Review – Bogus Investment Firm claims to be cryptocurrency trading solution which earns its users enormous returns in the shortest time period possible. If you have the slightest idea about the way the blockchain or the general markets work, then you can easily identify all the lies on their website. Unfortunately, as the majority of the retail investors still do not have a clear understanding, they are the ones walking into the trap willingly without realising it.

Cryptocurrency markets display a lot of volatility and traders all around the world love it as more volatility means more room for profits. However, you should never jump into trading without having strict parameters in place or else you will lose all your money pretty quickly. To understand the real nature of this alleged trading firm which has all the characteristics of a fraud platform, read our thorough review till the end. Review

Background, Legal status and Contact Details

This firm boasts of being regulated and even has the audacity to showcase the certificate on their platform. For any newbie out there, this piece of paper might seem like the real deal, but remember looks can always be deceiving. In order to offer investment services in the UK, this firm has to be regulated by FCA and should follow the complete set of guidelines set by them.

When we searched the database of the FCA to verify the claims of this firm, we were shocked to find no relevant details about them. So, it is evident that they are lying about their legality and as such you can expect nothing, but trouble from them. Just like all the scams out there, this one also doesn’t mention any details about their creators and that makes it a lot difficult to cease their operation.

As far as the customer aspect goes, they use email to communicate with the public which is also sketchy given their nature. Below, we have listed all the contact details, take note of them if you have to report them to any regulatory authority.


Email –

Phone – +1 7787642191

How does Work? on the surface peddles a brilliant and elegant narrative around the world of cryptocurrency. They say that, the clients just have to deposit any amount of money they want, wait for the maturity period and collect profits. If that was the real deal, then no one in the world would ever work, right?

After going through their narrative, we couldn’t find any verifiable documents or facts which backs up their statements. For starters, their entire custom parameters and strategies are not revealed to the public. On top of that, they have failed to feature a trading history on their platform which means there isn’t much to talk about either way.

Recently, the leverage has been increased on all crypto trading instruments which makes it more appealing. However, you need to understand that leverage is a double edged sword which can make or break your account. So, if anyone promises you big numbers and mentions that you don’t need experience to achieve them, then most probably you are dealing with a scam.

Profits Advertised

This platform is playing very cleverly with their clients. According to their website, they supposedly generate as much as 85%, but they haven’t mentioned any maturity period for the plans. So, as investors everyone just has to hang in there without knowing when they will get paid. Investment Plans

Looking at the way they treat the existing customers, it is clear that they are just buying more time and once they have made enough money, they will flee away for sure. It is human nature to be attracted to rewards in any form, but do not let that blind you from seeing the truth. After all, there is no such thing as free in this world and if you find something which appears seemingly easy, that means you will face consequences in the near future.

Fake Testimonials

Countless online services feature testimonials on their website to display trust and boast about their credibility. This crooked platform also does the same, but they have intentionally manipulated the concept to their favor. All the comments shown on their website are positive and they all mention how they made easy money by joining them. Fake Comments

The dead giveaway about those comments are the user profiles wherein they have used the stock photos. So, the fact that they are bluffing about their performance using fake profiles is undeniable and as such, it should tell you a lot about them. Hopefully, know you understand why you shouldn’t trust random comments online.

Domain Information

To get a rough idea about this website and the kind of people they are after, look at the table below. Source – and

Domain –

Registered On – 24/03/2019

Expiry – 24/03/2020

Alexa Global Rank – Not Listed

Audience – Currently Unknown Review Conclusion is an illegal investment firm which will for sure loot all of their clients. Since they are experienced fraudsters and already have tackled the law for a long time, the likelihood of them getting caught is very slim. So, be wise enough to walk away from them and never give them a chance to convince you otherwise or else it will dent your bank account sooner or later.

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  1. Gino

    Si io mi sono fidato di loro continuano a chiedermi soldi e non mi anno mai dato nulla l agente a qui davo i soldi su Instagram e scomparsa anche il suo profilo non esiste più mi hanno rubato molti soldi e non so più come fare

  2. Cs

    Finally found a review!!
    I was contacted via instagram by a woman claiming to work for the company. Trading was something iv wanted to do for a while but didnt want to take the risk. She explained that i didnt need to know how to trade they do it for you. So i jumped on it. When you think its to good to be true. Believe it.
    This woman walked me through how to sign up. In the end i ended investing £50 worth of bitcoins which i sent directly to the company from a wallet address she sent to me. And then i had to buy another £125 worth of bitcoins to send to this woman who was my ‘account manager’ which she did not tell me… so at this point im £175 down. The website i purchased bitcoins of were which i have now deleted my account. After sending id and bank card in a selfie of me as this is what they requested before the transactions. (Now have a new bank card). So i set up an account on and i didnt have to do anything. I recieved an email saying the funds had been deposited. Within 3 days my £50 went to $8250. I couldnt believe it. After my ‘mining contract’ now ended by then it was time for withdrawal. Which i couldnt do. I then recieved another email which said i can withdraw the money straight after paying an extra £545. These fees were not explained to me i knew nothing about them. I could not afford to pay it. I found it dodgey so I started looking into the company. I noticed;
    1. The address on the website kept switching between 2 each time i logged on to it.
    2.customer services were very unprofessional. And even blocked my parnter from messaging after he addressed this issue. Because it said in the questions and answers withdrawal of profits was completely FREE” but clearly not.
    3. When you use the sight it constantly has a withdraw profits tab which is completely misleading.
    4. I can not find this company on CFA
    5. There is no way of closing the account
    6. I looked into bitcoin wallet online and the transactions didnt seem business like at all.
    7.this lady on instagram replied to me “funny” with a laughing face emoji when i confronted her about it being a possible scam. And then saying “it really is” when i asked why she said it was funny.
    8. This lady on instagram has accounts she is following under the similar name to hers and some photos are exactly the same as hers. All her posts of her holidays and trips were posted on the exact same day as eatchother 11/01/2020 which is very unusal.
    9. This lady was saying to me “try to get the money” pushing me to get the money (£545)
    10. This woman claims to have been a bitcoin miner for 5 years helping people around the country but.. on her posts on instagram they were captioned “a few months ago i was doing the same thing everyday but now i can go wherever i want when i want”. Which indicates she had only been doing this a few months not 5 years.
    Overall i am very disappointed iv lost £175 for nothing and i cant get that back. Still on my account it says profit £8250 and it winds me up.
    Be cautious about this sight. It seems real at first. But also be cautious about messages via social media dont trust anybody that promises you success straight away especially someone that ‘works’ with

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