Hitros.com Review – Notorious Trading Scam

Hitros.com is a viral trading firm which supposedly triples your trading capital every week. The people running this firm has chosen to remain anonymous and that is a tell tale sign of a scam. Their platform is extremely convincing and features all the bells and whistles which is enough to convince any newbie. On top of their presentation, they even claim to be a regulated entity and even showcase an incorporation certificate on their homepage.

Sadly, thousands of people have already lost their hard earned money to these online breed of crooks. It is quite natural to get excited whenever easy money making opportunity arises. However, before you get your hopes high. Go through our review to understand the reality of this firm and the reasons as to why you should never indulge with them.

Hitros.com Review

Company, Legal Status and Support

Investment firms in most developed countries are required to adhere to strict guidelines in order to function in the financial sector. Due to the ever growing number of scammers and frauds, as a rule of thumb always stick with regulated exchanges which ensures the safety of the funds. Coming back to this firm, they feature a registration certificate on their website and claim to be operating legally.

However, when we tried to find the details of this company on the database of the FCA, the results as expected were disappointing. They have lied about their legality and that puts they in direct violation of law and if caught they will face criminal prosecution. As far as customer support aspect is considered, they have gone to extreme lengths to stay anonymous.

The only way of communicating with anyone who is working for this firm is through email and that makes them very difficult to track. So, do not indulge with them for any reason because when the time comes, they will cause financial harm to you.

How does Hitros.com Work?

Hitros.com claims to be trading the most liquid markets such as stocks and forex using the long short portfolio management. Apart from few general description of the things they allegedly do on the markets, they haven’t mentioned any details. For starters, we do not know the identity of the fund managers or their performance record.

The investors do not have a clue about the win rate and draw downs of their strategy and worse of all, there is no trading history put up by them. Financial sector is all about math and numbers, without it how can any ration being even think about investing with them? Trading holds enormous potential, but it certainly is not easy. So, do not pay attention to these type of shortcuts or you might end up with a big hole in your pocket.

Profits Promised

Returns promised by this company extends upto 350% every week which means, you will be more than tripling your funds. While we can all drool over the numbers, let’s think about their statement rationally. The famous hedge funds in history or investment banks have rarely been able to sustain 20% to 30% annually and if they can’t reach the kind of numbers portrayed by this firm, isn’t it obvious that they are flat out bluffing?

Hitros.com Investment Plans

Crooks behind this firm are targeting desperate investors and are luring them in by showing big numbers, but once they have access to your funds, you will be scammed and there won’t be anything you can do about it. 

Referral Program

Fraud platforms like this one knows that they won’t be operating for long. So, to make as much revenue as they can in the given short life span, they have to market themselves in an effective manner. To achieve huge customer base, they employ affiliate business model which greatly benefits both the creators and marketers.

All the promoters get a certain fixed amount of revenue from the people they redirect to the website and they use all the unethical methods to convince their traffic and leads. The conflict of interest at the end of the day only affects the end consumers and on any given period of time, the risk is just unbearable. So, don’t believe any too good to be true comments and cherry picked testimonials or reviews and understand that they are doing everything they can just to take money from you.

Domain Details

Below is the detailed list of demographic data of this website. Courtesy – Alexa.com and Whois.com.

Domain – Hitros.com

Registered On – 07/01/2020

Expiry – 07/01/2021

Alexa Global Rank – 911,132

Rank in Bangladesh – 11,333

Target Audience – Bangladesh, Egypt and Russia

Hitros.com Review Conclusion

Hitros.com is a dangerous and highly manipulative ponzi scheme. Judging by the returns they advertise and the participants whose account has been blocked, looks like they are heading towards their inevitable end. In short, interacting with them for any reason will bring you harm and that is something which none of us wants, right?

Have you invested your money with Hitros.com? Would you like to share your opinion with us? Express your thoughts with us by commenting below.


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