Mannabase Review Review - Scam or Legit?

Mannabase is a one of a kind currency which is aiming to make the world a better place for everyone by creating a uniform distribution of wealth so that regardless of an individual’s income he/she won’t get deceived about any basic human needs.  Their goal is not only morally sound but they have planned out all the necessary things to make this currency something which every investor should have in their portfolio.

They work for all kind of angles revolving around the present problems of the economy and to overcome those obstacles they are employing blockchain technology.  Go through our entire article to find out everything about this currency and the practical uses they are planning to bring to the world.

Current Problems

The concentration of wealth is the major problem in the current economy.  It is told that only 62 people own more than half the wealth in the world today.  Over 3 billion people are living on less than $2.50 per day and a staggering 80% of the population live on less than $10 a day.  

This kind of scenarios raises many problems not only on a moral level but also causes an adverse effect on the global consumer markets.  Some of the undeniable problems arising from these environment is insufficient consumer demand, instability of the global financial system, danger of catastrophic collapse, geopolitical conflict and terrorism.  

Once the demand for goods or services goes down which clearly shows that not enough people can afford to buy them recession will take place.  As you already know recession is always followed by cutting the number of employees in most of the firm and causing a temporary riot.

Instability of the financial system and danger of collapse goes hand in hand.  As we already mentioned since very few people own majority of the wealth the reckless financial speculations are bound to happen.  

Whenever speculation are out of hands sharp movement will get triggered in the economy which can potential do good or bad changes to the economy.  Extreme poverty always causes rise in geopolitical conflict and terrorism as mainly the young people do not have the opportunities to meet their financial needs.  

The chain of events triggered by inequality of wealth distribution has been proved to be fatal but still it is a necessary evil which should be dealt in a more strategic way.  Another main obstacle which is about to pounce on the working class is automation.

Due to the technological singularity robotics and artificial intelligence will eventually surpass the abilities of human beings and thus eliminate a lot of jobs.  According to an Oxford University study nearly half of all jobs in the United States are at risk of being lost to automation in the next 20 years and up to 85% of jobs in the developing worlds will also get scrubbed.

How does Mannabase Pass the Hurdles

Manna will be circulated as a universal human right with equal access for all whenever new units of the currency are created and distributed.  Inflation of the Manna money supply functions supply as a built-in mechanism to counterbalance factors in the economy thereby reducing the economic inequality.  

This currency unlike the traditional ones are not built keeping the conventional banking system in mind which aims at making profits only.  Manna is distributed as a Universal Basic Income subsidy that every person in the world is eligible to receive for free just because they are a human and require the resources to survive.  

There is an option provided by this platform for the well-off people who do not need a basic income to automatically transfer the currency they receive to other people or charitable organisations.  Freely distributing the currency will not only help them grow their user base but also help them have a loyal recipients who are truly interested in the project.

Even children are eligible for basic income distributions and gifts into Mannabase wallets which can be liquidated when they reach adulthood.  Manna’s success is not dependant upon any political movement or institution even if they are not able to reach all of the countries, the positive influence they bring to the economy will be enough to make them appealing.

Distribution Metrics

Mannabase, Inc (technology development) – 36%

Contributing Stakeholders – 17%

Charities and Nonprofits – 13%

Unknown Stakeholders – 9%

Eric Stetson (founder) – 8%

Jon Frechin (co-founder) – 6%

Brandon Venetta (co-founder) – 5%

Basic Income and User Growth Incentives – 6%

Manna Money Supply

Basic Income (10 years rserve) – 30%

Growth Incentives (10 years reserve) – 20%

Miscellaneous (reserve) – 20%

Team, Developers and Partners – 10%

Mannabase, Inc – 7%

Existing Outside Stakeholders – 7%

Founders – 4%

Charities Managed by Founders – 2%


The core team consists of three people who has achieved impressive milestones in their respective fields and have a clean background which shows the us that this project has much more higher probability of completing their goals.  Here are the details of the founders and co-founders we gathered from their platform.

Eric Stetson – Founder and Executive Director

Eric is an organizational development consultant with wide-ranging experience in executive leadership roles in the nonprofit sector.  He is also an author, editor, public speaker and website developer. In 2014 Eric was part of the core team of the SolarCoin project, through which he gained experience in blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency space.

Jon Frechin – Co-Founder and Marketing Director

Jon is a serial entrepreneur, brand creator, designer and marketer who owns and operates an urban youth apparel company based in Denver, Colorado.  Previously he started a business as an organic food distributor. He holds a degree in economics from Colorado State University.

Brandon Venetta – Co-Founder and Project Manager

Brandon is a family man with a passion for charity work, team-building and networking.  He has worked as a project manager for a design and construction company, overseeing multi-million dollar projects from start to completion.

Mannabase Review Conclusion

Mannabase is an interesting project which has the potential to change the financial system of the current economy to a much more efficient and morally right way ensuring that at least basic needs of every human being is met.  Their plan of action is apt, it might appear overwhelming but it is indeed thorough and achievable.

One of the main elements which helps aggressive expansion of the user base of this new type of currency is their referral program.  On the contrary the only major downside of this one is that the supply of Mannabase increases by 3.5% increase which may or may not affect the value of the currency and the end result depends upon the market reaction.

Have you invested in Mannabase?  Let us know your price predictions by leaving a comment below.


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