Review – Bold Investment Trap is supposedly the big investment firm which has earned millions of dollars using the arbitrage principle. They claim to sustain returns of 9% per day, but we couldn’t find any proof to support the statement. If you are active in the markets for a reasonable period of time, then you already know that their estimations are way too good to be true. A classic trait of a fraud is lack of transparency and this platform adores that concept to a whole new level with their current operational model.

Any names or details of the people responsible for this company is unknown and their legal certificates are not what they appear to be. It is safe to say that everyone wants to earn passive income through the markets, but before you proceed with these kind of firms which feature huge promises, go through our review to understand the disappointing reality. Review

Company, Team and Contact Details

Almost all of the legitimate companies take pride in being transparent and showcase their employees and founders to the public. This firm has put up the details of the founders and creators on their website. At first glance, everything looks alright, but once you dig deep, you will understand all their ill motives. First of all, the profiles of the so called professionals are fake and the image used by them are stock photos.

So, it is clear that they are trying to hide from the public and the law. Moreover, they are not regulated by the FCA which means if the creators of this website get caught, they will face criminal prosecution. Circling back to the contact details, know that they communicate with the public using email only. It is true that, they showcase the phone number and address, but if you try to reach them through those methods, you will never succeed.

Here are the details about their whereabouts as mentioned in their website.

Address – 91 Wilton Road, London, SW1V 1DW

Phone – +44 2080897331

Email –

How does Work? does not share much details about their actual operations in the markets. Their trading strategy is unknown and the kind of parameters or metrics they use is also a mystery. Trading any markets will involve drawdown periods and if those are not contained with proper risk management, they will wipe out your account. Due to the lack of details, no rational or experienced investor would associate with this firm and it is a wise move as well.

They also mention that they are using the arbitrage principle which involves exploiting price differences across various exchanges. In theory, arbitrage sounds amazing, but in this modern era, those kinds of opportunities are rare and even if they occur they are not sustainable over the long run. In short, just about everything in their narrative is either false or misleading and that tells a lot about the ethical values they follow.

Investment Plans and Returns

On this platform, the returns are capped at 9% daily which is absolutely insane to think of. If there really was any human or trading bot which could sustain this number, then their owners would be the richest people in history. Usually scams feature big numbers to lure in the unsuspecting newbie investors, but you need to understand that their end goal is to transfer money from your pocket to their bank account. Plans

So, don’t let them sweet talk you into sending them the funds and as a general rule never associate yourself with the unregulated entities.

Referral Program

To spread their message faster and make big bucks, this firm uses the affiliate program. The promoters get a certain percentage of the money deposited by the traffic redirected by them towards this platform. As all the marketers are heavily incentivized to convince the public to deposit, they do follow every unethical way you can think of and end up making a fortune for themselves while slaughtering the investors financially.

In short, do not trust anyone who is working for this firm because he or she will profit only if you lose and the underlying conflict of interest is just undeniable. After all, there is no such thing as free in the world, and if something appears to be, then chances are there is always a catch.

Fake Testimonials

In recent years, many people use the customer feedback to judge the quality of a service or product online. Majority of the famous brands encourage people to share their experience as that acts like a seal of credibility. However, this firm has taken this concept and bent it to their likings. There are a few selected customer testimonials featured on their website wherein all the alleged clients talk about their experience. Testimonials

One google search of the images put up by them will reveal that they are all stock photos and that means all the profiles are not only fake, but also manipulative. Ask yourself, why would any company lie about their results unless they are awful?

Domain Details

Below are the information about the demographics of this website. Source – and

Domain –

Registered On – 05/12/2019

Expiry – 05/12/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 269,457

Rank in Bangladesh – 3,695

Target Audience – Bangladesh, United States and Egypt Review Conclusion is a viral ponzi program wherein they thrive on their marketing capabilities to create cash flow. They are illegal in nature which means when they leave you high and dry, you won’t be able to do anything about it. Since the risks involved with them is much greater when compared to the possible rewards, it is clear that you should never take your chances with them or else the consequences might be deadly.

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