Review – Fake Investment Solution is a new player in the sector of high yield investment program. They don’t have any legal certificates which enables them to raise money from the public and the names of the founders they have published are nothing more than imaginary entities. Just to be sure, we even checked with the regulatory authorities of the UK and the data conclusively reveals that, this firm is operating outside the boundaries of law.

In case if you are wondering, the details about the people running this platform is unknown and they have gone to extreme lengths to cover their tracks which means they are professional fraudsters. The public’s interest in the cryptocurrency sector is rapidly growing, but sadly a vast majority doesn’t know the actual market mechanisms.

So, before you get tangled in the trap set by this firm and many other similar platforms, go through our review to understand the reality of the situation. Review

Legality, Founders and Customer Support

For the safety of retail clients, the governments for a long period of time have been tweaking the law around the financial markets. Unfortunately, till now the scams couldn’t be completely eradicated from the world and the only way to stay safe from them is by being educated about the sector. This platform raises money from the public for so called trading activities.

So, they have to be regulated by law in order to operate legally and if they are caught without proper documentation, then they will surely face criminal prosecution. Though their platform features an incorporation certificate, it doesn’t mean that they are regulated by the FCA. Bluffing about their legal status is a common trait of a scam and that also means you are putting your confidential information at risk if you indulge with them for any reason.

On their about us section, there are some details about the founders and employees which might make this platform seem reputable and transparent. However, do not fall for their trap and know that they are just fake profiles with stock photos attached to them. As far as the support team is considered, you can reach them via email, but do not expect any first class treatment from them. The staff will encourage you to deposit as much as possible and once their goal is achieved, you will not matter to them. Business Model claims to make money through trading the cryptocurrency and forex markets. They also claim to have few mining farms with the latest technology to ensure efficiency. The problem with their entire explanation is that, there is no way to conclusively prove anything they say. For starters, their trading history and evidence of past accomplishments is not provided on their platform.

The names and profiles of the alleged fund managers working for this firm are not disclosed. Moreover, the drawdown and win rate of their trading strategy and risk management techniques are also unknown. Given so many question marks and dead ends, it is clear that no rational investor would associate with them . Moving on to the mining aspect, their explanation contains the general information and that isn’t enough to instill trust among the investors.

Many people seem to think that mining is an easy way to make considerable returns, but nowadays due to the rising costs and competition, it’s not possible to make worthwhile profits especially in the retail sector. In short, research everything you hear online because in most cases, the reality is often more difficult than it appears at first.

Account Types and Profits

There are 4 types of investments offered by this platform wherein the returns can go upto 47% per month. To put things into perspective, 47% monthly means 564% on an annual basis. If this firm really achieved those numbers, then they would be richer than Warren Buffett and they certainly wouldn’t offer their strategy for free to the public. Investment Plans

The reason this firm is putting huge numbers and exaggerated claims is simple, they want to lure more people into their platform and convince them to deposit. Making money in the markets requires a clear set of rules and strategies, if someone promises you a way to achieve success without them, then do yourself a favor and ignore them.

Affiliate Program

This platform realises that, the only way to make maximum amount of money within the short period of time is by leveraging the affiliate model. The creators give complete freedom to the marketers to follow any kind of lead generation methods both ethical and unethical. To get quick money and make the most out of the commissions, the marketers create false narratives and do their best when it comes to manipulating the audience.

Hopefully, now you understand the reason behind all the bogus review websites out there which in reality are nothing more than a well designed trap. Lastly, remember to avoid associating with anyone who is working for or with this firm, because sooner or later they will come after your money.

Domain Insights

By using and, we were able to figure out a few basic information of this website which are as follows.

Domain –

Registered On – 07/03/2019

Expiry – 07/03/2021

Alexa Global Rank – 5,251,811

Audience – Currently Unknown Review Conclusion is a dangerous ponzi type scam which has a very low life span. They exist only for one reason and that is to make their creator rich at the expense of all the victims. Looking at the way this firm is functioning so far without leaving any clues about their whereabouts, we are certain that anyone who makes the mistake of depositing with them will regret their decision later.

Have you lost money to How would you describe your experience with them? Share your feedback by commenting below.

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  1. Johan

    I am involved with for 2 months now and can only speak with the highest standards and co operation from their side
    I can truly recoment them to anybody out there

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