Review – Illegal Firm Exposed is the new name which is getting a lot of attention in the online investing niche. Their marketing skills are remarkable and judging by the way their website is structured, they seem to be professional frauds. They proudly share details about their location and claim to be fully regulated, but that is nothing more than a desperate attempt to manipulate the public.

Unlike most legit and reputable firms, this one hasn’t mentioned anything about their management personnel as they know the consequences of revealing their identity. With these many red flags and a couple more which we are going to discuss later in the review, it is clear that this firm is not the one you want to associate yourself with.

Either way, before you take any decisions, go through our unbiased review to know the entire truth about this company. Review

Legal Status and Customer Support

Regardless of whether a firm is involved in trading, mining or any other type of dealings which carries a high degree of risk, if they offer services to retail clients, then they have to be regulated. One of the main problems with this firm is that they accept people from all over the world, but still there isn’t any information about them on any regulatory authorities.

Going by the hard core facts, what they are doing is outright illegal and they will be shut down by law in the near future. This platform interacts with the public only through email and they obviously are not the best in class. They might assist you or even push you towards depositing with them, but once they have the money, you will get blocked. Here are their contact details in case you need them for any reason.

Address – 1st Floor, 15-25 St Conor Street, Dublin 2, D02 C966, Ireland

Email – Operational Model states to do a lot of activities involving trading the most liquid instruments and mining few popular cryptocurrency. After doing a thorough search on their website, we didn’t find any in depth information about their way of conducting the operations.

First of all, they do not feature any verifiable data series on their platform which means we can’t measure their performance. On top of that, they don’t offer demo accounts or free trial. In short, if you choose to even try them out, you will be risking your money and the odds doesn’t look great on your side.

Moving on to the employees part, the details of the fund managers is not revealed to the public and that is not a positive trait. The lack of transparency is very prominent and without knowing the actual strategy or parameters they allegedly employ, giving them money is equal to losing it forever.

Investment Plans and Returns

The returns advertised by this company ranges from 5% to 10% per day. At this pace, you will be doubling your balance once in 10 days and that would make you a billionaire or even the world’s first trillionaire in a matter of few months. However, we can all agree that it is something straight out of fiction, right? They are showcasing big numbers to exploit the greed present in newbie investors and are blatantly looting them. Bots

Trading and mining cryptocurrency are some of the ventures which holds huge potential, but they carry a lot of risk and is not as easy as it looks. An individual needs to completely understand the volatility concept and risk management before proceeding with this field or else his or her account will bleed to death.

Referral Program

You might have seen a lot of extremely positive and promising reviews about this platform. The main reason for that is affiliate program. In simple words, the people running this firm realize that without proper marketing they can’t survive for long. So, to motivate the promoters, they offer a fixed percentage of the revenue they make to them and on top of that, they also provide custom marketing tools.

Many people who have access to web traffic and are employing shady tactics will use these types of opportunities to make quick money and they are the ones who create false narratives and fake reviews. Now as you hopefully understand how these two sides of the equation works, be more cautious if you encounter those types of people and never entertain them for any reason.

Domain Insights

Below is a run down of this website statistics. Source – and

Domain –

Registered on – 10/08/2019

Expiry – 10/08/2020

Alexa Global Rank – Not Listed yet Review Conclusion is nothing more than a scam which portrays itself as an investment firm. Their whole intention is to loot you and the longer you engage with them, the higher the damage is going to be. Moreover, as they only accept cryptocurrency as payment method, it will be almost impossible to track them down.

As always, be safe and never hesitate to say no to thousands of platforms like this one which promise you instant riches. After all, it is your duty to be educated about the markets you are interested in.

Have you sent money to platform? Were you able to recover your funds? Share your opinion by commenting below.


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