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DupliTrade (DupliTrade.com) serves as an online marketplace for the best possible automated investment solutions. Catering their Expert Advisors (EA) towards the FX and Crypto demographics, DupliTrade supports a variety of strategic indicators that are designed to enable clients to automate their online investing by duplicating the trades of experienced strategy providers. While incorporating a diverse range of money management options along with the ability to manipulate other crucial trading parameters, DupliTrade finally offers investors what most other auto traders lack.

To learn more about the DupliTrade platform and whether it can be effectively added to your investment arsenal to supplement your income, we urge you to continue reading. We’ll discuss all the different strategy providers supported through DupliTrade, which are responsible for their operation, and the brokerages that currently support their automated solutions.

About DupliTrade

DupliTrade delivers a promising and innovative solution to the online investment industry that is based on an auto-execution mirroring system. Auto-execution mirror system is an advanced solution that enables clients to automate their trading on forex, indices and commodities by duplicating the investments generated by strategic trading providers, whose accounts are visible in DupliTrade’s site.

Enabling their clients to create their own robust portfolio based upon the trading providers they wish to follow, DupliTrade investors are able to determine which EA solutions are best tailored towards their investment endeavors. In addition, DupliTrade users are able to manipulate their trading parameters to control money management options, trade multipliers along with monitoring trades, positions and profit and losses in real time.

Who is Behind DupliTrade?

DupliTrade did not disclose any insightful information regarding their owners, creators or current operators in their About Us or Company Profile pages. Instead, we had to visit their Terms and Conditions where we discovered that DupliTrade is owned and operated by DupliTrade Ltd. Whether or not DupliTrade Ltd is a legitimate corporate entity we are unsure since we could not find any reference to “DupliTrade Ltd” on the web. In addition, the only contact methods we found available on the site would be a contact submission form found on their Contact Us page.

However, it’s important to remember that DupliTrade is only a technology provider and that the funds themselves are deposited only with the regulated brokers they work with.

DupliTrade Strategic Providers

DupliTrade’s platform currently supports 5 strategic investment providers that are known as Cryptoz, Legacy, Sniper, Spider and Titan. Perhaps the best characteristic regarding DupliTrade besides their unique solution would be how their platform is compatible with Forex brokers such as Pepperstone, AVATrade, FxPro, AxiTrader and a few others. Disclosed below are the 5 investment solutions currently supported at the DupliTrade’s platform:


Cryptoz is an active strategy provider that generates investment signals created from intraday swings and bounces that occur in the volatile cryptocurrency market. Due to the immature state of the crypto market and how Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin are cryptocurrencies that are oftentimes bought or sold in excess, speculative price action occurs as a result. This enables the Cryptoz investment solution to exploit several long and short-term trading opportunities throughout the day while operating as a manual based trading concept.


Legacy is a strategy provider that oversees the relationship between long and short trades that occur in the market. Acting in accordance once buy and sell ratios reside out of balance, Legacy generates an investment signal that a trend is forming and that an investment is in order. According to their summarization, the ratios used for entering and exiting the market have been thoroughly studied for over a decade and are constantly being monitored and adjusted.

Duplitrade Returns


Sniper is a strategy provider that is based upon the methodology of supply and demand. Supporting the motto “Earning money should be boring. If you feel excited or worried, your risk settings are too high.” Sniper functions by computing trend directions, engulfing, price compression and Quasimodo patterns along with other undisclosed variables to generate high probability investment signals.


Spiders investment indicators focus on trend detection triggers which enable their solution to effectively position entry and exit points accordingly. Integrating a risk management module, investments are generated irrespectively to one another so no martingale or averaging system is applied. In addition, the amount of open trades is capped and once limitation is met no more trades are executed. This investment solution enables the strategy to perform both on regular and volatile market conditions while operating in accordance to fundamental analysis.


Titan operates as a forex trading solution that employs an automated risk management platform which incorporates innovative investment tools to determine the optimal risk allocation, leverage and scaling in and out of trade rounds with the purpose of optimizing the risk and reward asymmetry. Titan does not employ hedging, scalping or martingale-based trading styles but will effectively scale out when market goes against it and average up the position when market is favored.

All Supported Brokerages

  • FXPro
  • FXDD
  • FxGrow
  • AvaTrade
  • ICMarkets
  • AXITrader
  • Pepperstone

How does DupliTrade Work?

