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Dual Mine Review – A Potential Fraud!

Dual Mine is a new cloud crypto mining solution. It promises to make mining affordable to anyone who is a crypto enthusiast. They do feature a neat registration certificate on their homepage.

However, you should still be cautious while dealing with them. The profit claims this firm makes is on the higher side and since they are a new company, it is better to give it some time before putting your money at risk.

After all, testimonials of any service will emerge within couple of months and the truth cannot be hidden for long in this online world. If you want to know the entire landscape of this firm, continue reading our entire review. Dual Mine Review

CEO, Company and Customer Support

Most of the successful companies are transparent which in turn increase the trust investor’s have in them. The CEO of this firm is Lukasz Borzeszkowski. There isn’t much detail about this personality apart from the links to their social profile. Dual Mine CEO

We did a search on the internet, but the results were not something which would instill confidence. All the companies which handles the money raised from the public should hold proper legal documents.

If any company fails to comply, then they will be direct violators of law. On their platform, they have featured the details of the registration certificate. However, they are not overseen by the FCA. So, they are somewhat in the grey area when it comes to the legality part.

The support team of this firm can be reached through telephone or email. Moreover, they have a dedicated telegram channels as well. Here are the contact details.

Address – 20-22 Wenlock Road, London N1 7GU, England.

Email – [email protected]

Phone – 020 8242 6626

How does Dual Mine Work?

Dual Mine is a cryptocurrency mining solution. In simple terms, they take care of all the issues associated with the mining farms and provide the users with the ways to be a part of the process.

Sadly, the investors do not have a clue about the mining process. We do not know the type of machinery they have or the scrypts they use. Moreover, they haven’t shared any details about the location of the mining centres.

Without knowing the above discussed key factors, it definitely is not worth indulging with their service. Remember, mining is not an easy way to earn money.

However, it was an attractive venture few years ago. Ever since the Bitcoin topped out at $20,000, the competitiveness is at that level wherein it might not be worth the risk for the retail investors. The only highlighting feature of this platform is the ability to mine dual cryptocurrencies.

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Note that, we do not know how the allocation of the power goes. As of now, we think that, it might be just a marketing gimmick.

Profit Claims

The investors can buy any amount of mining power to suit their needs. Plans provided are extremely flexible and cost efficient. However, the profits advertised is somewhat over-exaggerated. They claim to double your investment amount every year.

For beginner’s it might sound reasonable, but remember if that was possible, then it would be nothing short of a miracle. Profitability in mining is every changing and considering the amount of volatility in cryptos, nothing can be guaranteed.

However, if you are on the free plan, then it might be okay. Note that, on free plan it takes a ton of time to gain decent returns which at the end of the day might not be worth your time.

Referral Program

In order to increase their client base and grow their revenue, Dual Mine features an affiliate program. Basically, they provide cash incentives along with some perks to all the promoters who drive people to this service.

Though, there is nothing wrong with the referral program, always be careful if someone pushes you to deposit with them because many shady people in the online world do anything they can to get paid.

Be careful and stay away from anything which promises to make you money on autopilot. The exact commission paid is unknown, but if you want to find out, then you should contact their support team for more information.


There is a lot of positive testimonials on their website. If you have a look at them, they are somewhat cherry picked. The client’s profile are linked with Facebook. Dual Mine Testimonials

However, in nowadays time, we should always double check the material. Moreover, there is a screenshot of the alleged withdrawal transactions as well. Usually, featuring these kind of statistics is a common trait of a high yield investment program.

Check out the real testimonials about this service which we gathered from Beermoneyforum.

I checked my account and there were 0.00089 btc in it. Since minimum withdrawal limit is 0.003 I cant withdraw. I don’t know how many months its been since I opened my account on this site but it didn’t give too much btc a day. same to me, my account is at 0.0009 Btc (I only run it with the free Gh/s). They have a FB-Site and one on Telegram, but I don´t know much about whether they pay or not. Time will tell….

Regardless of the comments, we strongly suggest our viewers to stay away from them because it is not worth the risk.

Dual Mine Review Conclusion

Dual Mine is not the most transparent mining solution, but if you are sticking to their free plan, then it might not bother you. Given the amount of reliable solutions out there, why would you want to indulge with them?

100% ROI on mining is almost impossible to achieve unless you have a very strategic plan. So, do not be flattered by the blatant claims you see on the internet.

If you have any feedback regarding Dual Mine, feel free to share it with us below.

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