Zion Soil Review – Zionsoil.org Smart SCAM!

Zion Soil is a mining company which claims to provide an opportunity for everyone to earn passive income. Their website is filled with details regarding the geography and the extraction process. This specific type of presentation is enough to confuse most of the newbie investors.

After we conducted a thorough investigation about this service, we have found enough reasons to label them as a scam. Go through our detailed review to find out how this scheme is harmful to you financially and why you have to distance yourself from it. Zion Soil Review

Registration, Legality and Customer Service

The mining industry is regulated in almost every country. To begin with this sector, a company has to make sure that, they have all the proper documentation. There is an image of the incorporation certificate on their website, but that does not mean that they are regulated. Zion Soil Certificate

Just to be sure, we checked with the FCA and it turned out exactly the way we anticipated. So, keep in mind the fact that, this platform is 100% confirmed fraud. The owners of this firm are unknown.

There are no details of the employees of this organisation. The air of mysteriousness covering them is very disturbing. Moreover, their entire operational model is very deceptive.

If you unknowingly deposited on their platform and need any assistance then, you will be frustrated with their customer support. The only mode of communication between you and them will be via email. Here are the contact information of this organisation.

Address – 38 Marlborough Road, Upper Holloway, London, United Kingdom, N19 4NF.

Email – support@zionsoil.org

How does Zion Soil Work ?

No one knows the exact answer to this question. They claim to extract the minerals from certain regions for commercial purpose but the explanation is just too vague. We are not told where they export the minerals to and the details of the parties involved are kept confidential.

There is no chart or document showcasing their previous accomplishments. Moreover, there is no tangible proof to support any of their statements. As a mining company they are required to hold permits, but even those details are not known to the investors. Below is the list of metals, this firm allegedly mines.

  • Lutetium
  • Terbium
  • Neodymium
  • Europium
  • Scandium
  • Yttrium
  • Lanthanum
  • Cerium
  • Praseodymium
  • Dysprosium

Remember we have no clue about the technical specification as to which type of equipments they use. On top of that, there is no rundown of the cashflow either. So, keeping all the above discussed factors in mind, no experienced investor would dare to indulge with them.

Profits Promised by Zion Soil

This mining company advertised enormous returns which are too good to be true. Mining is a profitable venture, but it is certainly not a magical path to wealth. Below we have gathered the details of the investment plans along with the entry barriers.

Before you feel excited about them, think logically for a minute. Do you honestly believe that you can get rich, just by clicking few buttons? We hope not because it is just not going to happen.

Plan 1

Returns – 4% Daily

Period – 45 Days

Minimum Deposit – $20

Plan 2

Returns – 6% Daily

Period – 25 Days

Minimum Deposit – $200

Red Flags

Unclear work-frame

Despite all the flashy explanation, their actual business model is very vague. There is no clarity whatsoever. For starters, the exact mining centers are unknown and the type of equipments required are not clearly stated. Moreover, there is no association of any personality with this company.

We searched the nook and corner of their website to trace the creators, but it ended in vain. This kind of anonymity clearly depicts their ethical values and it should serve as a warning signs to all of you. Keeping all the above facts in mind, how can any experienced investor trust them?

Referral Program

Behind every successful and viral ponzi scam, there is the efforts of the marketers. The creators of this firm have collaborated with the online promoters to reap mutual benefits. These online marketers are spamming the web with positive content about this platform.

So, now you can understand why many people fell pray to them. If you come across any website or youtube channel promoting them. Then, the chances are, they are cheating you intentionally.

Ponzi Model

The only way scams like these can survive is because of the ponzi type model. In simple words, the crooks running this firm are using the deposit made by new investors to pay out the old clients.

Since, this model is statistically flawed, they will be forced to close down soon. So, if you luckily got a payment from them, take it and run away as soon as possible.

Domain Whereabouts

We were able to track the following details of this domain with the help of whois.com and alexa.com. However, the details of the creators is still a mystery as they have masked their identity.

Remember, there is nothing wrong with maintaining anonymity online, but as they have already indulged in a number of questionable practises, it serves as a wakeup call.

Domain Zionsoil.org

Registered on – 11/02/2019

Expires on – 11/02/2020

Global Rank – 546, 646

Rank in Poland – 22,358

Popularity ( Country Wise ) – Poland, United States, Brazil, Vietnam and Nigeria

Zion Soil Review Conclusion

Zion Soil is like a plague to the online investing world. They offer to make you easy money, but the only person to get rich from this platform will be them. Every once in a blue moon night, they might pay few clients.

However, one fine day they will dissolve in to the oblivion. After all, if someone you met online is providing you with an opportunity to make money you should be cynical while dealing with them.

Do you have any experience with this firm? If yes, then feel free to comment below.


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    This is FAKE !SCAM! be carefull! there’s no double bitcoin promised

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