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Profit Trailer is a crypto trading bot which helps traders make the most out of the markets regardless of how much time they can spend in front of the computer.  They have strategies which yield decent amount of returns built into the bot but you can tweak most of the parameters which will allow you to create a bot according to your preference and trading style.  

Of course this software does not guarantee you any amount of profits because of the ever changing nature of the market but if you happen to stick with the right strategy and follow strict money management rules then you will have higher probability of making money in the long run.  

If you were wondering about whether or not to buy this robot then go through our review which will help you make an informed decision.

How does Profit Trailer Work?

This platform is basically an automated trading solution which is connected with Binance, Huobi, KuCoin, Bittrex and Poloniex.  It can run 24 hour a day and 7 days a week but if you are someone who like to trade during specific time intervals it is also possible.  

This robot comes with various strategies by default so that even if you are a rookie trader you do not have to spend your time looking at charts and keeping an eye over multiple time frames or exchanges.  If you are an experienced trader then you will be more than happy to know that just about every parameter of this platform can be personalized so that regardless of where you are or what you might be doing the software takes care of all the things.  

However, that does not mean this bot is fail proof instead it has a better chance of scoring high probability winning trades as they are unaffected by fundamental problem of humans like emotions, money management, etc. All the users have to do is implement the strategy they find profitable and then input certain parameters.  

Once the bot is activated then there is pretty much nothing to do on your part but remember opportunities will not always be present so do not rush into any trades. The platform of this trading bot is intuitive and user friendly.

All the information you will ever need is presented right in the dashboard. If you are a savvy user then you will be delighted to know that this bot features dollar cost averaging which will make a big impact on your trading results.  

Once you buy a coin it will be pinned to your dashboard so that you can sell it later whenever you want to or hodl for some time. There are even more setting which can be accessed via advanced configuration but before starting out make sure that you have enough money to trigger the trades and have a detailed risk management methods in place.

Account Types

There are 4 types of accounts offered on this platform.  The cost of each license can be paid either through a one time fee or opt for monthly fees.  Here is a list of features which may or may not be available to you depending upon the account type you select:

All Exchanges

24/5 Premium Support

3 API Key Slots

10 Config. Saves

Multiple Buy-Sell Strategies

Premium Trading Settings

Advanced Paper Trading

All Indicators

Signals API (coming soon)

PT Notifications

PT Tracker

Pre-configured ProfitTrailer

Powerful Premium VPS


The most valuable thing in any business is the relationship between CPA and the client base which means the number of clients is correlated with their revenue.  To market themselves effectively they have incorporated an affiliate program wherein certain amount of rewards are given to the individuals who bring people on to their platform.  

The exact commission percentage is unknown but if you are someone who has access to a stream of online traffic then you can figure it out either by contacting their support team or by signing up with them.  Affiliates need not have an active account in order to get started with the promotions.

Domain Whereabouts

Though the registrant contact information was not available here are some of the important details of the website we got from service and

Domain –

Registered On – 27/07/2014

Expires On – 27/07/2019

Global Rank – 251,709

Rank in Germany – 52,061

This service is gets major share of the traffic from Germany, United States, hong Kong, India and Pakistan.

Road Map

2.2.0 – 2018 Release

  • Signals API
  • Save all data in DB instead of JSON file
  • News feed in the GUI
  • Trailing stoploss
  • Make all DCA properties to be level specific
  • Allow paper traders to send notifications
  • Improve memory and CPU
  • Implement take_profit_safety
  • Implement DEMA, PDHIGH and HMA
  • Implement cancel_pending_order_trigger
  • New Exchange

2.3.0 – 2019 Release

  • Encrypt API key + secret application properties fully in the GUI
  • Poloniex use websockets for chartdata
  • Allow shorting on exchanges that support it
  • FIXEDPRICE strategy
  • Sync configs
  • Total market cap as an indication to buy/ not buy
  • Improve caching
  • Merge 3rd Party Tools with PT
  • New Exchange
  • 3x Enhancement Games – Github features

2.4.0 – 2019 Release

  • Trend calculation
  • Revenge buy
  • Display extra stats about each pair
  • Display a graph with all buys/sells for a pair
  • Dilution option
  • 3x Enhancement Games – Github feature

3.0.0 – 2019/2020 Release

  • Sell what you bought
  • 3x Enhancement Games – Github feature
  • Forex Exchange
  • 2x New Exchanges

Profit Trailer Review Conclusion

Profit Trailer is one of a kind trading bot which has been operational for a long time.  They have excellent record in terms of percentage gains and is the tool every crypto trader must have.  As much as it takes out the ambiguity in the trading remember that you should only risk the amount you can afford to lose as the inevitable possibility of loss always exists.  

Here is what the users of this product are say about it on forums like

Well I’m hardly going to show exact details of my account am I, However, I can show a screenshot of a period sales from around December if you want proof. Compared to some articles and videos I’ve seen saying you can turn 1k into 1 million, I think my words are modest. And if you read the article I said it’s unlikely you’ll see such a huge gain every month because during December there was both an altcoin and bitcoin boom and PT took advantage of that, but during normal times it will still grow consistently.

Have you tried Profit Trailer? Let us know your experience by leaving a comment.


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