Ruver Gold Review – An Undeniable Scam!

Ruver Gold is a high yield investment program which is creating havoc for all the investors. They claim to be some type of agency dealing with providing the loans for the emerging business.

However, that narration is just a fairy tale. Once we got a thorough look at this service, we were shocked to witness the kind of blatant lies they are telling to the public. Go through our in-depth review and see for yourself, the true agenda of this organisation. Ruver Gold Review

License and Support

This firm takes in money from the public in the form of investments. So, at any cost they should be licensed and regulated. There is a big screenshot of the incorporation certificate on their website.

However, that does not necessarily mean that they are legit. We personally took the time to check the database of the FCA. Unfortunately, they are not recognised by them which means this scheme is 100% scam.

Moreover, every scam features these kind of details to confuse the public, do not buy into their premise. Ruver Gold has not provided any of their contact details.

The only way to reach them is via a support form on their website. Lack of transparency along with the absence of decent support team should tell you a lot about their ethical values.

Ask yourself if this firm was really as profitable as they portray, wouldn’t they provide basic telephone assistance?

How does Ruver Gold Work ?

This platform is said to provide credit facilities and marketing service to their clients. Although, the narration put up by them is convincing enough for the newbies, they have not provided enough info.

For starters, the names of the companies they work is unknown. The creator of this firm has maintained anonymous profile. Moreover, the employee details are also confidential.

We do not know how they assess the worth of the business and the parameters they employ. Even the banks they deal with are also unknown. So, there is no means to verify their claims.

With regards to the marketing service, the information is also vague. They have no track record to show and based on their way of presentation, we certainly wouldn’t indulge with them for any reason.

Profits Advertised

If you take a look at the profit claims on this platform, you will be flabbergasted. They advertise returns ranging from 19% hourly all the way up to 6,500% after 30 days.

Everyone in the world dreams of making quick money, but isn’t that way too good to be true. If they really earned that kind of money, why would they offer their service for as low as $1 ?

Check out their investment plans below.

Plan 1

Returns – 19% Hourly

Duration – 10 Hours

Maximum Deposit – $50,000

Plan 2

Returns – 325%

Duration – 3 Days

Maximum Deposit – $250,000

Plan 3

Returns – 2250%

Duration – 10 Days

Maximum Deposit – $350,000

Plan 4

Returns – 6500%

Duration – 30 Days

Maximum Deposit – $750,000

Domain Information

Since the owner of this platform a skilful scammer, he has masked his identity completely. However, we gathered the following information of the domain. Always remember lack of transparency is the first sign of a scam.

Domain –

Registration – NameCheap, Inc

Registered on – 25/03/2019

Expires on – 25/03/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 1,390,585

Rank in Brazil – 87,860

Audience Geography – Brazil, Poland, Iran, Bangladesh and Philippines

Affiliate Program

Just like most of the online platforms, this service also features an affiliate program. In layman terms, they provide cash incentives for promoters to drive investors to their website.

Moreover, to further increase their customer base, this firm is also giving free marketing tools to their affiliates. This kind of conflict of interest is the reason as to why there are so many favourable reviews of this firm out there.

Basically, if anyone is selling you upon the idea of making money with them, then he/she is intentionally misleading you. Never fall for these cheap marketing tricks and understand that to make consistent money, skill is absolutely necessary.

Ponzi Structure

There is a section on their homepage which shows screenshot of withdrawals. However, take that information with a grain of salt. Ruver Gold Fake Withdrawals

They might have processed few withdrawals since they came into existence, but it does not make them reliable or legit. The sole reason as to how they can afford to pay out some investors is because of their ponzi operational model.

Basically, they are directing the cash brought in by the new investor to pay the old clients. So, statistically speaking it is bound to get crumbled eventually. Moreover, ponzi scheme is illegal in many developed countries.

Ruver Gold Review Conclusion

Ruver Gold is a failed ponzi scam. They are bombarding the internet with their marketing campaigns and looting the inexperienced investors.

Considering the way they have twisted the facts to their favour, they will probably get shut down by law in the near future. Never get excited whenever you come across easy money making solutions, instead say no to them for your own good.

Do you have any experience with Ruver Gold? Feel Free to share them with us in the comments section!


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