DupliTrade is available to investors who have been searching for a transparent and effective trading solution. All investors have to do, is follow the steps provided below where they will then be able to utilize the DupliTrade strategic solutions to their advantage.

DupliTrade is able to offer their strategic solutions free of charge because they receive commission payments from their trusted and regulated IB brokerages. Unlike most auto trading solutions, DupliTrade is only compatible with regulated and licensed brokerages so you know your hard-earned money is safe. In addition, DupliTrade offers a 30 Day Free Trial period to investors who have interest in their solutions.

Can DupliTrade be Trusted?

DupliTrade functions as a transparent investment solution for investors of all experience levels. Operating solely with licensed and regulated brokerages we believe it is beyond safe to classify DupliTrade as a trustworthy investment solution. In the following few months we predict DupliTrade to further expand their operation, add more verified and effective strategic solutions and cater their platform to investors from all around the globe.


DupliTrade.com reflected a SimilarWeb global rank of 2,862,090 with a South Africa rank of 65,669 as on January 30th, 2018. According to the report, DupliTrade is growing in popularity and over 50% of the sites cumulative traffic is derived from referral and email-based sources. Lastly, according to a WHOIS domain search, DupliTrade.com was a privately registered domain that was created on June 28th, 2017.

DupliTrade.com Review Conclusion

DupliTrade functions as a versatile investment platform that supports a variety of manual and automated based strategic trading solutions. Empowering investors with the ability to control their own trading parameters while operating with solely reliable and reputable brokers is a rare commodity to be offered this day and age within the online investment industry.

Do you have any feedback or knowledge to share regarding DupliTrade? Please provide any valuable experiences, thoughts or insight you may possess by leaving a comment below!

Duplitrade Reviews

**Do not use Duplitrade**
I signed up for duplitrade after using their free test account. The way Duplitrade works is you mirror and copy the accounts of their, “professional traders,” to help ensure your success. All the strategy trading providers that you can follow show positive returns, you can look back through their successful trading history which was great. However, I have been running a live account for 6 months and I have only lost money, almost all of it in fact. Keep in mind that this was through no fault of my own, the idea behind Duplitrade is that you are supposed to trust their, “experts,” to make the right trades and the investor is supposed to profit. My only mistake was trusting Duplitrade to employ competent and trustworthy forex traders, and I never would have imagine that a company would falsify and hide statistics, losses, ect. The statistics that Duplitrade show are not accurate and I wouldn’t be surprised if they are breaching some laws in falsifying returns and deleting trade history information. I have watched two strategy providers have terrible returns, lost a lot of investors money, and duplitrade simply deleted them off their website, all their losing statistics were erased, along with any history that they ever existed. In six months I have witnessed them do this with two different providers after losing all their investors money. This company really exaggerates returns while simply making any negative information disappear. I deeply regret investing any money with this company, I would recommend using another mirror trading company with more transparency and a longer history.

I lost $4,000 in 2 months with duplitrade. I registered with $5,044 in the first week of March and today I have $27 in my duplitrade/Avatrade account. I was following Spider and Titan, Spider opened so many non performing position, and this affecting my account as my margin was fully exhausted, and loss of money followed when those loss were closed. In one single trade with Spider, I lost about $820. I was able to withdraw $1,000. But the rest is gone. Please be careful when investing. I will advise people not to trade with duplitrade..


  1. Martin BAILLY

    Hello ; I just got caught, I connected to Duplitrade to the Trader “Blade” with 2000 € and 10 days later, I have only 200 euros, and they simply removed the Blade Translator …

  2. Eric

    What YEAR ?????????????????????????????????????

    lost $4,000 in 2 months with duplitrade. I registered with $5,044 in the first week of March and today I have $27 in my duplitrade/Avatrade account. I was following Spider and Titan, Spider opened so many non performing position, and this affecting my account as my margin was fully exhausted, and loss of money followed when those loss were closed. In one single trade with Spider, I lost about $820. I was able to withdraw $1,000. But the rest is gone. Please be careful when investing. I will advise people not to trade with duplitrade..

  3. sesha

    Thank you so much for spending time and explaining the reality, Greatly appreciated, it saves lot of people like me to not to get scammed.

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