Hashminerprofit.com Review – Tricky Ponzi Scheme

Hashminerprofit.com is marketed as an easy way to make a fortune using the cryptocurrency markets. They are operating without proper legal certificates and as we dug deeper, the kind of things we explored were only nasty. As you might have already guessed, the details of the creators of this platform is kept hidden from the public.

Since this platform only accepts cryptocurrencies as payment methods, it’s almost next to impossible to trace out these crooks. It is a natural instinct of humans to lean towards things which are easy and yield enormous results. However, before letting fantasy world get a grip on you, go through our review to understand the reality.

Hashminerprofit.com Review

Company, Legality and Support

All the firms which provide investment services in the UK have to be regulated by the FCA. If any organisation doesn’t follow the guidelines, then the consequences to their action might be severe. The regulatory authorities also does their best when it comes to creating awareness around the financial sector.

However, due to the vast number of service providers, it is hard to keep a tab on every firm and that is the loophole scammers use to make revenue. This firm is not under the supervision of the FCA and it means, without doubt we can call them as a blatant scam. If anyone needs help on their platform, then the only way you can reach out to them is through email.

In case you are wondering, they haven’t mentioned the time required by them to cater to the queries. So, this kind of behaviour is not tolerable and looking at the way they are trying to stay anonymous, they seem to be professional crooks. Here are their contact details.

Address – 854 King Street, Walsall, United Kingdom, WS41 5PS.

Email – admin@hashminerprofit.com

Hashminerprofit.com Business Model

Hashminerprofit.com is allegedly involved in trading the cryptocurrency market. They state that they have a diversified portfolio and to bring risk even down, they supposedly have their own mining farms as well. At first their narrative might seem convincing to the average crypto investor. However, it is certainly not enough to earn the trust of any rational investor.

We as potential investors are not shown any kind of verifiable trading history and we surely do not have any idea about their approach. Trading is all about numbers and without knowing the key points such as drawdowns and win rate, it is certainly not worth risking your money. As far as mining goes, the information provided by them is scarce as well.

We do not know the location of their farms and they have not mentioned the equipment they use. In short, given these many red flags it is better to stay away from them for your own well being.

Investment Plans and Profits

Many scams are emerging around the cryptocurrency niche as people are still new to the sector and do not understand the basics of blockchain. This platform promises the users returns ranging from 5% to 10% per hour.

Hashminerprofit.com Plans

Trading and mining has profit potential, but ask yourself, do you really believe in these kind of numbers? Isn’t it obvious that they are just blatantly lying and transferring money from naive investors pocket to their bank account?

Affiliate Program

This platform employs a network of online marketers to find leads and new victims to their scheme. Though, there is nothing wrong with the affiliate program model, the way this firm operates tweaks that aspect. All the promoters are paid a certain percentage of the revenue they bring on to the platform.

Naturally, all the promoters are motivated to earn more and they do so by creating false content or reviews. So, be aware of these tactics and do not indulge with anyone who promotes these kind of platforms.

Domain Insight

Using whois.com and alexa.com we have gathered the following details about this website. Have a look at them to get a general idea about the kind of audience they are currently after.

Domain – Hashminerprofit.com

Registered on – 25/06/2019

Expiry – 24/06/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 2,833,312

Target Audience – Currently Unknown

Fake Testimonials

There is an entire section on their homepage dedicated towards showcasing the clients testimonials. The inexperienced investors might fall for this tricky trap, but we spotted the flaws precisely. All the images used by this platform are stock photos which they might have purchased or even found for free on the web.

Now think for a moment, why are they showcasing bogus profiles with fake comments on their website? Isn’t it very obvious that they are trying to hide something from the eyes of the public?

Hashminerprofit.com Review Conclusion

Hashminerprofit.com is a confirmed ponzi program which relies mainly on their marketing capabilities to keep themselves alive. However, there is only one way scams like these end and it will always be bloody for the investors. Looking at every red flag and fact we found on this platform, it is wise for you to just ignore them altogether. Always remember, there is no such thing as an easy way to riches, if there is one, then it is most probably a scam in disguise.

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