Extra Mining Review (Extramining.io)

Extra Mining claims to be the ultimate cloud mining platform which every crypto enthusiast needs. They allegedly generate returns of at least 10% per day and the max profit tops out at 6,000% after 240 days.

Anyone who has realistic idea about the markets or economy in general will definitely know that, these statements are all bogus. However, there are still a lot of people who don’t have any idea about the blockchain mechanism or the way the industry works.

Due to lack of knowledge, thousands of investors have already lost their funds. Before they convince you to join their miracle mining platform, read our entire review to understand their real intent.

Extra Mining Review

Registration Claims and Customer Support

Ever since online investing got popular, the amount of scams skyrocketed. So, it is of utmost importance to make sure that you are dealing with entities with proper legal documents.

This firm claims to a UK based company and even have shown a registration number on their website. However, it does not mean that, they are overseen by the FCA.

Many ponzi schemes like this one feature a registration certificate only to earn the trust of the public and convince them into depositing with them. If you need to talk with their support team, you can get in touch with them via email and telephone.

Do keep in mind the fact that, they are extremely unprofessional and will keep on trying to make you buy one of their packages. Below are the contact details of this firm.

Email – support@extramining.io

Phone – +44 2080899034

Extra Mining Business Model

Extra Mining is a cloud mining solution which means they should be backed up by the physical miners. In simple words, their main job is to bring the cost of mining down so, that the average guys can get some piece of the action.

Their narrative might be convincing especially if you are a newbie. However, they do not have any reliable proof to support their claims. First of all they have not talked anything about the equipment they use and the costs involved.

We do not have a clue about their physical location. On top of all that, even the details of the owners is a mystery. Cryptocurrency is gaining attention from media and many people are starting to adopt them in their portfolio.

Just like any other asset cryptos has its merits and demerits. So, never buy into any package which promises you instant fortune, because such things never exist in reality.

Profits Advertised

Mining as a whole has been very impractical for retail investors unless you are strategically placing yourself in the sector. This platform advertise returns of up to 6,000% after 240 days.

These kind of profits are impossible to achieve through mining any coin and if anyone says otherwise, you are being mislead. Check out their plans, aren’t they ridiculous?

Extra Mining Investment Plan

Affiliate Program

Traffic is the life line of every business. In this modern era, it is easier than ever to reach millions of people through leveraging the internet. Ponzi schemes like this platform need consistent stream of victims in order to survive and grow.

To make their marketing both cost effective and risk free, the creators of this scam offer an affiliate program. The affiliates gets huge revenue share for every innocent investor they bring on board and there are no specific rules concerning their campaigns as well.

So, to gain more traffic the promoters are following all the unethical ways of marketing such as creating fake reviews and testimonials. Do not fall for their hype and be cautious with any channel which endorse them.

Fake Reviews and Testimonials

There are numerous positive testimonials on their site which might make you believe their narrative. However, you should know that, they are all from fake user profiles.

Extra Mining Fake Testimonials

Many HYIP websites do these deceptive tricks to earn credibility from the investor community. Take a look at what real people are telling about this filthy platform on Beermoneyforum.

With two months of existence and the investigation sites have not yet manifested. It is prudent to wait until we are certain that there are normal payments and that at least it lasts a couple of months or more. Congratulations, friends.

Please do not buy money in the Company. The Money is away. You get two, three days payout and than nothing. PONCI SCHEMA

Is the same owner how flexmining .ltd and stablemining. biz.

Look the Ip Addres of the site 190. 115. 19 . 11

I hope the Police found you!!!

Domain Whereabouts

With the help of whois.com and alexa.com, we were able to gather to following information about their website. Sadly, we couldn’t trace out the actual people behind them.

Domain – Extramining.io

Registered On – 25/02/2019

Expiry – 25/02/2020

Global Rank – 20,186

Rank in Iran – 1,034

Audience Geography – Iran, Brazil, Russia, India and Venezuela.

Extra Mining Review Conclusion

Extra Mining is an ugly and deceptive scam designed to slaughter the newbies financially. They might pay some of their clients here and there, but ultimately they are going to flee away with all the money.

Their entire network is shady and they have no regards to law as well. Investing with them is just like sitting on a time bomb, you will never know when it will explode. So, keeping your best interest in mind, stay away from them.

Do you have any experience with Extra Mining Cloud Mining Platform? Feel free to share your feedback with us below.


  1. David

    Are there any legit bitcoin mining websites out here where you can invest and make good profits? Please let me know.

  2. Oriana Perales

    Ya llevo 5 retiros adicionales al primero y nada que se hace efectivo ni que me responden en atencion al cliene, es lamentable que exista gente asi de basura aprovechandose de la necesidad ajena, que cada uno puede tener. Yo de Venezuela buscando ne alguna manera generar mas dinero para mi familia gracias a esta situecion que vivimos.

  3. Anajolor Eroisa

    hi i was scam at extramining help me to take back my money about 1000$..it was not mine it was the fund of the children where they are wanted to grow the money..because we plan to build new house here in phils,…i was dis appointed..after a week i cannot claim my earnings…please..for those who are here and read my message pls help me just to take back the money..i am a single mother and i dont have enough money to pay back thyre money..i dont have a stable work..plkease help us to take back our money..we are just poor people..

    • angelica baterbonia

      hi maam anajolor, taga philippines ka ba? nakita ko yung review mo sa extra mining…Scam ba talaga sila? nakapag invest na rin kasi ako ng 0.001 BTC.. more or less 500 pesos doon….

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