Review – Is it Another Scam? is a Bitcoin gambling site which is operational for less than a month as of writing this review.  They are also said to be a cryptocurrency exchange.  The way this exchange works is a little complicated.  

This platform might appear confusing at the beginning, but rest assured you will understand them, once you go through our review.  Though, they claim to be a registered firm.

There is no information about their license.  To know how they operate, continue reading our unbiased review which will help you take a firm decision. Review

Company and Contact Details

All the exchanges do not have to be regulated.  As the number of scams increased, majority of the people prefer to deal with regulated and licensed entities only.  This firm claims to be a registered entity in the UK.

Unfortunately, they have no provided any information which we can use to verify their identity.  The only way to contact them is through email.

Most of the reputable exchanges feature multiple ways of communication like telephone assistance, live chat, etc,.  It is a little concerning as customer experience is not upto the standards.

Email –,

How does Work?

At the core, this platform is a gambling institution.  The only game they support is roulette. Rules of the game are similar to any other gambling platform.  We do not know the minimum and maximum bet size, as we could not access the dashboard for some technical reason.  

Apart from the game, they also offer exchange service.  The leverage is around 1:2 to 1:3 and it also has negative balance protection.  They say that they have special offers for traders who execute high volume positions, but we do not know the exact slabs of commissions.  

Spreads on their platform is also unknown, as they have not featured any information on them either.  They accept traders from most of the countries including USA.

Domain Whereabouts

This platform claims to have more than 2 million active traders, but the statistics suggests otherwise.  Take a look at the statistics of this website, we have gathered them using and

Registration Date – 16/10/2018

Expiration Date – 16/10/2019

Alexa Global Rank – 3,765,970 Review Conclusion

As a platform gain popularity, it makes people leave a trail of testimonials online.  Since this firm is new, there isn’t much information about them just yet. However, below are the comments made by people on

Line-crypto appears to be a bitcoin and ethereum gambling site.


The gambling method is solely roulette.


Minimum deposit: 0.001 BTC, 0.1 ETH


One issue I have with it is: when I tried to withdraw without depositing (I only got a transfer from another person on the site) I was told that I had to deposit 0.015 BTC to verify my account (and unfreeze my balance).


What is your personal experience with the website?

Considering all the facts we have discussed, we cannot suggest you to join them.  If we find information about their legal aspect, then our stance might change.

Do you have any experience with  We invite you forward to share your opinion.


  1. Sandy sthilaire

    can you do a review on this company please Thank you!

  2. Hicham

    Hello please can you help me to recupere my btc from the website i had 0.0928 btc but i must make a deposit of 0.015btc !!

  3. Yannicl

    100% Scam!!!! Got today a Telegram message from an user from Singapore. He told me he can‘t withdraw and if i can try. I did it just because it‘s funny. First they told me to deposit 0,015 btc. I did it. Then another Error i should deposit 0,05 btc. I did it again. After this deposit i got a new messega: My account is frozen because i got a large amount from another User and i should deposit 0.1 btc. After this error i wrote support. He‘s really friendly btw. He told me it‘s an automated system etc blablabla. I looked up his domain and got the information from his Hoster, that many user reported this site as scam. I got the fully adress of the website administrator and wrote it to the „support“. My Account got instantly deleted afterwards, and blocked me on Telegram.

    Don‘t use this scam 🙂

  4. Sandy sthilaire is that a good company to invest in?

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