam sites I mentioned asking my money to re-activate my server link to get back my previous balance. How can I believe to them this time. I already lost my money with bad experience with scam sites).

    Thank you to open my feeling and sharing to you.



  6. Luca Bonadies

    Total SCAM ! Just received a mail citing data transfer to Hong Kong,

    ” the previous investments won’t be shown properly as it needs to be transferred to the new server first. ”

    Money Lost.

    Beware !

  7. Kevin Leary

    total scam caught me for 1750 dollars I was a total fool
    complete scam you will get one day payment and then it will stop
    they are continuing to fool people and no one will stop them I have contacted a loads of people on telegram to warm them

    • kimberly roberson

      They have my money too and when i called them out on telegram they blocked me from posting any comments. Have you tried using the release to get a refund from their supposed insurance company??

    • Kim

      I was contacting people too! Then telegram blocked me because doubly complained.

      We all need to go on facebook and search for
      The association of certified fraud examiners and send them a private message with your story. If we all complain we might be able to get them to investigate

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