Quantummining.tech Review – Full Blown Fraud

Quantummining.tech is a new firm which offers retail investors an opportunity to get started with the cryptocurrency markets. They claim to be involved in trading and mining activities, but there is no way to prove any of the statements they make. Their platform contains all the tell tale signs of a scam and once we started our investigation, the facts were just outright undeniable to our initial impression.

There are a lot of photos and so called profiles of the employees of this platform scattered around their website, but as it turns out they are all fake. Moreover, this platform is not recognised by any government authority and that in short means, you will never see your money again if you deposit with them. To uncover more of their flaws and find out their real intentions, continue reading our review till the end.

Quantummining.tech Review

Company, Founders and Customer Support

Any company regardless of where they are located should hold proper certificates and licenses in order to offer high risk investments in the retail sector. In the past decade, due to the high number of frauds which have plagued the industry. The regulators have been tweaking the law and the policies to protect their citizens, but sadly for the most part it has not shown considerable results.

This firm is not recognised by any regulatory authority around the world even though they accept people from all regions. So, it is crystal clear that they are operating illegally and that will have serious consequences. We found a bunch of photos of their alleged employees which might be mistaken as a sign of transparency by the newbies. All of the profiles showcased are bogus and they have used the stock images to conceal their real identity.

Quantummining.tech Fake Profiles

Bluffing about their performance and creating fake user profiles means they obviously are shady and that kind of behaviour should tell you a lot about them. Moving on to the customer support, the ways of reaching them includes mobile number and email. Their entire contact details are as follows.

Address – George Town, Grand Cayman, KY1-9008, Cayman Islands

Phone – +1 312 313 66 08 

Email – support@quantummining.tech

How does Quantummining.tech Function?

Quantummining.tech says that most of their success in the financial sector is due to the expertise of their fund managers and talks about their previous accomplishments. We searched their entire website to find any hard core details or trading history, but nothing relevant showed up. With regards to the mining, the information put up by them is scarce and does not include the attention to details.

In short, there is no tangible evidence and the numbers portrayed by them are impossible to verify. Trading the cryptocurrency market requires a clear and tested strategies which will take a lot of time to develop. Even if you find the perfect approach that suits your style, there will be drawdowns and you will need to stick with risk management measures in order to be profitable in the long term.

So, give up the urge to get rich quick and focus on educating yourself as much as possible, because at the end of the day knowledge and adaptation is the only thing which will save you.

Investment Slabs and Profits

There are 5 different investment packages available on their platform and just like every other scam out there, the investors are pushed towards spending more upfront capital in exchange for quick and high returns. The returns promised by them range from 14% to 30% per month.

Quantummining.tech Mining Plans

This kind of numbers might seem believable at first especially if you are a newbie, but let us assure you that it’s next to impossible to sustain them. Crypto mining is a competitive sector and unless you have a strategic plan, the odds of you making money is slim to none. We all can agree that making money passively sounds amazing. However, do not let your greed stop you from seeing the truth.

Affiliate Program

This firm gained a lot of popularity in a relatively short period of time and the reason behind that is their marketing approach. For any business to succeed, the creators have to create a compensation plan which suits both themselves and their employees and that is exactly what this firm has achieved.

Any marketer who drives traffic to their website gets a piece of the revenue and if they reach certain milestones or over shoot their targets, they are entitled to get perks. Due to the conflict of interest, you shouldn’t believe the fake reviews created by them or else you might lose a lot of money.

Domain Information

If you are wondering about the general details and demographics information of this website, then the following table should address all your needs. Source – Whois.com and Alexa.com.

Domain – Quantummining.tech

Registered On – 26/12/2019

Expiry – 26/12/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 3,875,970

Target Audience – Unknown

Quantummining.tech Review Conclusion

Quantummining.tech is not at all a crypto trading or mining platform. They are just a bunch of fraudsters using the hype of cryptocurrencies to make money for themselves. Almost everything found on their platform is false and once you send money to them, it is very difficult to recover it. So, don’t buy into their idea of making money quick, because that whole concept is just a trap.

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