Bitcoin-line is said to be a cloud mining service which provides a way for the not to tech savvy people an easy method to earn cryptocurrencies.  They claim to generate profits of upto 200% per month but that is not guaranteed because of the volatility present in the market and the rising difficulty in mining.  

Nonetheless the profits they promise is beyond what any legitimate firms could ever offer and is something which falls in the category of miracles.  Before you buy hash power from them go through our full review which will make you change your decision as there are a number of inconclusive and disturbing factors on their platform. - Scam Review

Company and Support

All the firms which accept money under the name of investment has to be licensed in order to do so failing which they will have to spend time in prison.  At the most basic level Bitcoin-line is an ICO which means they raise money from the general public to conduct mining activities at a large scale level.

The investors gets a share of the profit after the contract agreed by both the parties mature.  Though this firm accepts people from most of the countries we could not find any details about them on the database of FCA and FTC which means they are most likely operating illegally.

Their website also does not feature any details about the legality of their business and there is no contact detail put up by them so there isn’t any way to trace them.  Think for a minute do you think any reputable service would operate in such a vague manner?

How does Work?

This firm claims to be a cloud mining service which means they look after the technical aspect of the mining process like maintaining the equipment, updating the scripts and ensuring proper ventilation of the farms.  They issue contract which enable the investor to buy an amount of mining power which is expected to yield some returns in the near future.

The problem with their platform is that they have not maintained transparency and there isn’t enough information about what they actually do.  For starters we do not know where their data centres are and we do not have a clue about the actual profit margins they are getting. In short there isn’t any evidence to verify anything they state.

Plans and Profits

Before looking t the plans know that mining is not as profitable as these fraudsters would like you to believe so do not have high hopes about them by looking at their exaggerated claims.  Take a look at those plans and ask yourself is this really possible keeping in mind the current market conditions?

Plan 1

Mining Power – 250 GH/s

Cost – 0.0005 BTC

Monthly Earning – 0.0006 BTC

Contract Duration – 1 Year

Plan 2

Mining Power – 30,000 GH/s

Cost – 0.05 BTC

Monthly Earning – 0.072 BTC

Contract Duration – 1 Year

Plan 3

Mining Power – 175,000 GH/s

Cost – 0.2 BTC

Monthly Earning – 0.42 BTC

Contract Duration – 1 Year

Plan 4

Mining Power – 500,000 GH/s

Cost – 0.5 BTC

Monthly Earning – 1.2 BTC

Contract Duration – 1 Year

Referral Program

The main aim of anonymous investment platform like this one is to make money before they get shut down.  To achieve their revenue targets in the least amount of time they offer a referral program which enables them to acquire more clients in an effective way.  

The marketers who are willing to promote their platform gets paid a fat commission for every customer they bring on board.  Exact commission percentages are unknown but usually they will be around 5% to 10%. Affiliates are not required to hold any active investment in order to get their payments.

Domain Insight

A query on revealed that this domain was registered on 23/04/2018 and it expires on 23/04/2019.  The registrant details are as follows:

Name – James Johnson

Address – 4995 Summit Street, Davenport, IA, US

Phone – +44 8014796284

Email –

This website currently ranks 43,229 in Iran and has a global rank of 395,650 according to  The countries where they have managed to gain noticeable amount of popularity are Iran, Pakistan, Indonesia, Russia and Ukraine.

Can I trust

Probably Not,

There are a few testimonials online about this service but they are all too positive towards them and they have referral links attached to them which means they are from a promoter and it cannot be trusted.  If they really were as profitable as they claim to be then they would have definitely gained a lot of popularity but due to the lack of any hard evidence it is better to avoid them.

One more annoying thing about this firm is that their support team is almost non-existent.  Their website does not contain any contact details which means if you encounter any problem then basically there isn’t anything you can do about it. Review Conclusion

Bitcoin-line appears to be an unreliable mining platform, they do not feature any registration details and are operating from the shadows.  Considering the sheer amount of scams it is better to avoid any type of interaction with them, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Have you lost money to  Feel free to share your experience by leaving a comment below.


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