LiviaCoins Review – Anonymous Bitcoin Exchange Platform or Scam?

Have you been searching for an anonymous platform where you could buy and sell cryptocurrencies with complete anonymity? Well, is one such platform that allegedly provides cryptocurrency consumers with this innate ability. There is just one problem though, LiviaCoins is not a credible nor trustworthy exchange platform for investors to utilize. Scamming crypto investors out of their hard-earned fiat and cryptocurrencies, LiviaCoins is nothing more than a deceptive deposit trap meant to mislead inexperienced investors out of their money.

While in theory the concept of exchanging cryptocurrencies with absolute anonymity may be appealing to some, it logically just doesn’t function effectively. Providing consumers with no transparent ID verification, there is no way for the LiviaCoins platform to accurately conduct exchange services with investors who use their platform. Learn for yourself what the Bitcoin community consensus entails by reading our impartial and honest review. - Livia Coins

About LiviaCoins

LiviaCoins doesn’t divulge much in regards to their origins. While it’s true that just about any visitor could infer that their site operates as an anonymous exchange platform, one would find it a difficult task to explain how their platform truly functions. As stated on the LiviaCoins’s About Us page, LiviaCoins was founded in August of 2013 and operates as a digital currency platform where merchants and consumers can transact by means of buying or selling their bitcoins anonymously without ID verification.

Allegedly functioning as a property under the corporate entity of Livia Financials Inc, we could find no evidence to support that Livia Financials Inc is an existing corporation. Allegedly headquartered out of New York, NY 10011, USA, LiviaCoins does not provide a registered office address while Livia Financials Inc failed to turn up as a credible search result at the Better Business Bureau site and other business registries. - Registrant

Furthermore, a WHOIS domain report will reveal that was created on August 28th, 2017 and not back in 2013 like they boldly assert. Regrettably, the domain was privately registered so were were unable to find information pertaining to the creators behind the LiviaCoins operation.

How does LiviaCoins Work?

Allegedly LiviaCoins enables consumers the ability to exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash. Investors looking to buy cryptocurrencies must select which cryptocurrency they wish to purchase then complete the 4 step purchase process. Among the first step would be to disclose your full name, country, email address and the quantity of the desired digital currency you wish to purchase. Secondly, consumers are provided with 3 payment methods that vary from Western Union, MoneyGram or Bank Transfer. Next, consumers must disclose their crypto wallet address then click “Submit.”

Consumers looking to sell their digital currencies must complete a sales order which requires consumers to disclose their full name, country, email address and select number of cryptocurrencies they wish to sell. Next, they provide their crypto wallet address then select “Proceed.” Both purchase and sell orders are allegedly completed within a 45 minute to 6 hour time frame from the confirmation reception time.

Community Feedback

LiviaCoins has endured a strong amount of scrutiny while also relishing in suspicious looking positive feedback. While most consumer feedback regarding LiviaCoins is dispersed disproportionately across the web, SiteJabber has amassed a small assortment of feedback that does the ideal job of detailing some of the more crucial elements that should be known about the LiviaCoins operation. Disclosed below are the most recent and relevant comments pertaining to LiviaCoins:

Stay away. It’s a scam. Given them your money and they will never give you any bitcoin or refund. It is a blackhole to which you will be giving your money and it will never come back is a scam so stay away from it.. They will ask for 3000 USD from you and they are n’t even aware of their complete address. Ask them several questions related to their company and they will stop replying to you..

They are scammers. They are in India and have mentioned NYC address. I asked their complete address and they are not even aware of it. Company is not registered. They scammed my 500 USD. Make sure to never trade with them.. Whenever you’ll ask them some question, they will give same reply.

Question Marks and Discrepancies

Discrepancies are far and wide regarding the LiviaCoins operation. Red flags arise when trying to verify their alleged ownership details, understand how exactly their platform functions and the various misconceptions featured on their site. Misconceptions that relate to their origins, how they claim to be regulated by FinCEN, yet provide no registration number along with how their corporate entity does not appear to exist.

Popularity possessed a SimilarWeb global rank of 3,286,048 with a United States rank of 1,394,364 as of February 1st, 2018. According to the report over 22% of the sites traffic is derived from referral based sources while statistically speaking, LiviaCoins appears to not be a popular site and receives minor amounts of visitors.

Can LiviaCoins be Trusted?

LiviaCoins is the epitome of what you should avoid when trying to find a reliable cryptocurrency exchange. Soak in the discrepancies that we pointed out in our review while consulting the negative feedback disclosed above and it becomes quite apparent that LiviaCoins is NOT trustworthy! Review Conclusion

LiviaCoins is a deceptive online cryptocurrency platform that specializes in stealing consumers transaction funds. Misleading investors out of both their fiat currencies along with digital currencies, it is evident that the con-artists behind the LiviaCoins scam possesses no moral compass and will pursue any measures required to further line their pockets. Do not only yourself but others a generous courtesy by avoiding this cryptocurrency fraud and only consider using exchanges that are verified, transparent and possess minimum amounts of negative feedback.

Review Verdict: LiviaCoins is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site:

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Do you possess insight or experience regarding the LiviaCoins exchange? Please feel free to leave your feedback below for others to benefit from.


  1. sonny

    warning I lost 0.006952 btc sent out from binance and send to them
    talking to support telling me you sent to wrong adress then I sent picture from binance to them and said you try to rip us off you are banned with proof of transaction that i give to them
    do not for any reason sent btc to this liviacoins
    my lost any btc if you have to give send to me and be careful with that site

    Tip: 12Bo68hkj5yTZ2cxu4sJNFk7MaaqP3db3F

  2. Juan Calvino

    Liviacoins it is a Scam, they are a blatant thieves. They never sent me my bitcoins ( US$ 500.00 ). They are a Thieves ! People, please be carefull, do not buy there !!!

  3. Billy J. Gilmer

    I use this service nevertheless, and I am enjoying it. Should I stop?

  4. Clary

    Came across two sites:
    Please wirte something about this two sites.
    Very strange in my opinion. I am looking for
    some other opinions on this site: and
    First and foremost – is there any possible way to mine such a ton of bitcoins?
    Who is behind the scene?
    Didn´t found a disclaimer etc. …

    Can we name it SCAM?
    What are your thoughts?

    greetings from Germany.

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