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Grant investment ( / is an asset management firm which claims to have made online investing comfortable, speedy and easy process. They are said to have the best risk control measures which is a bluff and we are going to discuss about it later in the review.

The investment plans offered by these faceless con artists are extremely appealing and they guarantee the returns which is capped at 20% daily. You might be considering to open an account with them but if you do that the chances of getting some or all your money back is very slim to none. To know more about them read our detailed review.

License and Support

Each and every firm operating in the space of an ICO are required to be licensed by appropriate authorities in order to prevent getting shut down and keep on operating for many years.

Grant investment represents an ICO wherein the people orchestrating this scheme raise money by using contracts of certain face value and after some time the investors are promised ‘X’ percent of returns. This firm claims to be registered in both USA and UK but do not let these phony claims confuse you.

They are just bluffing to gain your trust and appear like a reputable solution so that you are likely to invest more money. We searched databases of both FCA and FTC, guess what?

There is not even a single clue about them. They have shared some contact details which are as follows:-

Phone – +1 8144293693

Address – Tithebarn St, Liverpool, Merseyside L2 2QP, USA

How does Grant Investment work ?

They say that large and reliable stream of income of financial markets should be backed up with increasingly the level of security. Their managers are supposedly working on implementing unique trading schemes with the most advanced and effective trading technology thereby resulting in huge returns.

Stock trading has its own set of rules, merits and demerits, it is not possible to make money like these fraudsters infer it on you. The exact trading rules is not discussed, their method of analysing  volatility and taking advantage of it are unknown.

We do not know if they have any risk management measures or the way they have diversified the trading capital. With the above discussed factors are not clarified in this scheme is not worth your time.

Packages and Returns

The minimum deposit amount is $250 and the maximum deposit amount is S 50,000. There are three types of packages wherein as usual for the best returns the investors have to commit more funds which we are sure you will be reluctant to do after taking a look at the plans.

Basic Package

Returns – 10% Daily

Duration – 15 Working Days

Min. Deposit – $250

Business Package

Returns – 15% Daily

Duration- 15 Working Days

Min. Deposit – $1,000

Professional Package

Returns – 20% Daily

Duration – 15 Working Days

Min. Deposit – $10,000

Affiliate program

The only way for fake platforms to survive for long is by replacing their clients rapidly in order to stay cash flow positive. In order to attract large audience they offer affiliate program wherein anyone who has the capability to reach or accumulate web traffic can sign up. / - Affiliate Program

Affiliate a paid 8% of the total revenue they bring on board of this platform and there are  tier 2,3 levels available which is similar to Pyramid scheme. Promoters do not have any sort of risk because they are not required to keep money in this shady scheme.

Domain Insight

A query on who shows that this domain was registered on 06/07/2018 and it expires on 06/07/2018. The registrant details cannot get tracked as they are using whois guard protect to mask their footprints.

We searched on both and but could not find any details about which countries they are targeting or about the total number of unique visitors they get on a monthly or weekly basis.

Is Grant Investment / Mineocean a Scam ?

A Typical old fashioned scam,

Returns of 350% every 15 days is nowhere near the actual reality. Financial markets have too much volatility but still they are continuing to gain big profits without encountering any loss is just like a dream, it will be nice to have one but sadly it is unreal.

They are using the loop of deposit and withdrawals to stay operational. Their operational model is impeccably flawed and will start to drift towards the losing stage which is when every investor will hear the end of the firm as they will be gone overnight.

Grant Investment Review Conclusion

Grant Investment is a preposterous scam you do not want to spend your funds on. They actually do not have a team of experts because they and markets have nothing to do with one another. The website statistics bar on their platform is also fake and there aren’t any real followers of this page.

If they really had huge client base then why are other services like unable to detect them? At the end of the day this firm is just another desperate attempt from cyber criminals to steal your money.

Have you been scammed by /  Feel free to share your experience by leaving a comment below.


  1. Mohammed Anis

    I got scammed by this website they showed
    Good profit but when I tried to withdraw they
    Wanted me deposit first around 3 thousand for taxes and fees

  2. Mohammed

    Yes I lost 2k of my investment the website
    totaly disappeared

  3. Jam

    Hi Mina,
    I have the same experience you had. I invested more than $250 as my initial investment. This Manager “Petri” is working here in this site but the account he gave me is coming from He said that I can withdraw the money after 10-12 days which is the mining cycle. Once I already transferred the bitcoin to him, he said that he will send my account details first thing in the morning. When I asked him regarding the said details after a day, he said he can’t provide it since the platform is still updating. He made that kind of excuse when I always asked him about the account details. We also communicate through Whatsapp as well. He will reply like how many days or so due to he handled a lot of accounts. I already had my account details after a week. When I already logged to this site, I have this account balance already worth more than $900. And when I asked him ‘is this constant?’. After a few minutes, I received twice of a profit more than I have on my account. When I checked the site, it has also the same or they called it as affiliate broker which is It shows there that it has instant withdrawals. Yet when the time comes that I said that I want to withdraw the account balance I have, he said then that I need to buy another bitcoin with a higher amount in order for me to be eligible to withdraw and it will be more than twice I have in my account. He has a lot of loopholes, saying an assurance and all.

