Review – BTC Investment Scam is an alleged regulated investment firm which focuses on Bitcoin trading and mining. They claim to generate as much as 85% returns weekly, but just like every scam out there, they don’t have any tangible evidence to back their statements. As you might have already guessed, the details of the owners are not made available public and looking at the way they are trying to remain anonymous, they seem to be professional frauds.

Unfortunately, even after two decades since the inception of online investing, many people don’t know how it works and that is the point the crooks are exploiting to make a fortune. We all can agree that crypto is the hottest thing, the financial markets has to offer, but don’t let the big institutions overwhelm you. To know the all the agendas of this fraud platform, go through our review till the end. Review

Organisation, Legality and Customer Support

In the past couple of decades, financial markets have evolved continuously and still somehow the fraud activities are something which never saw an end. Regardless of the efforts made by every government and private entities, the public for the most part is still misinformed and as a result it is easier for the crooks to exploit them. This firm claims to be operating from the US which means technically speaking, they must be under the radar of the FTC.

Just to validate their licenses, we ran a search and just like we expected, they were bluffing about their status and that makes them liable for severe consequences. We have listed the contact details of this firm below, feel free to use them if you have to report them to the law agencies. Note that, though they have featured a telephone number, they are active only on email and whatsapp.

Address – 79928 TX, EL PASO, TEXAS

Phone –  +17784013705


How does Work? claims to make most of their income through trading and mining the popular cryptocurrencies. If you surf their platform, you will find a lot of general information about Bitcoin, but you need to keep in mind that they don’t provide any value and a simple google search will fetch you much better information. We couldn’t find any information about their win rate, drawdowns and trading history which means their whole business model has zero credibility.

Moreover, as the names of the fund managers are unknown, no rational person would even dare  to deposit with them. So, ignore all of their fancy claims and do not give them a chance to sell you on their idea. If you make the mistake of believing them with your cash, then they will leave you high and dry.

Trading and mining crypto is not an easy way to make money and it carries a lot of risk. Volatility of bitcoin is something which is unparalleled in the sector, and it needs to be handled carefully. In short, do not think about the promises made by them in the sales pitch and understand that it requires a lot of effort to be successful in this niche.

Returns and Conditions

The returns promised by this firm are capped at 85% on a weekly basis. If you pull out your compounding calculator, then you will quickly understand that, it is unsustainable and their numbers are nothing but absolutely lies. The profit margins in mining is way too less for the retail investors to even consider it and with regards to the trading, it is impossible to meet these kinds of expectations with a sound risk management plan. Plans

Exaggerating the profits is a common trait of fraud networks and the sole reason for doing so is to create urgency and desire in the minds of the public. Now, as we have explained their traps clearly, next time you see claims like these, then do yourself a favour by ignoring them.

Affiliate Program

Considering the huge number of investors who have lost money to this firm, it is clear that this firm has exceptional marketing abilities. The main reason behind their success is the affiliate program and the way they have executed it. In simple words, the creators and promoters of this organisation are working together to peddle false fancy stories which will put money in their pocket by transferring all the expenses to the investors.

The ever present selfish agendas of these scammers is the main component behind fake reviews and blogs out there which is why you shouldn’t trust any online sources blindly. Always remember, if something looks too good to be real, then it’s better to stay away from it.

Fake Testimonials

There are few comments made by alleged clients put up here and there on their website. The testimonials or feedback present is somewhat subtle and we are sure that, most newbies won’t be able to tell the difference. We tried to trace the clients using their photos, but as it turns out the images are just stock photos.

In short, this platform has created fake user profiles and posting false information about their performance which is a very obvious trait of a scam. So, don’t rush to conclusions and regardless of the kind of fantasies you might hear from them, never let greed get a grip on you. After all, the only way they can make money is by looting you in one way or the other. Review Conclusion is not an investment firm and they are not involved with actual trading or mining activities. The sole reason for their existence is to make money by cheating the public in the name of crypto investing and looks like they can’t keep hiding from the law for long. So, considering all the facts mentioned above, it is crystal clear that you shouldn’t associate with them at any cost.

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  1. Edgar

    Their email does not reply, the whatsapp number is invalid, your money will not get paid out.The only reason it seems legit is the fact that the site has been below all scam radars since is exist for more than 1.5 years. Glad it is exposed now.

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