Review – A Desperate Scam is an automated cloud mining platform which makes a few bold promises. Their platform is very basic and does not contain enough details about their whereabouts. At first glance, many newbies might be inclined towards proceeding with them as they don’t have any visible traits of a scam. However, that is certainly not the case and once you see their profit claims, you will quickly realise the trap they were trying to lure you into.

The retail investors nowadays are trying to get into the mining sector and as mass adoption of the crypto further increases, this niche is going to face serious competition. Unfortunately, many newbies still don’t know the basics of the blockchain world and some of them even think crypto is their magical way to wealth. To know about all the flaws spread across this platform and the way the scams around this niche is being perpetuated, read our complete review till the end. Review

Legality, Certificates and Contact Details

The law around the financial sector changes constantly and if you want to ensure the security of your funds, you need to stay up to date with it. Sadly, despite the changes in the regulation, scams have always been able to thrive in this environment and our best hope of eliminating it is to make the investors educated. After all, no one can cheat you if you have a strong understanding of the underlying asset class.

This platform accepts people from all over the world. However, they are not on the radar of any regulatory authority. In short, lack of information and hard core facts clearly show that, they are not authorised to raise capital from the public and if caught they will face criminal prosecution.

As far as the support team goes, know that they communicate with the clients only through email. For a firm which allegedly generates 100% ROI per day, isn’t it odd to operate without proper telephone support? Looks like these con artists didn’t have enough budget.

How does Work? claims to be a bitcoin cloud mining solution. Their only job is to build an infrastructure for the retail investors that enables them to get started with mining without having to deal with all the technicalities involved. In theory, cloud mining narrative found on this website will sound amazing, but there is a lot more going on behind the scenes.

First of all, they haven’t mentioned the location of their mining farms and the equipment they employ are unknown. Given the issue in China regarding the pandemic outbreak, there is no clear measure taken by them to tackle that kind of volatility. Moreover, they don’t have any credible evidence to support their statements either. So, given so many question marks, if you proceed with them, then the odds will be worse than gambling.

Passive income and the crypto sector are filled with scams and the main reason for it is the lack of knowledge exhibited by the newbies. Remember, there is no easy way to wealth and to make a considerable amount it will take time. If anyone offers you a short way, then most probably there will always be a catch.

Profits Promised

Crypto mining has evolved a lot from its inception. There was a time wherein you could have made six figures income by maintaining a mining farm, but ever since the early 2017 that is not the case. If you go through all the legit forums and platforms, you will quickly realise the competition that exists today and the profit margin is very thin. One wrong move can wipe out your capital if you don’t have a sound risk management plan. Profit Claims

This platform promises 100% ROI on a daily basis. If their narrative was true then you would become a billionaire in a matter of few days and regardless of how amazing that sounds, we both can agree that it will never happen in reality, right? Do not fall for their exaggerated claims, because those are put up only to lure you in and once you deposit with them knowingly or unknowingly, you will never see your money again.

Referral Program

The quickest way platforms like this one gain popularity is through the use of affiliate programs. They basically motivate the marketers to such extent that, it benefits both the parties involved and since they are already illegal in nature, they are allowed to follow any kind of unethical ways they want. Affiliates just have to drive traffic to this website and they will get fixed commission for every investor who deposits with the firm.

In order to enhance their reach and income, many marketers create outright false content and encourage the public to invest with them. It is due to this conflict of interest we strongly suggest you deal only with regulated entities and regardless of the offer they make, always take a step back and evaluate them before putting your money at risk.

Domain Insights

We were unable to get a clear picture about the audience these crooks are targeting. However, using, we did manage to track down the general information about the domain and website.

Domain –

Registered on – 29/12/2019

Expiry – 29/12/2020

Alexa Global Rank – Not Listed

Target Audience – Currently Unknown Review Conclusion is a scam and the facts clearly prove it. They do not have any legal authorization to raise money from the investors and they are operating in direct violation of the law. For your own safety, stay away from them and be wise enough to turn down any enticing offer they might throw at you.

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