Mind-home.io Review – Scams are getting Smart

Mind-home.io is supposedly a successful smart home innovators who run an automated business to make their investors rich with the least amount of effort. Their website is well designed and the marketing team of this firm appears to be really top notch.

Unfortunately, many investors have failed to spot the red flag about this business and have lost hundreds of dollars by indulging with them. At first look, everyone will be attracted towards money making opportunities. However, do not be blinded by greed or else it will cost you. To understand how this fraud is structured, keep reading our review till the end.

Mind-home.io Review

Company, Creator and Support

Any firm regardless of what sector they are operating in should be regulated if they are raising money for investments from the public. This platform accepts money from people in the US and the UK. So, they should be listed under the FCA and FTC. However, when we searched the database of both the authorities, there was no information about this company. So, without a shadow of doubt, we can label this firm as scam and as such they will loot the public sooner or later.

Mind-home.io Team

Moving on to the employees part, this firm shares the details of the CEO’s and other prominent persons. At first glance, this might seem like a transparent gesture, but reality is not what these crooks want you to believe? The images used by them are stock photos used with conjunction to bogus profiles.

Now, think for a moment, why are they bluffing about their employees unless they have some ill intention? There are some contact details provided on their homepage, but if you try to reach them, you will never get a response.

How does Mindhome.io Work?

Mind-home.io claims to build products in the Smart home sector. They supposedly have few proprietary software and other business models which earn them consistent paychecks.The problem with their narrative is that, they never reveal any worthwhile information to the investors.

They talk about generic principles and how they help the lives of people. We took a look around their platform, but still couldn’t see any specific patents, name of the products they have in this field. So, without having any quantifiable parameters how can any investor proceed to trust them with their hard earned cash. Hopefully, now you understand why it is absolutely necessary to cross check every data you find online, especially when it involves money.

Investment Plans and Profits Available

Do you want to be the richest person in the history of mankind? The reason we are asking you this question is because this platform exactly promises you endless amounts of cash over and over again. There are 4 different investment plans currently on offer wherein the returns range from 10% to 13% daily forever.

Mind-home.io Investment Plans

At that pace, you will double your money every 10 days once and you don’t have to worry about money ever again. Unfortunately, all the things they promise are pure fantasy things and it will never unfold in reality.

Affiliate program

This platform employs all the influencers out there to generate traffic. Basically, they have collaborated with the affiliate groups wherein this firm pays a percentage of the revenue to the marketers. So, to trick the public into investing with this firm, the promoters create fake reviews and content.

After all, the creators and promoters carry no risk and at the end, it is the investor who will always be the sole person to lose his or her funds. The link between these new breed of crooks are always neatly designed which is the reason as to why we suggest all our readers to only indulge with regulated entities as a rule of thumb.

Domain Details

The people behind this platform appear to be seasoned criminals who clearly know how to dodge the law. We did a thorough background check to find the person running this scam. Sadly, we did not find any relevant information, but we managed to get a rough idea about the people this firm is targeting.

Domain – Mind-home.io

Registered on – 04/11/2019

Expiry – 04/11/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 553,258

Rank in India – 103,288

Target Audience – India, Pakistan and Egypt.

Mind-home.io Review Conclusion

Given all the facts and aspects we have discussed so far, it is very clear that, this platform is nothing more than a nasty scam. Their main aim is to grab your money and transfer it into their bank accounts. Looking at their well structured approach, if they get control over your funds, then chances of getting it back it very slim. They might pay few clients every now and then to instill trust in the earlier days, but as their model is not sustainable, never put your money at risk.

Have you lost money to Mindhome.io Scam? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.



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