    • Luis felipe

      Petri? Don waste your time with him, he is all part of mineocean scheme.

      His name is willians petri, but he already vanished from social media after so many complains.

      But the investigation reached the federal government and they already know everything about them. So dont worry, these guys will end up in jain real soon.

  4. Luis Sestini

    Hi here is Luis Sestini again.

    Just letting you guys know that after many complains that i have made, just deleted my account! My account had 48 thousand dolars in my balance and they just deleted my account?!?!? Do you believe that?

    I never seen such a thiefs before. Please everyone dont fall for their scam.

    If you need any doubts about or , please give me a touch. My email is

    Please please be careful, you will lost all your money if you invested.

  5. Luis felipe sestini

    Hey, my name is Luis Sestini. And i am here to warn all of you because this Mineocean is a pure Scheme. I invested 250 dollars 2 months ago with the ”maneger account” Paul Henry Meg. He is getting people all along Linkedin to invest in their “platform”. But he is completely false, I already found him on Facebook named as Jimmy Santos. DO NOT BELIEVE IN ANYTHING HE SAY.
    There is an opened investigation about him and the site mineocean, and very fast they discovered that mineocean is nothing but a Layout, there is no security at all, they just get your money and then charge you more money, the famous “eletricity bill” for withdrawal your money.
    Old fashioned scheme!!!

  6. danilo

    Dear Peter….. or better Paul…..:-) i’m sure you are the same person, stilling money with scam do not take you anywhere and even more thanks to google it is even quick to let you down, I ask your good friend Paul or you…I understand that you are the same person from how you called me Dan… only him call me that…. anyway… let’s continue our story …to make the advance payment for the famous commission of electricity ….in value of 1500$ and for sure you or any other scammer refuse to pay they say for policy issue(yes I know this policies), even if I promise to send the money back just after i received my “supposed gain or profit” , so if you are 100% sure that you are able received or to give the gain to the people why can you not prove that the platform is working and pay out those fee for me? if it is working none will lose money right? Thanks and keep me posted so that I can send my wallet address to you for make the payment and later when I received the gain I will publish here to prove that here we are not victim of scam isn’t it? thanks DaniloS

  7. Freddy Peter

    I guess you didn’t follow through all the necessary procedures I just made my withdrawal somedays back. If you’re in doubts message me. This Cloud Mining pool ( is very reliable and trusted platform.

  8. Mina

    Yes I was scammed by I was solicited on instagram because I hashtagged crypto and Bitcoin. There are a lot of scam traders lurking on IG for people who know very little but want to get a piece of the pie. I originally felt the website was shady and low tech. I let my overall excitement about crypto over-ride by gut. I started with $1k investment. It magically grew $1200 each day. I set up my own account so I could log in to get updates. The trader, Benjamin, said he needed to upgrade and get high grade signals for $1200. This does not go toward the initial investment. The profits kept jumping as promised form $9K to $38K. Of course I was excited and willing to wait for the withdrawal. I made the withdrawal request on the site. I soon received a generic email saying I owed $3240 in fees and commissions. This had to be paid in bitcoin before they would honor the withdrawal request. I asked why couldn’t I just pay the $3K with my profit. They said, No. Meanwhile the trader has moved to communicating (texting) only on “whatsap”. He was very polite. He asked about family and hopes and dreams. Says he loves working with people new to crypto. Yes of course he does! Lol
    I’ve lost a total of $1800 in Bitcoin. I have not paid the commission and fees. After reading your review, I think I should just walk away now and deactivate my account. FYI the traders are annoyingly persistent. Texting daily to keep pretending to build a relationship.

    I feel stupid for thinking you could have such huge gains in such a short period. This all took place over 6-8 week period.

  9. Danilo Silvestri

    guys i just got scammed by this website:
    and this too :
    watch out even linkedin:Paul Henry Meg
    where you get catch and later they will ask to open a fake account in above website, where they request to fund your bitcoin account but you will trasfer the money far away from you and you can’t retrive the operation because it is bitcoin.
    I lost just 300$ and i think i was lucky so please stay away from those guys that they want to make money in easy way instead of work hard to make a buck!! Enjoy

    • peter harrison

      hey Danilo , what do you gain in tarnishing the image of a reputable account manager and a reliable platform that has helped thousands of miners. mineocean is a very reliable platform and i just got my 4th withdrawal from them and i personally know paul henry he is a very hard working and reputable man always busy making good profits for his client and sometimes maybe too busy to talk to them. i strongly believe you did’nt follow through the necessary steps and requirements and you come here to say negative things about a man and platforms that has helped lives. never be too quick to judge dan.

      • luis felipe

        you a just a piece of shit, How do you know Paul Henry if he does not exist?
        He stole my money and after I made several complains about him, he deleted his instagram account and changed his name and picture on facebook to Jimmy Santos, and after just vanished from instagram, if everything is so secure and true, why would he do all that to hide himself??? I have all the evidences here. if anyone are thinking about sending them money, please talk to me and I will show everything I have here from them.

        You guys are just dispicable and soon this stelling thing is gonna be over

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