Knox EA Review – Is Legit?

Knox EA ( is a service aimed towards automating the trading sector and providing signals for the traders engaged in Forex, CFDs and other related asset class. Their results are said to be audited and verified by top regulators around the world. Moreover, the feedback and the comments from customers so far is positive.

Nonetheless, remember markets carry a degree of risk and you shouldn’t indulge with anything you don’t fully understand. On the bright side, if you are an experienced trader who embrace the algorithmic approach, then this platform might be able to cater to all your needs. To know what you will be getting yourself into on this platform, go through our complete review.


Knox EA ReviewHow does Knox EA Work?

EA’s in general are nothing but a type of automated trading wherein the parameters are fixed and when the set conditions arise, the bot will be placing and closing the trades on their own. Though, in theory it sounds simple, there are certain limitations and drawbacks to it which we are going to discuss later in the review.

Knox EA has different types of expert advisors with varying capabilities. All their products are accompanied by the backtesting report. Considering their honest approach which is already rare, having all the data at one glance is a big plus point. Their EA is compatible with the MT4 platform. So, for the vast majority of the retail clients it will be easier to install and run the software. 

Results Advertised, Limitations and Support

Nothing is guaranteed in the world of trading. The strategies or methods which worked in the past doesn’t necessarily be profitable in the future. As retail clients always make sure to risk less than 2% per trade otherwise your account might get wiped out if flash crash scenario or sever gap up occurs. Returns shown on this platform ranges from 112% to 167% in less than 2 years. The numbers shown are extremely enticing and are slightly on the higher side.

Knox EA Plans

Always remember, they are not guaranteeing you anything, but are simply showcasing the past performance. Major drawback of EA’s are that, it simply won’t work as intended. Eventually, the market conditions change and as a result the software might become obsolete.

To run expert advisors, you will need a few prerequisites like uninterrupted internet and a fail safe electricity supply. If any of the elements we mentioned before gets affected, then chances are it will severely damage your account equity curve. Fortunately, if you need any help or assistance regarding this, you can reach the support team through phone and email.

Below are the contact details of this firm.

Phone – +44 20 3287 5203, +43 650 2652717, +61 2 8006 4634, +27 82 315 6628.

Email –

Affiliate Program

This service offers affiliate program which helps both themselves and the marketers. Anyone who has a lot of incoming traffic in the trading niche can take advantage of this offer to monetize their platform. On the other hand, by sharing a percentage of the sale the platform can also grow their revenue and not worry about spending money on marketing.

The exact CPA rate or commission is not stated on their website. However, if you are interested in working with them, you can get in touch with their support staff. After all, there is nothing wrong with promoting products or services which you personally believe in.

Forex Signals and Account Management

Apart from the EA’s, this platform also offers forex signals and account management services. The information about managed account is very scarce and the fee structure is also not clear. Moreover, the names and the performance of the fund managers are not revealed.

Knox EA Forex Signals

If you are after this specific service, then the only way to be safe is by starting with the minimum deposit amount and then scale it up if you are satisfied with them. Forex signal service provided by this firm can go up to 850 EUR per year. The cost involved is not at all reasonable, but it all depends upon perception and account size. Nonetheless, never go all in before test driving them out.

Knox EA Review Conclusion

Knox EA so far has maintained its reputation well in the sector. Their EA’s are reasonably priced and their other services are way too costly for the average trader. The best way to get started with them is by testing them out first and scaling it, if it makes sense financially. 

Have you used Knox EA? Were you happy with the results you got? Let us know by commenting below.


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