Review – Themed Scam is a new trading solution which allegedly operates in cryptocurrency and forex markets. They claim to have reasonable holdings in stocks and bonds as well, but they haven’t shown any evidence to support their theory. According to their website, they supposedly have hired an expert team which brings in at least 30% returns monthly. If you are a stock market veteran, then chances are you have already caught the lies in their statement and are laughing about it.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who are financially naive and they tend to believe the statements made by this firm. Trading as a whole is an exciting field to make money without sacrificing much of your time freedom, but it certainly is not easy. To know how this firm is manipulating their clients and the flaws present in their operational model, go through our complete review. Review

Company, Founders and Support

Investment firm by definition is a very specific entity designed to achieve preset goals while following strict guidelines as dictated by law. Any organisation who raises money from the public has to be incorporated and be authorized by the regulatory authorities of the countries they are accepting money from. This platform in particular accepts crypto deposits from people all over the world, but they are not recognised by any government authorities.

So, it is clearly operating illegally and as a consequence to their action, they will face criminal prosecution sooner or later. On their platform, they have featured few contact details, but ultimately the only way you will be able to interact with them will be through live chat or email. As a result, it will be hard to track them down and pinpoint their exact actual location. Anyways, if you need the entire list of their firm, then refer to the following table.

Address – 210, Archbishop Makarios Avenue, Limassol 3030, Cyprus

Phone – +1 (937) 368-7641

Email – Business Model claims to be a part of forex, cryptocurrency, stocks and bonds trading. On their website, they boast about their previous accomplishments like achieving more than 30% to 50% on a monthly basis. However, they haven’t published any evidence or documents to support their theory. Their sales pitch doesn’t contain any facts or figures and without even analyzing their strategy, how can they expect the investors to believe them?

On top of all these question marks, they haven’t even disclosed the identity of thw owners or the employees. So, isn’t it very clear that they are illegally operating and are trying to maintain a low profile? Moving on to the crypto mining part, there is no physical address of their mining farms which means we can’t verify anything they say.

Given so many red flags, ask yourself do you really feel the need to stick with them when there are clearly better alternatives available?

Investment and Returns

At first glance, especially if you have no prior experience, the returns portrayed by this firm will excite you and it tops out at 90% ROI daily. Many scams like this one showcase big figures like this to lure in the public, but in reality they never deliver the promises they make and it is statistically impossible to do so. Investment Plans

Financial markets provide a way for anyone to earn enormous wealth, but the only catch is that, you need a specific skill set to do that and it requires effort. So, if someone offers you a shortcut, then most probably it will be some sort of a scam and you should turn them down regardless of how good it might sound in theory.

Affiliate Program

The relationship between the shady marketers and the crooks running this platform is very clear and the bridge between them is the affiliate program. To motivate the marketers to go out there and make the loudest impression, the creators provide them a flat percentage of the revenue and even add some perks here and there.

Just for the sake of high incentives, the affiliates create false narratives and peddle them to the public in the form of blogs and videos. Many people who rely on review sites usually trust them blindly and thereby walk right into the trap. Due to the conflict of interest, remember not to indulge with anyone who works for this firm because at the end of the day their motive is to loot you.

Domain Information

Below are the information about this domain and website which might help you in tracing the demographics of their operations.

Domain –

Registered on – 20/06/2019

Expiry – 20/06/2020

Alexa Global Rank – Not Listed

Audience – Currently Unknown due to insufficient data Review Conclusion is nothing more than a flithy investment scam which is currently following ponzi model. They will create a buzz in the beginning to gain the trust of the public and might even give people few returns to keep them hooked. However, one fine day they will flee away with all the funds they have collected and it will be nearly impossible to recover it.

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  1. TS

    They are scam stay away! I got scammed by these basterds and Bradley and Elian as they have portrayed them self on Instagram they not even the same person
    Bradleybtx_fx and encrypt_with_elliot is fake people

    Do not send $ 1 dollar to these thieves

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