Review – Mining Crypto Scam is supposedly a huge crypto cloud mining solution that helps the investors double their capital every 3 days once. Their platform consists of almost all of the traits of a fraud platform. Moreover, any details about the entire management side of the company is unknown. If you are an individual who has a reasonable grasp of the financial markets, then you already know that it is impossible to make the kind of returns they advertise.

Sadly, till date majority of the retail sector do not have a clear idea about mining and that makes them easy and vulnerable targets. The whole crypto sector has been plagued by scams and it is easy to get tangled with them, if you aren’t paying attention. So, to know the way this platform actually works, read our review and then make a firm decision about them. Review

Company, Licenses and Support

Any firm which raises money from the public has a lot of work when it comes to their legality. After all, handling other people’s money is no joke and it has serious consequences. This firm does not share the details about their whereabouts with the public, but accepts people from all over the world.

So, technically unless they are regulated in multiple locations, their activities are considered illegal. We ran a thorough check on them across all the databases of the regulators and yet, we didn’t find any information about them. In short, the facts clearly prove that they are frauds and as such, they will flee away with the investors cash in the near future. There is an incorporation number published on their website, but know that it doesn’t mean that they are regulated.

The only contact information put up by them is an email address and that makes it harder for the law agencies to track them down precisely. Looking at the extent they have gone to confuse the public and the way they are maintaining anonymity, we certainly can say that they are professionals. So, if you make the mistake of trusting them, then a dent on your bank account will be inevitable.

How does Work? is a cloud mining platform, their main intention is to enable investors to get started with mining in an effortless automated manner. The problem with them is that they have put up little information about their activities and everything they say cannot be backed up by any credible evidence or source. First of all, they haven’t mentioned the machinery they use or the scale in which they are conducting the mining operations.

On top of all these mysteries, they do not provide the public with clear data regarding the potential drawdowns and the costs involved. In short, no one who has reasonable experience in the financial sector would associate with these crooks and for your own good, you should also do the same.

We all know that making money online is forever going to be the catchphrase for many platforms. However, without hard core facts and data, don’t be inclined towards testing them out or else you will get hurt financially.

Profits Advertised

This platform promises jaw dropping 40% ROI each and every single day. If their claims were true, then everyone on this planet would be rich forever, but sadly the reality is not as enticing as they portray. Achieving 40% per day is not at all sustainable and even if it was real, then certainly the owners wouldn’t go around the internet asking for other people’s money instead of keeping it for themselves. Mining Plan

It is very obvious that they are just trying to lure in all the crypto enthusiasts who don’t have much experience and are exploiting their greed to make money. Crypto mining is a nightmare for the retail investors, the profit margins are down and it is really difficult to break even if you are not positioned well enough from the beginning.

The rising electricity cost and the volatility of the cryptos which can make or break your account is also a major concern. So, just because you see some ridiculous claims on the internet, never buy into their idea and understand that nothing worthwhile will be easy to set up or automate.

Affiliate Program

This firm offers an affiliate program which gives a chance for all the shady marketers out there to monetize their traffic by misleading the public. The creators basically have created a revenue sharing scheme in such a way that it benefits both themselves and the marketers. All the promoters are entitled to certain percentage of the revenue they redirect to this platform and if they achieve certain milestones, they will get additional perks too.

To get quick money in their pockets, a vast majority of promoters create false narratives, contents in the form of video and reviews which persuades people into depositing with this firm. In short, these crooks working for mutual benefits will do anything to convince you and as a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t trust them for any reason or even give them a chance to talk you into working with them.

Domain Information

Using and, we got the following details about this domain and website. Unfortunately, we still were unable to track the real owners of this fraud organisation.

Domain –

Registered On – 29/02/2020

Expiry – 28/02/021

Alexa global Rank – Not Listed

Audience – Currently Unknown Review Conclusion is most probably a ponzi scheme which uses the deposit amount made by the new participant to pay the older ones while skimming off a certain percentage for themselves. Though, they might pay few clients just to earn credibility in the beginning, they will surely flee away with all the cash once their marketing team fails to deliver them more clients. Given everything we discussed till now, we think the chances of them getting caught is slim to none and we strongly advise you to stay away from this illegal firm.

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